Little Juniata River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing the Little Juniata River
The Little Juniata River, better known as the Little J, is
one of Pennsylvania's best trout streams. It's a rather
large tributary of the Juniata River. Fly fishing the
Little Juniata River is as good as it gets in the Eastern
United States.

The upper section flows from Altoona through the
Logan Valley for about fifteen miles and is primarily a
stocked, freestone stream. It has some small
tributaries such as Bells Gap and Tipton Runs, and
one large tributary, Bald Eagle Creek. These streams
help improve the water quality near their confluence
but all things considered, the upper freestone section
is rather marginal for trout.

The upper section parallels Route #453 from Tyrone
towards Water Street. This is a busy highway and you
must access the river from pull offs along the road.  
This section of the Little Juniata River varies from
deep fast water runs to more moderate flows that is
easy to wade.

The section that's gives the Little Juniata River is
reputation as a top trout stream lies downstream of
Tyrone. Its water chemistry is greatly enhanced from
the flows from several large limestone springs. This
section flows through a very scenic area referred to
as the narrows and is bordered by limestone cliffs.
The added water from the many springs not only cools
the river, it greatly increases it's aquatic insect and
crustacean population providing the perfect habitat for
large brown trout. In essence, it changes the
freestone stream into a Limestone Spring River.

This section flows through the town of Spruce Creek.
There are some rather large pools connected by
riffles.  Wading is usually fairl easy but there are some
deep areas. It's by far the most popular area for
anglers to fish. Access is available from some of the
roads in Spruce Creek. There is a large section of
private property downstream of the State Route #45

The lower section of the Little J flows through Rothrock
State Forest to Petersburg. This section flows through
a gorge area that can only be accessed by foot. This
section features some large, rather deep pools that
are connected by riffles and runs.

Wading can be difficult anywhere in the Little Juniata
River due to its slick bottom from its high pH, but
especially in this section of the river. You can access
this section via a trail leading from a parking lot at the
end of Mountain Road. Wading isn't easy in some
parts of this section, so you should exercise caution.
This is the best section to fish during the hot summer.
Type of Stream
Freestone and a Limestone Spring

Brown Trout (Wild and stocked)
Rainbows (Stocked)


Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Town
Spruce Creek

Middle of April through February


Special Regulations
Catch and Release Section

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

National Weather Service Link

USGS Streamflow Data @ Spruce Ck

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Photo Courtesy Steven Lamb
11.02/13 Customer reporting several nice
trout caught on our PF Blue-winged Olive
nymph, hook size 18. Good hatches the
first day when it was cloudy but few the
next day when it was clear.
Little Juniata River Fly Fishing Guide:
The Little J's wild brown trout grow at an
excellent rate and are able to attain a very
large size. The state of Pennsylvania also
stocks brown trout fingerlings each year.
These small trout grow fast and adapt well
enough that within a few months, one would
be hard pressed to tell the difference in the
stocked brown trout and the wild brown trout.
Certainly the trout have to learn all about the
trout food within the stream from a very young
time in their life. They can be just as selective
as the wild trout.

Like most limestone spring creeks and those
influenced by limestone water with a high pH,
most of the trout feed on the bottom. When
the brown trout get about 12 inches long, they
begin to feed on the surface far less and
depend on foods as well as the aquatic
insects. Brown trout also have a strong
tendency to feed in low light situations. The
larger brown trout stay hidden most of the
day. You have got to put your fly where they
are hiding to catch them under these
The season follows the general
Pennsylvania trout season.
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing the
Little Juniata River because of the plentiful
Summertime is okay in the middle and lower
sections of the river.
Guide, continued:
It is also far better to fish during cloudy,
heavily overcast and rainy conditions. This
isn't to say that the large brown trout won't
feed on mayfly and stonefly nymphs and
caddisfly larvae. They do. Although the
trout do take dry flies at times, you are
usually much better off in terms of catching
numbers of trout using subsurface

The larger brown trout tend to feed on
sculpin and baitfish as well as the aquatic
insects and crustaceans. By the same
token, don't think they won't lie in deeper
water on the bottom and feed on midge
larvae and emerging pupae. This is
especially true during the winter months
when they are somewhat inactive and don't
move around much looking for food.  
Little Juniata Hatches and Trout
Our information on aquatic insects is based
on our stream samples of larvae and
nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods
at the particular time you are fishing. Unlike
the generic fly shop trout flies, we have
specific imitations of all the insects in the
Little Juniata River and in all stages of life
that are applicable to fishing. If you want to
fish better, more realistic trout flies, have a
much higher degree of success, give us a
call.  We not only will help you with
selections, you will learn why, after trying
Perfect Flies, 92% of the thousands of our
customers will use nothing else.

Like Spruce Creek, this stream has a huge
aquatic insect population. When major
hatches occur, the brown trout almost feed
exclusively or selectively on the particular
insect that is hatching. That can be both
good and bad. If you match it correctly, you
can usually catch some nice brown trout. If
not, you can do a lot of casting and spook a
lot of trout.

During the winter, midges are about the only
game but imitations of them will catch fish
most any day of the winter. In the early
Spring, the Blue-winged Olives start
hatching around the first of April and last
past the middle of May. They will hatch a
second time starting in September and last
until about the middle of October.

Other than the BWOs, the Blue Quills and
Hendricksons are the first of the mayflies to
hatch. They both start around the first of
April. Usually the Blue Quills are the first to
hatch. Both hatches last less than a month
depending where you are fishing the stream.

Just prior to the start of these mayfly
hatches you will find the Little Black Caddis
or American Grannom caddisflies hatching.
The hatch last less than a month. The
Green Sedges start about the same time but
last through the month of June.
Hatches, continued:
The Cinnamon Caddis hatch for about
two months starting around the first of
June. There are several other minor
caddisfly hatches that occur.

Slate Drakes and Sulphurs both start to
hatch about the first of May. The Slate
Drakes hatch is off and on for the next
five months or longer. The Sulphur is one
of the better hatches on Spruce Creek. It
last until about the middle of June.

The big Eastern Green Drakes will hatch
near the end of May and last about two to
three weeks. Light Cahills hatch starting
about the same time and continue for
approximately a month.

Tricos hatch starting around the first of
July and last through August. About the
time the hatch ends the White Flies start
hatching keeping some type of mayfly on
the water during the late summer and
early fall. The White Flies, called White
Drakes by some anglers, will hatch until
about the end of October.

The terrestrial season gets underway on
Spruce Creek about the middle of June.
Grasshopper and beetles are usually the
first insects you will notice but the ants get
large enough to get the trout's attention
not long after that. Another thing you
don't want to overlook is the little green
inch worms or moth larvae. They fall off
the trees lining the stream and are eaten
by the trout. Caneflies are another insect
you shouldn't ignore. They become
important in the late summer when few
hatches are occurring.

Specific imitations of what is hatching
and/or most available are much better
than generic or attractor flies on Little
Juniata Creek. You may want to carry a
few streamer flies along. They are good
when the water gets a little off color from
heavy rains.
Fall is a great time to catch the large
brown trout
Wintertime can be tough on the coldest
days but productive on warm days.
11/06/13 Our local contact reporting the
water high and cold, averaging in the mid
forties at the warmest part of the day. It is
falling but will take a day or two. No one
fishing to his knowledge.
12/30/13 A customer reported catching a
few trout each time the water levels get in
decent shape but high water and cold
weather has hampered the fly fishing
02/12/19 Updated Fishing Report
(Archive at bottom of page)
01/06/14 Customer called yesterday to
order more midges and sculpin
streamers. He caught several trout on  
Saturday. Some very cold weather is on
the way and then a warming trend.
01/13/14 No reports of anyone fishing
during the past week. The stream is
currently high but the weather should
be warmer during the coming week.
01/20/14 Still not any reports of anyone
fishing. The levels are back near normal
and typical winter weather is prevailing. Let
us hear from you.
01/27/14 Customer ordering midges for the
Little Juniata but he hasn't fished lately.
02/03/14 Still no reports from anglers
catching trout but this week's weather will
be much better and the stream is flowing
near normal levels.
02/10/14 One customer ordering our PF
Brown Sculpin reporting he is catching
browns late in the day.
02/17/14 Customer ordering flies reported
he has caught some brown trout on midges.
Warmer weather and rain is in the forecast
and conditions should improve.
02/24/14 Local contact reporting several
brown trout were caught this past week  
mostly on BWO nymphs.
03/03/14 Stream levels are back down. It is
cold now but will be warming up some
through the week. No reports were
received this past week.
03/10/14 Local contact reporting angler did
well this past week. There were a few trout
taken mostly on midges and BWO nymphs.
03/17/14 Stream levels are in good shape
and the weather warming near the end of
this week. No reports from anyone fishing
last week.
03/24/14 Good stream levels and warming
weather later this week should be great.
Watch for Little Brown Stoneflies to start
hatching any day now.
03/31/14 The stream is flowing high at the
current time and rain is forecast from
Wednesday through Saturday. It will be
warm most of the week.
04/07/14 Stream levels are high but back
down. Hatches of
Blue Quills, Quill Gordons,
Little black caddis have started.
Hendricksons/Red Quill will be in the near
Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $100 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
04/14/14 We had a huge number of orders
for the Little J this past week and some very
good reports from anglers fishing. Levels
are in great shape.
04/21/14 Two good reports of brown trout
catches came in from customers buying
more flies this past week. The stream is at a
good level and the forecast looks good for
the coming week.
04/28/14 We had several customers
ordering flies for the Little J and some of
them reported catching trout consistently
during the past week.
05/05/14 Look for some big changes in the
hatches this week as the water warms up.
Expect higher levels this coming weekend -
rain in the forecast.
05/12/14 Two customers ordering more flies
reported the fishing is excellent right now.
There's rain forecast everyday for the next
week but for now, the stream's in good
05/19/14 Lots of rain and high stream levels
have hampered the fly fishing opportunities
the past few days but the stream is falling
05/26/14 Stream levels have subsided and
the creek is in good condition. Anglers are
catching trout on a variety of hatches
including March Browns, Eastern Pale
Evening Duns, Cinnamon Caddis and
06/02/14 Stream levels are back to normal
and in great shape. Customers reporting
the fishing is good and catching trout on
several pattens. Lots of caddis, some
Green Drakes, some Eastern Pale Evening
duns and others.
06/09/14 Stream levels remain in great
shape. Lots of hatching insects and lots of
trout being caught according to two
customers ordering more flies.
06/16/14 High water levels slowed down
the catching some but the stream is back
near normal levels and anglers are
catching plenty of trout.
06/23/14 Two more good reports. One
new customer ordering flies because he
spoke with another one using our flies
and catching trout. Light Cahills and Little
Yellow Stoneflies are hatching good.
07/07/14 Water levels have been high but
back down in good shape. Two customers
reporting good catches.
07/21/14 The Little J is fishing very good.
Hatches have slowed but terrestrials are
replacing them. Three customers reporting
catching some nice browns this past week.
07/28/14 One customer ordering Slate
Drake nymphs and spinners reported
some good hatches are taking place.
08/11/14 The Little J continues to produce
well, with the hatches slowing down some
but terrestrials replacing them. Three good
reports came in this past week.
08/18/14 Slate drakes are hatching good.
So are Cream Cahills.
09/01/14 High water levels hurt the fly
fishing opportunities this past week but
they are back down near normal.
09/15/14 Good water levels and
temperature exist and plenty of trout are
being caught. Two good reports from this
past week.
09/22/14 Three good reports came in
this past week from customers fishing the
little J. Cooler weather and good stream
conditions have turned the trout on.
10/06/14 One good report from the past
week but there should have been many
more. Conditions are good and
BWO's are
starting to hatch again.
10/13/14 Stream levels are still in great
shape with some rain in the forecast through
Thursday. Two good reports from last week.
10/20/14 Two good reports from customers
catching some nice browns on our
Sculpin streamer.
10/27/14 More good reports came in this
past week from two customers fishing the
river. BWOs and sculpin were the tickets.
12/03/14 Mixed reports have come in the
last three week due to water levels and
cold temperatures. There is a warming
trend in place and excellent late fall
conditions at this time.
12/14/14 Those that think this creek last
week did well and there is decent weather
forecast for this week. Try our Perfect Fly

scuds and sowbugs.
12/22/14 Great weather and stream
conditions exist. Let us hear your reports.
12/28/14 The rain ends today and fishing
should be good for the next few days. It will
be a little colder.
01/04/15 Conditions are good right now but
snow is on the way and temps are dropping
very low for the next few days.
01/25/15 We received one good report this
past week from a customer fishing Cream
Midge larva and pupa in combination.
02/01/15 No reports from anyone fishing
last week but conditions remain fairly good
for wintertime.
The stream is flowing at 892 cfs at
3.64 ft. That is high, too high to
wade most anywhere. It should
start falling and be back in good
shape soon. Send us an email for
a fly list:
02/15/15 We received two good reports
about a week ago. This coming week will be
one of the coldest this year. If you fish, fish
very near the springs.
02/22/15 No reports due to very cold
weather this past week.
03/01/15 Still no reports from anyone
fishing this past week but conditions will
improve this coming week.
03/08/15 The water and weather is warmer
and conditions rapidly improving. No
reports from anyone fishing, but it won't be
long before the "catching" gets good.
03/15/15 Stream levels are a little high but
falling. The water is much warmer and
fishing much better.
03/22/15 No reports from the past week.
Stream levels were high but back donw.
03/29/15 Still no reports from anyone
fishing. Conditions are good at this time.
04/05/15 Conditions are greatly improved.
BWOs, Little Black Caddis, Little Brown
stoneflies, Quill Gordons and Blue Quills
should hatch soon.
04/12/15 Great conditions continue with
plenty of trout being caught and some
hatches beginning to start.
04/19/15 Good stream levels are expected
this coming week with slightly cooler
weather. Two good reports of catches last
04/26/15 Another good report from a
customer. Plenty of hatches and
good stream levels.
05/17/15 Sorry for the lack of reports
but it wasn't because the fishing
conditions haven't been excellent. Lots
of hatches are taking place and lots of
trout are being caught.
05/23/15 Look for Sulphurs and some
East. Green Drakes and lots of other
05/31/15 Stream levels remain a little low.
Lots of hatches and some huge spinner
falls taking place.
06/07/15 Great conditions with lots of
hatches and lots of trout being caught.
06/14/15 Two good reports from the past
week from customers. Stream levels are a
little below normal and lots of hatches are
taking place.
06/21/15 Blown out for now but falling
07/05/15 The stream is still high but it is
falling and less rain is forecast. Hopefully,
it will be wadable again soon.
07/12/15 The river has fell down enough
to fish with lots of hatches taking place
including Slate Drakes, light Cahills,
Sulphurs, caddis & more.
07/19/15 The river is blown out at 1720 cfs.
It will fall later this week.
08/02/15 Stream levels are good and
trout are being caught in all sections. Still
have sulphurs, lots of caddis and Little
Yellow stoneflies starting.
08/09/15 Don't forget about ants, beetles
and hoppers. They are working great.
08/16/15 We got reports of White flies or
White drakes hatching here this past week.
08/23/15 Cooler weather and good stream
levels equal good fishing opportunities.
08/30/15 The cool weather didn't last long
as it is warming back up but that has little
effect on a spring creek. The levels may
run a little low.
09/06/15 Two good reports from the past
week. Lots of caddis, BWOs and Tricos.
Good stream conditions.
09/13/15 The conditions are about as
good as they could get at this time of the
09/27/15 Don't forget the Great Autumn
Brown caddis. The big caddisflies are
starting to hatch. Great stream and
weather conditions.
10/11/15 You couldn't ask for a better
time to catch some large brown trout.
Great weather and stream levels equal
good fishing.
10/25/15 Good conditions exist right now.
Some big browns have been caught
lately on our Brown Sculpin. Great
Autumn Brown sedges are at the peak of
their hatch. BWOs are hatching again in
size 20 and 16.  
11/01/15 Great time to catch a big
brown. They are near spawning and
taking streamers well. BWOs are
hatching. Conditions are near perfect.
11/15/15 The Little J has been high
recently but has fell back into good shape.
The coming week's forecast should provide
a very good opportunity to catch trout.
11/29/15 There is rain forecast from
Monday through Wednesday, but right now
the stream levels are good.
midges and
Brown Sculpin streamers.
12/13/15 It doesn't get any better than this at
this time of the season. Levels just below
normal and excellent weather. Lots of trout
are being caught and some are large ones.
Winter stoneflies are hatching.
Little Juniata River Fishing Report - Archive:
12/20/15 Right now stream levels are great
and the "Catch and Release" section
producing some good trout. There is rain
on the way from Monday through
Wednesday, so we expect high levels mid
week. There is a short window of
opportunity. Brown sculpin streamers are
producing some big post-spawn brown trout.
01/10/15 The Little Juniata River is a little
high right now but can be fished. It is
unlikely to remain that way long due to all
the rain in the forecast. Streamers like our
Brown and White Belly Sculpin should work
good with the stain in the water and cloud
cover. It has been catching some big brown
trout for our customers.
01/10/17 The river is flowing at 1570 cfs at
4.76 feet high, or blown out. It will take a
few days to clear up. There is snow
forecast through Tuesday then clearing, so
it should be back down to wading levels
within three or four days, we hope. Winter
stoneflies are hatching. Midges and the
White Belly sculpin are the other options.
01/17/16 The river still has a good way to go
to get back down to normal levels for this
time of the year. There is a little more snow
and now rain to affect it for the coming week.
Of course, melting snow can and probably
will add some stain tot he water. Winter
stoneflies and midges are the flies you need
to be using.
01/24/16 The stream flows and level is down
to about normal. There is a chance of snow
on Tuesday, but otherwise clear for the next
week. The high temperature ranges from 27
to 40 degrees, which isn't that bad. You
should be able to fish about anywhere you
want to. Winter stonefly nymphs and Cream
and Red midges are the main flies you need
to be using.
01/31/16 The Little J is in very good shape to
start the month of February. The stream
levels are normal and the water warming up
some. There's a couple days of rain forecast
for the first of the week but otherwise clear.
Winter stoneflies are hatching and little size
20, BWO's could hatch.
02/07/16 The Little J is high right now but
falling. There is a couple of days of snow in
the forecast and no rain, so the levels should
continue to come on down to safe wading
levels. Midges, little winter stoneflies and
scuds are the main foods you should be
02/21/16 The stream is still flowing fast and
high and not safe to wade. There is more rain
forecast for Tuesday through Thursday. Just
keep an eye on the levels. Streamers are the
best option while the water is high. When is
get down some, I would switch to midges,
winter stonefly nymphs and scuds.
02/28/16 The river is still high and stained
with more rain in the forecast. You will just
have to watch the stream levels and fish
streamers until it gets near normal levels
03/06/16 The stream level is down and the water
clear. It is a little warmer with lots of midges and
little Blue-winged olives hatching. It should get
even better with some rain coming near the end
of the week.
03/13/16 The conditions are great right now, but
there is a lot of rain on the way. The levels will
be going up, so I suggest you go today or
tomorrow. Blue-winged olives are hatching big
time. Levels are fine at this time, but will be
rising. Fish the Sculpin streamers on higher
water levels.
03/20/16 The upper stocked section and the
lower wild trout section, including the canyon,
are both in good shape. Blue-winged olives,
Cream and Red midges, and scuds are the main
foods you want to imitate. Our Brown Sculpin
streamer is working good in low light conditions.
03/27/16 Great conditions, good stream levels,
warmer water and several new hatches very
near starting. Blue Quills, larger BWOs, little
Brown stoneflies, little Black Caddis and Quill
Gordons. Don't wait until the last minute.
04/24/16 The stream levels are a little low but
great for wading and the dry fly fishing great.
Lots of hatches and customers are catching lots
of trout. A good forecast for the coming week.
04/24/16 The cold weather that moved in
recently is over and the water will start
warming back up again. That shut down the
new hatches of Little Black Grannom caddis
we were expecting. Stream levels are fine and
BWOs and midges are hatching. Sculpin
streamers are working goos.
05/01/16 The stream level is low right now but
should soon be on the way up. There is rain
forecast everyday this coming week. American
March Browns have begin to hatch, along with
several others. Customers are catching a lot of
trout on the dry fly.
05/08/16 Lots of new hatches taking place and
our customers are giving some good reports of
fish caught. Green sedges, Cinnamon caddis
starting, Amer. March Browns, Hend/Red Quills,
and more. Email us for the list.
05/15/16 Conditions are still very good. There is
some rain but it shouldn't adversely affect the
levels very much. Sulphurs are just starting to
hatch in the lower sections of the river.
05/22/16 Conditions are very good as I am
writing this. There is some rain forecast and the
levels may go up and down some, but all things
considered, it is probably a good thing. The
cloud cover helps and even slightly stained
water is good.
06/16/16 The stream levels are down about
normal and our customers are reporting that
good Sulphurs hatches are taking place.  
06/23/16 The stream is running a little low but
that should change within a day or two. There is
rain in the forecast most days the coming week.
Lots of insects are still hatching, including little
Yellow stoneflies, three caddis species and
Sulpurs. The late afternoon egg laying caddis
and stoneflies are bring a lot of trout to the net
07/03/16 Sorry, somehow our last report went
blank or was deleted. The Little J. is in great
shape. It is a little on the low side, but providing
great wading opportunity. Lots of hatches are
underway, Sulphurs being a main one along
with lots of Little Yellow stoneflies and two
species of caddisflies.
07/10/16 The stream levels are back down low,
flowing at 89 cfs. You will need to stay low and
hidden from the trout. The trout tend to seek
the higher, oxygenated water of riffles and runs.
The water temperature is still okay. There are
still plenty of hatches taking place. Fish the
07/23/16 Low water levels exist. The water is
very clear and you have to stay hidden from
the trout. Fish the narrows and early and late in
the day for the best results. There are still
some little Yellow stoneflies and some little
Green stoneflies. Tricos have started hatching.
08/07/16 The stream level is back down a little
low but okay. Fish the narrows for the best
results. White Drakes and Tricos have begin
hatching and terrestrials are also working good.
08/14/16 The river has been high the past two
days but back down to a normal level and
clear. We received two good reports from the
past week. We recommend fishing the narrows.
09/03/16 The stream levels are in good shape
but it is currently raining and this could change.
The water is cooler thanks to cooler weather.
We still recommend the narrows. Little Yellow
stoneflies are still hatching along with
caddisflies and Tricos. Terrestrials are working
as well.
08/25/16 The river is low but the water is cool
and the trout active. You just have to stay well
hidden from the trout to catch them. We still
recommend fishing the narrow. There are some
larger BWOs starting to hatch along with
Mahogany duns. It is raining now but ending
09/07/16 Good conditions exist in all sections.
The cooler weather has the trout active and
feeding. There are some Great Autumn Brown
sedge caddis hatching as well as BWOs and
Mahogany duns. We recommend fishing the
11/13/16 I erased two reports above. We did
miss last week. The stream levels are just a little
below normal and trout are being caught in
good numbers in all sections, the upper stocked
and lower wild sections. Blue-winged olives and
midges are hatching. Sculpin streamers are
getting some large browns.
11/27/16 The stream levels are up and in
better shape and it is raining as I write this.
There is more coming at the end of the week.
Brown trout are in the pre-spawn stage and
some may be spawning. Blue-winged olives are
hatching very good.
12/11/16 The stream levels are near normal with
snow forecast most days. The upper stocked
section is where most are fishing but wild trout
sections are good if you use Cream midges and
Winter stonefly nymphs.
12/23/16 The stream levels are running about a
normal level and the water clear except where
melting snow has it stained. Winter stoneflies
and Midges, creams and reds, are hatching. All
sections of the stream are in good shape.
01/08/17 The river is in good shape and we
have two good reports from the past week.
Midges and Winter stoneflies continue to be
the main insects to imitate. Fish the larva and
pupa of the Cream or Red midges in tandem. If
you see any clusters or surface action, fish the
adult imitation.
01/22/17 The warm weather is helping bring the
water temperature up. There are a lot of trout
being caught in the stocked section and some,
by a few anglers, in the section below Tyrone.
Little BWOs are hatching as well as Cream and
Red midges.
01/29/17 The stream levels are high, too high to
safely wade. You will just have to watch the
USGS gauge linked below - 400 - 500 cfs is okay.
02/12/17 The river is flowing very high. Watch
the levels and fish when it drops back down. It is
dropping but will take a few days.
02/19/17 The flows are down to 500 cfs and
falling. It should be okay in another day or two.
Midges, Creams and Reds and little
Blue-winged olives are hatching. The weather is
going to be very warm. Fish Sculpin streamers
when it is raining or cloudy, othewise midges.
03/05/17 The stream level is down to a normal
level for this time of the season. The weather
and water are turning colder but the Spring
hatches will soon be starting. As of now, stick
with Sculpin streamers and Midges. Fish the
Cream or Red midges.
03/12/17 The stream levels are in good shape
and the water clear but it is going to be much
colder this coming week. The air temps won't
exceed freezing all week. Fish midges, creams
and reds, with the larva and pupa rigged in
03/19/17 The river is back up to its normal
level. The water is cold but will be warming
back up fast. It should be in good shape in a
couple of days.
03/26/17 The stream levels are in good shape
and the water clear. All sections of the river are
producing some good catching. We
recommend te lower canyon section.
04/06/17 The stream levels are a little high
now, but falling. It is flowing at 828 cfs and
ideal flows would be 580 cfs. This coming week
looks very good with little rain and lots of
hatches starting.
4/20/17 The stream levels are running a little
below normal, making it easy to wade. There
are lots of insects hatching including
Hendricksons and Red Quills as well as others.
The canyon section (Narrows) is hot right now.
04/31/17 Stream levels are too high to wade
safely. It is dropping and hopefully, will be
back down very soon.
05/07/17 The conditions remain good with
levels just a little below normal with lots of
hatches going on. The best section is the most
remote with less activity but all of them are in
good shape. Amer. March Browns have started.
05/14/!7 The stream is in good shape in all
sections and our customers are sending in
some good reports. There are a lot of new
hatches starting up including the big Eastern
Green drakes. This should be an excellent
week to fish the river.
05/21/17 The stream levels are running a
little below normal levels and the water clear.
Lots of insects are hatching and customers
are catching lots of trout.
05/28/17 The stream levels are very high
right now. Keep a check on the levels and
fish as soon as it drops back down again.
06/04/17 The stream is still flowing at 536
cfs at 2.91. This is too high to wade in most
sections. Hopefully, it will fall out but be sure
and check it.
06/11/17 he stream levels are down to just
a little above normal and wading is safe in
most all areas. There are lot of hatches and
trout being caught by our customers.
Conditions are good
06/28/17 The stream levels are up above
normal but falling. Some area are safe to
wade and others not. There are lots of
insects hatching and trout being caught. The
Sulphur hatch is going strong.
07/09/17 The stream is in very good shape
with good Sulphur hatches as well as others.
Terrestrials such as hoppers, Carpenter
ants and Japanese beetles are also working.
This coming week should be a good one.
07/16/17 The stream levels have been high,
but are currently back down near normal
and wading safe with caution. There are
plenty of hatches, Light Cahills, Cream
Cahills, Little Yellow stoneflies, Cinnamon
and Little Sister caddis.
07/23/17 The stream is flowing a little high,
at 210 cfs but can be waded safely most
places. Fish the canyon section for the best
results. Tricos and Cream Cahills are
hatching as well as many other insects.
07/30/17 The river is flowing high, at 381
cfs at 2.63 ft. Most places are too high to
wade safely. The stream is falling out fast.
08/13/17 The stream is back down just a
little above normal levels. Good Cream
cahill, Trico, State drake, cinnamon caddis,
Green seges, little Yellow stones hatches.
08/27/17 Good water levels and lots of trout
being caught lately. All sections are in good
shape. Lots of Tricos, and little Yellow stones.
09/10/17 The stream levels are back down to
normal and in good shape. There are still
some good hatches. Shoot us an email and
we will provide a list of flies to match them.
Terrestrials are also working good. Fish the
wild trout section.
09/24/17 Mahogany duns, 18, nymphs,
emergers,duns and spinners
Great Autumn Brown Sedges, size 10, pupa
and adults
09/31/16 The stream levels are down a little
below normal and but in great shape. We
are getting some very good reports from
customers. There are some new hatches
starting up and lots of trout being caught in
all sections.
10/15/17 The river is in good shape with
good stream levels that are safe and easy
to wade and some good hatches taking
place. All sections are in good shape and
turning out good numbers of trout.
10/22/17 Both the upper stocked section
and the wild trout section downstream are in
good shape with good numbers of trout
being caught. The stream is a little low but
should be back up from rain forecast
Tuesday and Wednesday.
10/30/17 The stream is blown out this
morning. It will take some time for the levels
to get down low enough to wade safely.
There is some more rain in the forecast this
coming week.
11/15/17 The stream levels are a little high,
too high to wade safely in most places. They
should continue to fall. Trout are being
caught in all sections, stocked and wild.
Midges, scuds and BWOs. Sculpin streamers
are catching the large ones.
11/21/17 Stream is at 484 cfs at 2.82 ft.,
which is too high to wade safely. It is falling
and should come on down some. Fish have
been caught in good numbers in the upper
stocked section. Check back with us and
check the USGS gauge below to keep track
of the levels.
12/09/17 Stream levels have been low but
on the way up from rain and about a normal
level now. Sculpin streamers are catching
the large browns. Lots of stockers being
caught in the upper section.
12/24/17 Midges are hatching along with
Winter stoneflies. Fish the upper stocked
section. Stream levels are low.
01/16/18 Stream levels are still low and the
water very cold, There is some slush ice in
the water and lots of snow and bank ice.
Midges and Winter stoneflies are the only
02/13/18 The river is running high but
falling back down fast and will be down
soon. Check the levels before going.
02/20/18 The stream is very high and likely
to be high a few more days.
03/06/17 The stream is still a little too high
to wade, but falling fast. The water is clear
and midges, winter stoneflies and little
BWOs are hatching.
03/20/18 Stream levels are down a little low
and the water clear. Midges and some Winter
stoneflies are the only hatches. Get ready for
several new hatches coming up soon.
03/27/18 Lots of BWOs are hatching.
Starting any time now, Blue Quills, Quill
Gordons, Little Grannom or Black caddis,
some call Apple caddis, and little Brown
04/08/18 The river is in good shape with
good levels in all sections and lots of new
hatches taking place. Blue Quills,
Blue-winged olives, Little Black Grannom
caddis, and Little Brown stoneflies.
04/25/18 The river is in good shape with
good stream levels and good hatches taking
place. Little Black Grannoms have just
started again.
05/02/18 The stream levels are very high
again, too high to wade at this time. It is
falling fast and hopefully, will be back down
soon. There are lots of insects hatching.
05/09/18 Stream levels are in good shape
and new hatches of Hendricksons/Red
Quills and Amer. March Browns.
05/02/18 The stream levels are down a
little below normal levels and all sections of
the stream are turning out good numbers
of trout. The wild trout section through the
narrows is our recommended area. There
are lots of hatches taking place and dry fly
fishing is great right now.
05/16/18 Stream levels are high, too high
to wade in many areas. There is mre rain
in the forecast this coming week, so be
sure to check the levels. There are lots of
hatches taking place. Fish our Sculpin
streamers during high water times. Email
us for fly list.
05/23/18 The stream levels are still high,
too high to wade in most places. There are
a few areas that could be waded with
caution. The river is falling and should be
down soon. There are lots of hatches
taking place.
05/30/18 The stream levels are down to
just a little above normal levels and the
water clear. There are some huge
hatches taking place and lots of trout
being caught.
06/13/18 Stream levels are high right now,
but it is falling. Conditions were very good
before the heavy rain and should be good
again very soon.
06/20/18 The stream is in good shape with
good levels and clear water. There are lots
of hatching including Sulphurs, Cinnamon
Caddis, Green sedge caddis, BWOs,
Eastern Green drakes, Light Cahills and
Slate Drakes.
06/27/18 The middle and lower sections
are best. Good stream levels and lots of
Little Yellow stones and several other
hatches taking place.
07/04/18 Good conditions exist. Fish the
lower to middle sections for the best
results. Still plenty of hatches taking
place and good numbers of trout being
caught by customers.
07/18/18 The stream levels are back
down in good shape and trout are being
caught in good numbers in the canyon or
lower section. There are still good
hatches taking place.
08/03/18 The  river is still running high,
too high to wade in many places. It is
falling and should be down soon. All you
can do is to check back with us. There are
still some good hatches taking place.
09/05/18 The stream is still a little high.
There is more rain in the forecast. It can
be waded in places with caution at this
time. Good hatches are taking place.
09/12/18 Stream levels are still high, too
high to wade. There is less rain in the
forecast and cooler temperatures ahead
and hopefully it will be down soon.
09/19/18 The stream levels are still
high, too high to wade safely in most
places. The river is falling back down
fast. There is little rain in the forecast
and it should be in good shape in a day
or two,.
10/06/18 Stream levels are high again. It
is too high to wade safely in most places.
All you can do is check the levels.
10/23/18 The stream is still high. It can
be waded in few places if caution used
but most of the river is too high.
11/06/18 The stream level is still high but
not as high as you may think. Normal
levels are usually low. Fish streamers like
our Sculpin patterns including the
Articulated ones. There are BWO,
Mahogany duns and some caddis
hatching but too high to wade most places.
11/29/18 There are still good BWO, and cream midge hatches.
Sculpin streamers are catching some
large brown trout.  The stream levels are
still high with few places you can wade but
fish are still being caught.
12/05/18 The stream is down and in good
shape other than being cold. The water
temperature is around 38 degrees.
Midges, creams and reds or blood
midges, with the larva and pupa rigged in
tandem will work. Sculpin streamers will
12/23/18 The river is flowing very high now,
at 1020 cfs at 3.78 feet. There is some
break in the rain and it should continue to
drop fast. It should fish well when it does
get back down.
01/01/19 The stream levels are still very
high, far too high to wade safely. It is falling
and with little to no rain in the forecast, it
should come back down fast. Fish sculpin
streamers while it is still high. There are a
few places you can fish from the bank.
01/22/19 The stream levels are a little
high but can be waded many places and
trout are being caught in good numbers.
02/05/19 The stream is currently just a
little above normal level but rain in on the
way and we expect it to go up again.
Trout were being caught in good numbers
yesterday and today.