Gale River Brook Trout
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Fly Fishing The Gale River New
The Gale River is one of New Hampshire's beautiful little
freestone river that starts near the Flat Top Mountains
in the White Mountain National Forest. It's a twenty-mile
long tributary of the Ammonoosuc River. This is a
wonderful little stream to fish for brook trout that's
heavily stocked by the state. There's also some rainbow
trout in the stream. It's a great stream to teach those
new to fly fishing and well as youngsters. Fly fishing the
Gale River is a lot of fun because they are usually fairly
easy to catch.  

Both the North and South branches of the Gale River
have brook trout. Both of these little streams, as well as
the main stem, are fast flowing, pocket water streams.
They are easier to fish when the water is at a normal
height or higher but not when its very low. Its water
levels are strictly determined by mother nature from rain
or early in the season, melting snow.

You can reach the Gale River's headwaters from the
Gale River Road off of state road #142 near Bethleham.
The middle section of the river is closely followed by
state road #18. There are parking places along the river
than provides access.

Normally, attractor flies and standard generics will work
okay for catching the brook trout. You want to place the
fly in every run and riffle allowing it to drift drag free into
the small pools. The tail ends of the pools also usually
hold the brook trout if you don't spook them.

The season is the standard New Hampshire trout
season that runs from January 1 to October 15.
Late Springtime is usually good, starting about the first
few days of May.
Summertime fishing is good until about the middle of July
when the water usually becomes low.
Fly fishing the Gale River can be okay in the early Fall
provided the water isn't too low.

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