Fly Fishing Jacobs Fork Creek North
Jacob Fork Creek is a medium size stream in the South
Mountain State Park in North Carolina. It's a tributary of
the South Fork of the Catawba River. There's a two and
one=half mile "Delayed Harvest" section of water on
Jacob Fork that's a popular fly fishing destination for
a few North Carolina anglers. This is one DH stream that
gets little pressure under the catch and release period
and very heavy pressure when the catch and eat
period begins. Fly fishing Jacobs Fork Creek can still be
enjoyable provided you select the right areas to fish.

The one and only time we have fished this stream was
during the Delayed Harvest "catch and release" part of
the season and it  was like taking candy from a baby.
We moved on upstream and managed to catch a couple
of wild trout before the day was over. The stream is
reputed to hold wild browns and native brook trout in its
headwaters. We didn't catch either and cannot verify
that. I question the native brook trout's existence in this
stream due its low elevation but some say they do exist.

The upper section is under wild trout regulations. It can
be reached from the High Shoals trail. Of course, the
stocked trout move up the stream to some extent but at
a point it changes to mostly wild trout which are mostly
small rainbows that get very, little pressure.

Shinney Fork is a small tributary of Jacob Fork Creek
that flows into the stream about a half mile upstream
from the picnic area of the park below High Shoals. We
haven't fished it but it's bound to get some of the
stockers. It's a designated wild trout stream but is very
small and probably difficult to fish with a fly.

Nettles Branch is another very small tributary of Jacob
Fork Creek that's a designated wild trout stream. It's
confluence is also above High Shoals.

Much of the popularity of this stream comes from its High
Shoals Falls. Hikers frequent the trail to the falls but few
anglers fish above the delayed harvest section of the
stream. The park contains several trails and although
none of them are very long, we do suggest you have a
map if you are going to use them..

The season is open year-round.
Fly fishing Jacobs Fork Creek during the Winter can be
productive on warm days.
Spring is the best time to fish Jacobs Fork because of its
excellent hatches.
The stream can become too warm during hot Summer
Fall is an excellent time to fish the stream.

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Type of Stream

Brook Trout (Native and stocked)
Brown Trout (Stocked and holdovers)
Rainbows (Stocked)


Western North Carolina

Nearest Towns
Mountain View


Fair to Good, depending on the area

Non-Resident License
State of North Carolina

National Weather Service

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