Joseph Creek Brook Trout
James Marsh fishing Joseph Creek
Copyright 2015 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Guide to Joseph Creek Montana
This is an excellent stream to teach a youngster how to fly fish. It isn't a bad one for anyone
but the fishing is very easy. There are a lot of brook trout in the stream. You can catch them
on most any small attractor fly. We have just about all the popular attractors and generic flies
in our "Perfect Fly" store and at a very low cost, so be sure to check them out.

We fish this little stream in an upstream direction making a lot of short cast to help stay out of
the trees. As you can see in the above picture, it is not exactly a very shallow stream. It has
plenty of water and probably contains some other species of trout, especially in its lower end.
We just have not caught anything but brook trout.

There are probably fifty brook trout within casting distance of me in the above image. You
don't have to do a lot of moving around. It has some very good cover along its banks and out
in the stream in some cases. You could catch well over a hundred brook trout, probably in
half a day but certainly on any good day. It is just fun fishing and a good way to tighten up
your reaction on setting the hook.

Keep in mind the Big Hole River is just down the road a few miles. You can always go there
when you get tired of catching trout.
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Joseph Creek Montana