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Fly Fishing Flat Creek Wyoming
Flat Creek is a beautiful small stream that flows through
the National Elk Wildlife Refuge just outside of Jackson,
Wyoming. There are plenty of fish to be caught, but fly
fishing Flat Creek will challenge the best anglers. Its trout
live in smooth flowing water where it is very difficult to fool
the fish with a fly. You will need very long leaders and
tippets and small flies (like our Perfect Flies) that match
the naturals very closely. Send us and email and let us
help you plan your next trip.

The waters in the Refuge support a wild population of
Snake River cutthroat trout.  These fish are a cutthroat
species that are the only trout native to the area. Brook,
brown, and rainbow trout are also present in Flat Creek
and its tributaries. The Refuge supports and in fact,
encourages the harvest of non-native trout in order to
reduce their threat to the native cutthroat trout population.

Upper Flat Creek is open to fishing upstream from the
McBride Bridge and northeast toward the Bridger-Teton
National Forest from May 1 through October 31. This
area can be accessed from Flat Creek Road northeast of
the bridge.

Lower Flat Creek is open to fishing from August 1
through October 31 between the posted boundary
located at the "Old Crawford Bridge" upstream to the
McBride Bridge on the Flat Creek Road. Nowlin Creek, a
tributary stream, is open from its confluence with Flat
Creek to the Closed sign upstream about a quarter of a
mile. Fishing on Lower Flat Creek and Nowlin Creek is
limited to the use of artificial flies only.

There are a number of good hatches that take place on
Flat Creek and dry fly fishing can be productive provided
it is done with skill. Pale Morning Duns are the most
plentiful mayfly to hatch during the open season. There's
many others ranging from Blue-winged Olives, Yellow
Quills, some of the drakes and others. There's also
plenty of caddisflies, mostly Spotted Sedges but others..

Since the stream flows through open meadows, as you
may expect, terrestrial insects are a major source of food.
Imitations of grass hoppers, ants and beetles all work
during most of the open season.

Another consideration is the meadow type stream has
smooth flows in may areas and the trout can get a good
look at your fly. That makes specific imitations of the
insects outperform the generic fly patterns hands down.
Good presentations are also required. Staying hidden
from the trout is also very important.

The best time for fly fishing Flat Creek is anytime the
season is open.
Season is Closed
Summertime is the best time for fly fishing Flat Creek.
Early Fall provides some good opportunities.

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Type of Stream

Cutthroat (Native - Snake River)
Brook Trout (Wild)
Rainbow Trout (Wild)
Brown Trout (Wild)


Northwestern Wyoming

Nearest Towns

April 1 - October 31


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State of Wyoming

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