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Fly Fishing The Jordon River Michigan
The Jordan River flows into the South Arm of Lake
Charlevoix in the Northern Peninsula of Michigan. It's
approximately twenty-five miles long and varies from
about twenty feet in width to over fifty feet. The upper
section is know for its appeal to canoe inthusast and for
its brook trout fishing. Annual runs of salmon and
steelhead enter the river through Lake Charlevloix. The
river also has some good brown trout fishing. Due to its
variety of species of fish, fly fishing the Jordon River can
be good anytime of the year. In addition to it, the Boyne
River is located in the same general area and also flows
into Lake Charlevloix providing even more fly fishing

The Jordon River's headwaters begin from springs
located in the Jordon Valley. This provides a very good
pH level and plenty of food for the trout. Much of the
river flows through forest. It was Michigan's first river to
be included in the state's Natural Rivers Program. It
stays clear and flows over a mixture of sand, cobble and
rocks. There is plenty of cover for the brook and the
brown trout in the form of some undercut banks, logs,
and larger rocks in the headwaters and middle and
lower sections of the river.

The upper headwater section of the Jordon River has
some excellent brook trout fishing. It's best from near
intersection of U. S. Highway#131and state route #32,
downstream to Chestonia.  It's a beautiful area to fish
and the brook trout are large and plentiful.

Brown trout fishing is generally better in the middle and
lower sections of the Jordon River. There the river takes
on a more classic trout stream configuration with large,
deeper pools connected by runs and riffles. The river
can be accessed from many roads running off  and in
some cases crossing the river from the main roads
consisting of U. S. Highway #131, State Route #32 and
State Route #66.

The wild brown trout can become very selective and are
not pushovers. Matching the hatch and the most
available food is often necessary. Most are caught using
streamers and nymphs but some larger ones are
occasionally taken on the dry fly. Hatches in the Jordon
river are plentiful and substantial at times. There's
plenty of mayflies, caddisflies and some stoneflies.

Steelhead fishing is usually best on the Jordon River
during the Spring from the middle of March through the
first of May. They can also be caught during the Fall
and Winter. The lower section of the river is where most
all the steelhead fishing is done. Some of the pools in
the lower river are deep. Wading can be tricky in places
at times. The majority are probably taken on nymphs
and egg flies but swinging a wet fly can also be
productive at times. Make sure you check the current
Special Regulations before fishing.

The season follows the standard Michigan trout season
in all areas except the Special Regulations Area open to
fishing year-round.
Springtime is a good time for fly fishing the Jordon River
for trout due to the plentiful aquatic insect hatches. It's
also the best time for steelhead.
The action usually slows down some during the Summer
but the water stays fairly cool in the headwater sections
of the North and South branches as well as below the
dam above Lake Charlevoix.
Fall is a good time to catch a large brown trout and a
trophy steelhead.
Winter can be good during decent weather. The
steelhead and trout can be sluggish when the water
temperature is very low.  
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Wild and Stocked with
Brook Trout (Wild)
Rainbow (Stocked)

Small to Medium

Northern Peninsula Michigan

Nearest Town

First Saturday of April through
February all except:
Special Regulation Area:

Good in some areas but lots of
private property in some areas

Non-Resident License
State of Michigan

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Real-Time USGS Stream Flow:

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09/06/18 Jordan River Fishing
Steelhead start entering the river this
month, so get prepared.