Duck Creek Yellowstone National Park
James Marsh fishing Duck Creek Yellowstone
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Fly Fishing Duck Creek YNP
Duck Creek is primarily a meadow stream that flows from
Yellowstone National Park about seven or eight miles
north of West Yellowstone. The main tributary of Duck
Creek is Maple Creek. Maple Creek is also called Cougar
Creek. It crosses highway #191 north of West
Yellowstone, Montana. Campanula , Gneiss Creek,
Richards and Cougar Creek are all small tributary
streams to Duck Creek.

These streams are willow covered in areas with open
meadows of grass. Casting from the banks is tough in
most areas and in some cases, wading isn't easy due to
soft bottom.

The water moves slow to moderately and the fishing can
be difficult because of that at times. The smooth flows
allows the trout plenty of time to examine your fly. It pays
to use good fly patterns that are highly imitative of the

You can access Duck Creek by taking highway #191
north from West Yellowstone and then taking the Duck
Creek Road. Travel in the area is restricted by the Bear
Management Plan, so be sure to check on the current

The resident trout are small brown and brook trout but
spawning fish do move out of nearby Hebgen Lake into
the stream. Large browns begin to move into the creek
as early as the middle of September.

Fishing in these small streams runs the full Yellowstone
fishing season.
It is possible to catch some trout near the end of Spring
baetis hatches.
Summer time is a good time to fish the streams because
of the many hatches.
Fall is the time to catch the spawning brown trout that
move into the creeks from Hebgen Lake.

Fly Fishing Guide to Duck Creek
About the only structure is undercut banks and logs that
you may occasionally find. Fly fishing Duck Creek can be
easy or tough.
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Type of Stream

Brook trout
Brown trout
Rainbow trout


Yellowstone National Park

Nearest Towns
West Yellowstone

Last of May through October


Special Regulations
Yes, barbless hooks and others

Fishing License
Yellowstone National Park

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Fly Fishing Yellowstone National
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