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Fly Fishing Fox River Michigan
The Fox River starts near Lake Superior but flows
south to Lake Michigan. It runs almost parallel  with the
East Branch of the Fox River. The two join to become
the Manistique River. Both the main Fox River and the
East branch of the Fox are loaded with brook trout.

The Fox River was made famous by Earnest
Hemingway. He traveled to Seney in 1919 and fished
the North Branch of the Fox River. A story in his book
"The Big Two-Hearted River was about Seney. The
Fox River is one of the best brook trout streams in
Michigan. The East Branch of the Fox River above
Michigan 28 and the main stem of the Fox River pass
through undeveloped land owned by the state and
have a good population of wild brook trout.  

Although the name "Fox River" implies its a decent size
stream, it and the East Branch Fox River are small
streams. They are fed with a huge supply of ground
water that rarely gets above 68 degrees. The bottom
consist mostly of sand but there's plenty of fallen wood
in the streams that provide hiding places for the trout.

The banks are lined with Alders that shade and help
keep the spring fed water cool. There is always a good
bit of current flowing in the river and paddling a canoe
isn't exactly easy. Access to the remote waters of the
East Branch is almost impossible without a canoe.

One reason the streams rank high on Michigan's
Brook trout stream list is because unlike most other
streams in the state, the Fox river doesn't have any
steelhead or salmon to compete with the brook trout.
Brook trout are stocked in the main stem to
supplement the population of wild trout but the East
and North Branches have only wild trout.

The stream has a very good population of a large
variety of aquatic insects and matching the naturals is
always the best approach to use.

The fishing season follows the standard Michigan trout
season in all areas except the Special Regulations
may apply to some sections and tributaries. Be sure
and check the with the DNR.
Springtime is a good time for fly fishing the Fox River
because of the plentiful aquatic insect hatches.
The action may slow down some during the Summer
but the water stays cool and trout can be caught.
Early Fall is a good time to fish the Fox River.

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Type of Stream
Spring Fed Freestone River

Brook Trout (Wild and Stocked)

Small to Medium

Upper Peninsula

Nearest Town

Last Saturday of April through
September 30th.

Good in some areas but hiking or a
canoe required in the upper parts

Non-Resident License
State of Michigan

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