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James Marsh on Lemhi River
James Marsh fishing Lemhi River
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Fly Fishing The Lemhi River Idaho
The Lemhi River is a beautiful, small river that flows from
Leadore down to its confluence with the Salmon River in
Salmon, Idaho. The river begins with the confluence of
Texas Creek and Eighteen-mile Creek. From there it
flows 56 miles between the Lemhi and Bitterroot
Mountain Ranges before reaching the Salmon River.
Although most of the river runs through the huge Lemhi
Valley on private property, the few place you can fish
the river are worth it. It is also possible to obtain
permission from a landowner, provided one handles it
properly. In addition, there are some private ranches
that cater to anglers and some local guide services that
have rights to parts of the river available for hire.

There are three public access points between the town
of Leadore and Tendoy. There are other places you can
fish the river where it is on the right of way of the road.
Much of the river has a heavy growth of Willow trees
along the banks and fishing it from the banks isn't easy.
Wading is required in most places. The main fish holding
structure is the undercut banks and deadfalls. The
stream consist of mostly runs, riffles and pools. The
decline isn't very steep in most places and the pools can
be large and smooth in some areas.

The Lemhi River has some very nice size rainbow trout
that can average 16 inches and run much larger.  Some
years sea run steelhead and salmon move into the
Lemhi River from the Upper Salmon River. It all depends
on water temperature and water levels in the Salmon
River. There's no open season on steelhead or salmon.

Except during the spring runoff, the fishing is generally
good throughout the season.
Trout fishing can be good on warm, nice days.
Springtime is the best time to fish for trout.
Summer is normally good except during very dry, low
water conditions.
Early fall is usually a great time for fly fishing the Lemhi

Fly Fishing Guide to the Lemhi River:
Fishing the Lemhi River isn't much different from any
other small to medium size river but there are some key
things to consider.
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Lemhi River Idaho
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