Angie Marsh with Green Springs Trout
Green Springs Creek Pennsylvania
Copyright 2018 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Green Springs Creek
Green Springs Creek is a well hidden stream. You could
pass right by most of it without knowing it, even though you
were traveling within a few yards of the stream. Much of the
stream is well hidden under a thick canopy of trees
although some of it is in open meadows. The line of trees is
the best clue as to where the stream lies. Fly fishing Green
Springs Creek isn't exactly easy. It can be challenging
because of its totally enclosed streambed.

The pictures on these pages show several rainbow trout
Angie caught in just a few minutes. They were obviously
hatchery trout but they were fun to catch in such tight
quarters. The stream has a funny color to it slight off color
to it or at least it did the two times we have fished it. It is
easy to distinguish as a spring creek though.

This is a very difficult stream to cast in except for the areas
where meadows exist. The canopy of trees completely
enclose much of it. We did not see another anglers either
of the two trips we made to the little stream.

There is a one mile long "Delayed Harvest" section of the
stream. The upper part of this regulated water flows though
a meadow. The lower section is all woods with the heavy
canopy of tree limbs. To make it even tougher, the stream
is full of aquatic grass beds.

The way to fish Green Springs Creek is very carefully.
Otherwise you will need to take a lot of tippet and flies with
you. Most of the stream, approximately two-thirds, is tightly
enclosed with trees. In some places you need to make a
bow and arrow cast to get the fly where you need it. Once it
hits the water, you have to carefully watch the current and
fly to keep it from getting hung on the grass in the water.

Trout can be caught from this little stream during the entire
Late spring should be excellent, early spring fair.
Summer is the best season for fly fishing Green Springs
Early Fall should be excellent, late fall fair.
Winter would be limited to warm, nice day and midge fishing.

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and Trout Flies for Green
Springs Creek:
The main thing to focus on fishing Green Springs Creek is
staying out of the tree, grass lined banks and grass in the
water. It isn't easy to do.
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Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
(Stocked some Wild)


South Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns
Green Springs

Mid April through February

Poor to Fair

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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Green Springs
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