Brook Trout
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Fly Fishing The Kennebago River In
The Kennebago River begins near the Quebec/Maine
border at Big Island Pond in the Township of Seven
Ponds. The river flows thorough an extremely remote
and difficult to access location.  It flows through Little
Kennebago Lake and into Kennebago Lake. The stream
flows out of the little lake at a good rate of flow and
continues to terminate at Cupsuptic Lake.

Access is very limited. There are several camps along
the stream that you can stay at with good access but
other than that, you are just about limited to the bridge
area where state highway 16 crosses the stream. There
you can follow a short section of the stream via a dirt
road. There is another access located about eight miles
out of Rangely but it too is short. The camps do charge
reasonable rates and are worth the price.

The entire stream is fly fishing only. From August 15
until the season closes, it is strictly catch and release

The river is noted for its dry fly fishing for large brook
trout. It also has landlocked salmon and a few brown
trout. Brook trout of around two to three pounds are
Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Brook Trout
Landlocked Salmon


Northwestern Maine

Nearest Towns
Rangeley, Maine

April - September


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State of Maine

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The season begins in April but you
cannot really fish until the ice on the
lakes has melted which is usually
around mid May.

The fishing really doesn't begin until
late May with the best coming in June.
Fly Fishing Guide to the Kennebago River
The Upper Kennebago River can be waded and fished
both above and below Little Kennebago Lake. This
area offers great small stream fly fishing opportunities.
It is truly a remote and beautiful area. The lakes
themselves provide great fishing and can be fished
from float tubes or boats.

The early season fly fishing is done mostly using
streamers, nymphs and wet flies. The Kennebago
brook trout are big. Thinking of them in normal small
brook trout terms will really throw you off. The salmon
can get as large as five pounds and put on some very
hard, fast runs. Whenever you are fishing, keep the
size of these fish in mind and be prepared for their
large size. Don't end up loosing a trophy trout or
salmon because you were under equipped in terms of
tackle and gear.

The salmon stay in the river all year unless the water
gets low and warm. They will move to the cooler deep
water of the lakes if that happens. The salmon will
return to the river around the middle of August when
and if they do move into the lake in July. The brook
trout will normally stay in the river but they may seek
the coolest water.

The uppermost part flows through a series of lakes
like areas and pools, runs, riffle section are mixed in
between them. The fish are small compared to the
lower section of the river. It can only be reached by
back country roads and hiking. The stream changes
below Little Lake Kennebago. Access to the middle
section of the river is also difficult. You must walk in to
fish any of the middle section or either stay with one of
the local camps along the river.

There are many named pools along the river. Wading
is possible along the banks of the river in many
places. Again, hiking in is required unless you are
fishing out of a local camp. There are two salmon
spawning runs per year when the salmon swim
upstream to Lake Cusuptic but the fall run is what the
river is noted for.
Kennebago River Hatches and
Trout Flies:
Our information on aquatic insects is
based on our stream samples of larvae
and nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods
at the particular time you are fishing.
Unlike the generic fly shop trout flies, we
have specific imitations of all the insects in
the Kennebago River and in all stages of
life that are applicable to fishing. If you
want to fish better, more realistic trout flies,
have a much higher degree of success,
give us a call.  We not only will help you
with selections, you will learn why, after
trying Perfect Flies, 92% of the thousands
of our customers will use nothing else.

The river and lakes have a very high
population of smelt. This is the main food
supply that keeps the salmon fishery in
great shape.

The river has a very good Green Drake
hatch. It starts in late June. Blue-winged
Olives are also present and hatch both
early and late in the season.  
Hatches, continued:
There are several species of caddisflies
that reside in the Kennebago River and
Lakes. The Green Sedge, Cinnamon and
Spotted Sedges, Little Black Caddis and a
mixture of several other species hatch
during the summer and early fall.

Dragon Flies and Damsel Files both exist,
mostly in the areas of slow moving water.
Imitations of the nymphs of either one
produce during the summer.

Terrestrial insects including grass
hoppers, ants and beetles are found along
the stream and provide food for the brook
trout when they get blown or fall into the

The Black and Gray Ghosts streamers are
the favorite local flies for the salmon. The
Kennebago Mudler is also a favorite fly.
We think our Perfect Fly Mudler Sculpin is
a great fly for this river.  
The locals don't fish that much during July
and August but there are plenty of trout to
be caught.
Fall is certainly the most scenic time for fly
fishing the Kennebago River. The month
of September brings on the fall run of
Kennebago River Fly Fishing Report:
04/27/14 The river still has lots of ice and
needs to warm up some more.
Fishing Report Updated 10/21/19
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Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $100 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
05/04/14 Not much signs of ice out but
warmer weather is in the forecast and it
won't be long.
05/11/14 Reports are anglers have fished
Greenvale Cove but it is a waiting game for
snow and ice out everywhere else.
05/18/14 No reports from customers but
three ordered flies for trips they have
planned to fish this past week.
05/25/14 Several orders from customers
have come in for those planning to fish
later on but no reports from anyone
fishing. Water levels are still high but it is
warming up some.
06/01/14 Expect a little cooler weather
this coming week and a chance of rain
most days. Anglers had a decent
Memorial Day weekend. The stream
will probably rise back up some.
06/08/14 Good conditions and stream levels
and anglers catching trout. A few hatches
have started. Send us an email and we will
give you a recommended fly list.
06/15/14 Lots of aquatic insects hatching.
Several species of mayflies, lots of caddis
and others. More rain is needed to bring the
salmon in the river.
06/22/14 Good conditions but no salmon
yet. It could use some more water. Lots of
hatches, mostly Cinnamon and Green
Sedge caddis.
07/06/14 High water levels have been a
problem. No reports from customers for the
past week.
07/20/14 Recent cooler weather has helped
the fishing some. Large hatches of caddis,
both Cinnamon Sedges and Green Sedges
are taking place.
07/27/14 Mixed report have come in this
past week, mostly due to varying water
levels. Fishing has only been fair, at best.
08/10/14 Higher flows have been a problem
with fewer fish are being caught as a result.
The water is still cool and hatches are still
occurring. Hopefully, conditions will improve
later this week.
08/17/14 The flows are down and fishing
has been good for the past week. One
customer ordering more flies reported
catching some nice fish.
08/31/14 A few fish are still being caught
and the cooler weather is helping. Get
ready for the best fishing - early fall.
09/14/14 Two customers reporting some
good catches this past week. Cooler
temperatures and good water levels have
turned the fish on.
10/05/14 Lots of salmon have been caught
but low water has been a problem for most
of September. Trout and salmon fishing
season is now closed.
10/12/14 •From Big Island Pond
downstream to Cupsuptic Lake: S-5, S-
17, S-22. From August 16 – September
30: S-5, S-7. Tributaries: S-5 and closed
to fishing after August 15.
•The Logans, so called, from upper
(Mahaney) dam upstream to red markers:
Open to fishing April 1 – September 30: S-
5. Daily limit on trout: 5 fish. Minimum
length limit on trout: 6 inches, only 1 may
exceed 12 inches.
•From lower (Kennebago Falls) Dam
downstream to Cupsuptic Lake: S-1.
•That section of river in Lower Cupsuptic
Twp. known as the spawning beds
approximately 200 yards long between
red markers: Closed to fishing after
September 15.
04/22/15 Season is open but no reports
from anyone fishing yet. No ice out reports.
05/06/15 Ice is finally melting fast. No
smelt have shown up yet. Only hatches
are smalll BWO but this will change fast.
05/20/15 The water has warmed up into
the low fifties and a few hatches, including
Little Black Caddis, Blue Quills and Quill
Gordons have started.
05/27/15 Hendricksons/Red Quills should
start showing up, if not already. Good water
temps and levels.
06/10/16 Full blown hatches of
Hendricksons/Red Quills, Blue-winged
Olives, Little Black Caddis.
06/17/15 Stream levels are up near normal
for this time of the year. Add Golden and
Little Yellow stoneflies to the fly list.
07/01/15 High water levels have been a
problem but otherwise, conditions are good.
Lots of big drakes showing up.
07/08/15 Stream levels and weather are
both in good shape for the coming week.
07/22/15 Customers are reporting catching
lots of trout and great conditions. Good
weather and stream levels.
08/05/15 Good weather, good stream levels
and good hatches continue. Great
08/12/15 Salmon and brook trout being
caught. It is hot but the water is only hitting
61 F.
08/19/15 Slightly cooler weather is
helping. No reports from anglers this past
week but conditions including hatches
remain good.
08/26/15 Raining right now but clear for the
rest of the week. Lots of trout being caught
and lots of anglers making and planning trips.
09/02/15 It didn't stay cool very long and
there's little chance for rain for the next week.
Two good reports from customers came in
this past week. They caught a lot of trout.
09/09/15 Two more good reports from
customers from this past week. You better
get it while the gettins good. Check out our
Salmon Flies
09/23/15 Even though lots of rain has fell
since the last report, the stream levels are
still in good shape and anglers are catching
10/28/15 Season is closed. We just wanted
to let you know we added a map in the upper
left hand corner of this page.
Kennebago River Map
02/10/16 Let us help you plan your next
Kennebago River fly fishing trip. We have
taken samples of the insects using
professional equipment and know, what we
are doing. It isn't guess work.
04/11/16 The river is high and still has a lot
of ice.
05/04/16 The season is open and the
weather nice and warm with the ice gone and
a good bit of rain in the forecast. Highs in the
fifties and the water temperature around 43
degrees but warming up fast.
05/18/16 Good conditions exist with B.W.Os,
Quill Gordons, Blue Quills, little Black Caddis,
American March browns and Hendricksons.
06/01/16 We are getting some good reports.
The weather is fine, lots of insects hatching.
We will be glad to help you with fly selections.
06/15/16 Lots of fish are being caught with
good weather and good stream conditions.
Lots of aquatic insects are hatching.
06/29/16 Stream levels a little low but
otherwise in good shape. Little Yellow
stoneflies, 3 species of caddis, Light Cahills,
Sulphurs, and other insects are hatching.
07/27/16 The river is in good shape in all
sections. Customers are catching good
numbers of trout. Lots of caddisflies, some
Little Yellow stones, Cream Cahills, Slate
Drakes and other insects hatching.
08/10/16 Stream levels are a little low but
okay. Hatches are still good but fewer of them.
Lots of caddisflies, Tricos, Slate Drakes, and
terrestrials are also working good.
08/24/16 The river is in good shape and our
customers are reporting catching a lot of brook
trout. Most are using hopper/droppers. The
main hatch going on is the Cinnamon Caddis.
11/05/16 The season is closed. It was a fair
salmon season, but low water hurt the "catching".
12/05/16 Send us an email and let us help
you plan that 2017 fly fishing trip.
01/18/17 An entry to get the new year 2017
started. The season will be open before you
know it.
02/15/17 We have taken samples of the food
and insects using professional entomology
eqpt. several times and know exactly what flies
you need to use. Send us an email and let us
help you The email address is just above.
04/05/17 The season is open but there is still a
lot of ice. Keep checking back with us and we
will keep you posted as to ice out.
05/04/17 The ice is about gone but the smelt
haven't shown up yet. It is getting warmer, about
45 degrees, and it shouldn't be long.
05/17/17 Very hot weather and water temps
shooting up fast. Quill Gordons, Blue Quills,
little Brown stoneflies. Cinnamon Caddis, Little
Black Caddis. and BWOs.
05/24/17 Two good reports from customers
this past week. Conditions look good for the
week ahead with lots of hatches taking place.
06/14/17 The stream is back in good shape
but there is a lot of rain in the forecast. A.
March Browns, Green sedges, are now
hatching along with several others.  
07/05/17 The river has been running high a
lot but okay now. Our customer are doing
good when the stream levels are down. There
are lots of hatches taking place.
07/19/17 Stream levels are fine with lots of
hatches taking place. We received three good
reports from customers this past week.
08/02/17 We are getting good reports every
few days. There are plenty of hatches and
trout being caught. Conditions are good.
09/06/17 The trout fishing is excellent right
now, with some good hatches and terrestrials
also working. The salmon should start coming
in any time now.
09/27/17 Most sections close at the end of
the month, and some already closed.
11/16/17 Season is closed but you can
always send us an email for planning next
year's trip.
04/05/18 We will resume posting reports.
There's still a lot of ice in the water. Midges,
aquatic worms and sculpin would catch trout
where it is clear of ice.
04/20/18 Most of the slush ice in the lower
and middle river is gone. There is still a lot of
ice in many sections. No reports from anyone
fishing yet.
05/04/18 Stream levels are high from melting
snow and ice. The water is getting warmer fast
and lots of new hatches should start very soon.
06/08/18 The river has come alive.
Hendricksons/Red Quills are hatching,
Blue-winged olives, Little Black Caddis, Blue
Sedge caddis, and some Golden stoneflies are
already showing up. .
06/23/18 Lots of trout caught lately. There
are some excellent hatches taking place.
Send us and email and let us help you with
that. State the time you will be fishing it.
06/29/18 Conditions are very good. There are
lots of trout being caught. There are lots of
good hatches taking place.
07/06/18 Excellent conditions exist. There
are good numbers of fish being caught from
lots of hatches taking place. Send us an
email for a fly list.
07/20/18 Good reports are coming in. Lots of
insects are hatching and good numbers of
trout being caught. Send us an email for fly
08/17/18 The stream levels have been a little
high but should be getting back in good
shape. Lots of hatches and lots of trout being
08/31/18 The river has been high but back
down. We haven't received any reports this
past week. Conditions should be good now.
09/21/18 The river is in good shape in all
sections and trout and salmon are being
caught in good numbers.
10/01/18 We continue to get good reports
from those fishing the river. Good numbers
of salmon are being caught.
11/08/18 Season closed Nov 1st.
02/21/19 It isn't too early to start planning that
next trip. We can help you do that as well as
select your gear and flies for the trip. Send us
an email to:
04/25/19 The season opened with a lot of
slush ice in the water. We haven't received
any reports yet but it is getting into good
shape fast. Normally, good hatches start
about the first of May.
05/06/19 Stream levels are still high and the
water stained. Check back with us soon.
05/20/19 Stream levels are high again and
the water stained. It shouldn't be much longer
before conditions are good.
05/27/19 Stream levels are better and clearer.
We received two good reports. There are
some good hatches starting up.
06/07/19 Stream levels are back near normal
but there is more rain on the way. Trout are
being caught when the levels permit and
hatches are taking place on time.
06/15/19 The river is high but falling back
down. There are some good hatches starting
to take place and trout are being caught.
06/24/19 Stream levels are currently okay
and the water clear. Good numbers of trout
are still being caught. Good hatches are
taking place and dry fly fishing good.
06/30/19 Lots of insects hatching and good
numbers of trout are being caught.
07/08/19 We continue to get good reports
from customers. Good numbers of trout are
being caught and there are lots of insects
hatches taking place.
07/15/19 The conditions remain good with
lots of trout being caught.
07/23/19 Conditions are still good with good
hatches and lots of trout being caught by
our customers.
08/01/19 The river is turning out good
numbers of trout for our customers. Good
hatches are taking place.
08/10/19 Good conditions continue. Levels
are fine and there are lots of insects
hatching. OUr Japanese beetle is working.
08/18/19 Conditions remain good with good
numbers of fish being caught by our
customers. This coming week should be as
09/02/19 The river continues to be in good
shape. We received one good report
recently from a customer. There are still
good hatches taking place.
09/14/19 Trout fishing is excellent with some
good hatches taking place and terrestrials
are also working. The salmon turn on any
time now.
10/21/19 Season Closed end of September.