Ischua Creek Brown Trout
Fly Fishing ischua Creek New York
Ischus Creek begins near the small village of Machias,
New York. It flows for about twenty miles and enters Oil
Creek. The entire stream is stocked with brown trout by
the state. The section around Franklinville and upstream
from there has a some wild browns. The stream is known
as one of the top trout streams in western New York.

Fly fishing Ischua Creek is usually very productive from
a fish catching standpoint due to the large numbers of
fish stocked. There's a special regulations area that's
approximately 2.2 miles long located at Franklinville. It's
a no-kill, artificial lures and flies only area. It runs from .9
mile downstream of the Route #98 Bridge and for 1.3
miles upstream from the bridge. This is known as the
Cadiz Bridge.

Ischua Creek is easy to access for most all of its length.
The stream probably averages about twenty-five feet
wide. It flows slowly to moderately through farm land in
the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains. There's plenty
of deep pools and runs. Most of the stream has a soft,
silt bottom.

Fly fishing Ischua Creek is done mostly using streamers
and nymphs. There can be some dry fly action at times.
The stream has a large population of minnows, baitfish
and crayfish.

Except in the special regulations area, much of the
fishing is done with conventional tackle. Live bait is also
commonly used in the other areas of the stream. The
state is hopeful that the special regulations area will help
to increase the wild trout population.

The stocked trout are not very picky, especially if they
were recently stocked. Holdover trout, or trout that have
been in the stream for a few weeks can become
selective as well as the wild trout. While generic and
attractor imitations work okay for the stockers, they often
do a poor job of imitation the most plentiful and available
natural foods in the stream. You will increase your odds
of success if you use more realistic imitations of the
natural food. That's where our Perfect Flies come in
very handy.

The season opens April 1
Fly fishing Oatka Cree during the Winter is great.
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing Ischua Creek.
Trout fishing slows down in the Summer due to warm
Fall is a great time for big holdover browns.

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Type of Stream
Freestone Stream

Brown Trout (Stocked and Wild)

Medium, 20 miles long

Western New York

Nearest Towns

Regular NY Trout Season


Non-Resident License
State of New York

National Weather Service

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Ischua Creek New York
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