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Fly Fishing  Duck River (Normandy Dam)
Tailwater Tennessee
The Duck River is another of Tennessee's tailwaters
that's rarely mentioned among anglers other than those
that live near Lake Normandy. Like its neighbor, the Elk
River, It's located in the farming country in the hills of
South Central Tennessee. It is also called the Normandy
Dam tailwater.

This stream is very small and is easily waded provided
the stream flows are acceptable. There's a link on your
left that provides the water release schedule at
Normandy Dam. You have to keep an eye on the water
because like many other TVA tailwaters, it can rise
suddenly. Fly fishing the Duck River usually requires
nymphs or streamers for success. There's only a few
occasions when dry flies will work.

The Duck River is stocked with both brown and rainbow
trout. I am not aware as to its holdover status or even if
many trout do holdover or live throughout the year. I am
sure there's little or no reproduction of the trout due to
the unsuitable bottom composition.

You can float the Duck River but you need to do so in a
canoe or small personal pontoon type craft. It's very
small and most regular drift boats wouldn't work well at
all. The best way to fish its waters is to wade.

Access is provided just below the dam, at the Normandy
Road Bridge, the Cortner Road Bridge, and the Three
Fork Bridge. Fly fishing the Duck River is subject to the
dam discharges, so make certain you check the
schedule prior to making a trip to the river.

As is the case with many tailwaters, there's not a lot of
aquatic insects in the river other than midges. There are
a few black flies, plenty of baitfish and sculpin and a few
odd and end species of mayflies and caddisflies.

Springtime flows are subject to being high.
Summertime is good near the dam.
Fall is good, especially for the brown trout.
Trout can be caught on warm, Winter days.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout


South Central Tennessee

Nearest Towns



Non-Resident License
State of Tennessee

Normandy Dam:
TVA Discharge Schedule

National Weather Service Link

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Duck River (Normandy Dam) Tailwater
Fishing Report:
07/29/17  Good smallmouth bass fishing. For trout,
fish as near the dam as allowed.
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