Fly Fishing Dog River Vermont
The Dog River is considered one of the best brown trout
streams in the state of Vermont. It's a beautiful river that
flows through wooded hills and scenic farmland areas
and dairy farms. The Dog River is a tributary of the
Winooski River. Fly fishing the Dog River can be a true
pleasure as well as rewarding. Some brown trout
exceeds twenty inches.

The stream starts north of Roxbury and flows through
Northfield. Vermont highway #12 leading out of
Montpelier follows along or nearby the stream. Public
access points are located off of the highway. At  
Northfield Center, highway #12 A follows the stream.
More access points can be found off of this highway.

This is mostly a brown trout stream but it does have
some rainbows. It also has some brook trout in its
uppermost section. It's an easy stream to wade with
plenty of aquatic insect hatches. The wild brown trout
can be very selective and sometimes it's necessary to
match the hatch.

In 2010, the river was changed to strictly a "catch and
release" stream. This was done to increase the
population of trout. This should greatly benefit the

The stream has some hold over and wild trout that are
not so easy to fool. This is especially true of the wild
brown trout. Many anglers attempt to fool them with
generic and attractor flies which don't always work. You
are far better off using specific imitations of the most
available and plentiful foods.

Our Perfect flies have been used successfully by some
of our customers will good success. We certainly hope
you will give them an opportunity to work for you.

The season for fly fishing the Dog River runs from
middle April to near the end of October.
Spring is the best time to fish the Dog River due to its
Summertime is good on all but the hottest days.
Fall is the best time to catch the large brown trout
because of the spawn.

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Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Wild)
Rainbows (Stocked and Wild)
Brook Trout (Wild)


Central Vermont

Nearest Towns

Second Saturday April to last
Sunday in October

Good in most areas, fair in others

Non-Resident License
State of Vermont

National Weather Service

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