Little Schuylkill River
Little Schuylkill River
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Fly Fishing Little Schuylkill River
The Little Schuylkill River is a story book example of
concerned anglers and citizens cleaning up what the
coal industry once destroyed. Nowadays, you can catch
both wild and holdover trout from a large number of
hatches that take place along its seventeen mile long

As the name implies, the Little Schuylkill River is a
tributary of the Schuylkill River. There are several small
tributaries of the LIttle Schuylkill that help by providing
fertile water to the otherwise, highly acidic water. There's
also a tailwater release from the Still Creek Reservoir
that helps by providing cool water during the hot
summer months of the year.

Most of the wild trout are in or nearby the small
tributaries that enter the Little Schuylkill. They have
ample tree cover that helps keep the water cool. They
provide an excellent habitat for wild brook, brown and
rainbow trout. Most of the wild trout exist above
Drehersville near the mouths of these streams.

The wild trout can be very selective at times, feeding on
what's most plentiful and available at the time. It helps to
have specific imitations that matches that food as
opposed to generic trout flies.

The season last for most of the year except March when
most of the stocking is done.
Late Spring is a great time because the hatches start.
Early Summer can be great because of the hatches but
late summer can become more difficult due to increased
water temperatures.
Fall is an excellent time for fly fishing the Little Schuylkill
Warm winter days can produce some fish mostly on
midge imitations.

Fly Fishing Guide to Little Schuylkill River
The special regulations area is located in Ringgold. It
starts at the 895 bridge and continues downstream for
1.7 miles.
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Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Brook Trout
Rainbow Trout
(wild, stocked with holdovers)


Eastern Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns
New Ringgold

April 18th through February


Special Regulations
Special Regulation Area in Ringgold

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

National Weather Service Link

Hatch Chart
Perfect Fly Hatch Chart

Fly Fishing Guide

Hatches and Flies

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Little Schuylkill
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Photo Courtesy of
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