Oregon's Fall River
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Fly Fishing The Fall River Oregon
The Fall River is actually a large, beautiful spring creek
that flows for eight miles into the Deschutes River in
Oregon. The clear river flows around bends bordered
by grass and willow trees. It's located about 25 miles
south of Bend Oregon.

The stream contains wild brown and brook trout and is
stocked with rainbow trout. The wild brook trout are
small, averaging about six inches. The wild brown trout
grow rather large and average between eight to fifteen
inches. The rainbows probably average about ten
inches. This stream is stocked with Crane Prairie
Reservoir stock which are called Crane-bows.

You can access the Fall River at the fish hatchery and
on the National Forest land. Fly fishing the Fall River is
good all the way from the headwaters downstream to
the falls. The section of the river below the falls is open
from Spring through the Fall but above the falls, it's
open year-round.  

Probably the best thing about fly fishing the Fall River is
it's fly fishing only.

Varies with the location - see above
Wintertime fishing is good because the water stays
about the same temperature all year
Fly fishing the Fall River is great in the Spring because
of the aquatic insect hatches
The water stays cool all summer long and fishing is
usually good.
Fall is a great time to fish the Fall River because of the
beautiful surrounding of Fall foliage.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Fall River
Fly fishing the Fall River in Oregon can be challenging
at times, maybe even most of the time.
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Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout (stocked)
Brown Trout
Brook Trout

Large for a spring creek

Central Oregon

Nearest Towns
Sun River

Open to fly fishing year-round above
the falls

Fair to great, depending on the

Non-Resident License
State of Oregon

National Weather Service

Fly Fishing Guide

Hatches and Flies

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Trout Flies
Fall River Oregon
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Fall River Fishing Report - Archive:
11/07/13 The Fall River is open from its beginning to above the falls, a distance of
approximately four miles. The hatchery and springs areas are the best areas to fish this time
of the year.  
12/12/13 As the water gets colder, the trout tend to migrate upstream to the warmer water
coming from the springs. Sometimes this happens in November and sometimes it is later in
the year.
01/29/14 Customer ordering Blue-winged olive nymphs and duns reports he has caught fish
on the better weather days within the last 2 weeks.
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05/29/14 We are going to be doing some reports on the fishing and fishing conditions on the
Fall river. We are getting some reports from some new customers using our Perfect Flies
there. Two have been catching trout fairly consistent this past month on our BWO imitations.
12/21/14 Sorry for the lack of reports. This is a great winter-time fly fishing destination. Let
us hear from you so we can post some up to date reports. Small BWO nymphs and
should be key flies to use at the time.
Fall River Fishing Report:
02/07/16 Midges, both creams and reds (blood) midges and Blue-winged olives are hatching.
The weather is getting warmer. and things looking up for this great little spring fed stream.
Fishing Report Updated 10/27/19
(see below at bottom of page)
03/12/16 The river is producing some very good catches for some of our customers even
though it is raining about every day and the water is high. In many ways, this only helps the
fishing at the Fall River.
03/26/16 The levels are still high but the fishing is good. Brown sculpin streamers are
working good. BWOs and Midges are hatching. Little Black caddis could start any time now.
04/16/16 Two customers reporting some very nice catches the past couple of days. Stream
levels are fine and the water in great shape with lots of BWOs and little Black Caddis
04/30/16 The water is at a good level and clear. Blue-winged olives, little Black Grannon
caddis, scuds and sowbugs and sculpin are the main foods you should imitate.
05/30/16 Lots of trout being caught. Scuds, sowbugs, sculpin streamers, BWOs, and little
Black caddis are catching trout for our customers.
07/02/16 Callibeatis, or Speckled-wing quills, are hatching. Pale Morning duns, Pale Evening
duns, Spotted sedges, and Green sedges (cadisflies) are hatching. Terrestrials should soon
become important insects to imitate.  
08/06/16 Customers are reporting good conditions and good numbers of trout caught.
Terrestrials are working good, but Speckled-wing Quills, Pale Morning duns, Pale Evening
duns, Spotted and Green sedge caddisflies and Tricos are hatching.

08/20/16 Good conditions continue with anglers catching trout, thanks to the cool spring
creek water. With the extreme heat, this is a excellent option for trout fishing. There are still
plenty of hatches with the Spotted sedge caddis, Tricos and Speckled Wing Quills being the
best of them.

10/08/16 Some good hatches of BWOs, and Mahogany duns are giving anglers a good
chance to catch lots of trout, and most of them on the surface. Conditions are very good.
The cloud cover really helps keep the trout less spooky and the hatches more intense.

01/21/17 The river is open to fishing above the falls. Little Blue-winged olives, Red and
Cream midges and Winter stoneflies are hatching. The water is in good shape and ice free
thanks to the springs.

02/11/17 The Fall is a good destination considering most all the river in Oregon are blown
out or high. It is high but still in the banks and can be fished. Fish little BWOs and Midges.

07/01/17 Sorry for the lack of reports. Our local contact is back and we will be reporting
more often. There are good numbers of trout being caught. Lots of insects hatching. Send
us and email and we will send a list. Speckled wing quills are hatching good, PMDs, and
much more.

07/29/17 The river is still turning out some nice trout for our customers in spite of the hot
weather. That is the big advantage of the springs and low water temperature. There are still
lots of insects hatching and terrestrial imitations are also working fairly well.

08/05/17 We received more good reports from customers this past week. Lots of Dragon
and Damselflies. Scuds and sowbugs both are working as well as terrestrials. There are still
plenty of hatches, from PMDs to Spotted sedge caddis.

09/16/17 The river is still in good shape as usual. The cooler weather should make it more
comfortable for anglers. There are still lots of hatches occurring and terrestrials are working
very good as well.

10/21/17 The river has been recently stocked and lots of trout are being caught. There are
hatches of Cream and Red midges, and Blue-winged olives and Mahogany duns.

12/11/17 The river is in good shape with good numbers of trout being caught by the few
anglers fishing it. Cream and Red (blood) midges are hatching. Sculpin streamers are
catching the larger trout.  Mash the barbs down on the hooks.

02/12/18 The river is in great shape with Blue-winged olives hatches,and both light Green
and Cream midge hatches. Aquatic worms, Sculpin streamers and damselfly nymphs are
working good.
10/15/18 Sorry for all the missed reports. The river has been stocked and lots of trout are
being caught. Remember, this is barbless hooks but you can mash the barbs down with
pliers. Blue-winged olives, Mahogany duns, and Midges are hatching good.
12/22/18 Sorry for the missed reports. The Fall is one of the best river to fish in Oregon
right now. Midges and BWOs are hatching. Scuds and Dragon and Damselfly nymphs are
working. Our Brown sculpin are catching the larger trout.
12/29/18 Conditions remain very good with good numbers of trout being caught. Scuds and
dragon and damselfly nymphs seem to be the most consistent producers. Rig those midge
larva and pupa in tandem for the best results.
01/13/19 Conditions are very good and lots of trout are being caught. Scuds, aquatic
worms, BWOs, damselfly nymphs, and midges are the main flies  you should be using.
01/27/19 Excellent conditions exist and this coming week should be the best one in a long
time. There are good hatches taking place and trout being caught.
04/07/19 The river is in very good shape and trout are being caught in good numbers. You
do need to match the hatch on this one as with most spring creeks. There's some good
hatches taking place. Send us an email and let us help you plan your trip.
05/15/19 The river is in good shape with BWOs, Pale Evening duns, Pale Morning Duns,
Spotted sedges, Green sedges, hatching.
06/28/19 Sorry for all the missed reports. We have a local contact working with us now.
Decent numbers of trout are being caught. Scuds, BWOs, PMDs, PEDs, Spotted sedge,
Green sedge caddis and ants and beetles are working good.
07/19/19 The river is giving up good numbers of trout and some good ones at that. There
are some good hatches taking place and terrestrials like our Japanese beetles, carpenter
ants and hoppers are also working good.
08/05/19 Conditions are very good. We are getting some very good reports from customers.
Good hatches are taking place.
08/28/19 More good reports are coming in from customers. The water remains cool and the
river a great option for streams that are getting warm. There are good hatches taking place
and our terrestrial patterns are working.
10/01/19 Excellent conditions and more good reports. Good numbers of trout are being
caught. The cooler weather is helping. There are October Caddis starting to hatch.
10/20/19 We continue to get good reports from our customers. Cooler weather is still helping.
Midges are hatching as well as BWOs, October Caddis, and Mahogany Duns
10/27/19 The river is running above normal, but we are getting good reports. Great weather
this week should make it a good one. Several hatches are going on and Midges rigged in
tandem are working.