Fly Fishing Lyman Run Pennsylvania
Lyman Run is a small freestone stream located in North
Central Pennsylvania. It's a very good native brook trout
stream that also has some large holdover brown trout
and some rainbows that move upstream to spawn from
Lyman Lake. Access is provided off of U. S. Highway #6
on state road #2002. Lyman Road runs along the entire
length of the stream. It's located in a nice setting of
hardwood trees in a remote section away from any
congestion other than what may exist in the Lyman State
Park at the lake. Fly fishing Lyman Run is usually a very
pleasurable experience. .

Lyman Lake is regularly stocked so some of the
rainbows in the lake migrate upstream during the Spring  
to spawn. The creek is cooled by spring water that
seeps in along the stream in many locations. The water
stays cool all Summer long and the brook trout fishing
remains good during the hot weather months.

The stream also has a good canopy of Alder trees along
its banks that also helps keep the water cool; however, it
doesn't make casting in the fifteen to twenty foot wide
stream all that easy. Most of the streams flows on a
moderate declination with pools, runs and riffles along
the way.

It's best to match the hatch when something is hatching,
but otherwise, attractor and terrestrial imitations work
great most of the time. The brook trout are fairly easy to
catch during the warmer months of the year and are not
very selective. The stream flows though a scenic area
and fly fishing Lyman Run can be a true pleasure,
especially if you enjoy catching native brooks that
average from five to eight inches with some even larger.

There is a stocked section of the stream below the lake
but in our opinion, it isn't worth fishing except during the
cool months of the year and then only for the stocked
trout. It gets very warm during the Summer and fish do
not hold over below Lyman Lake.

The season is the standard Pennsylvania trout season.
Fly fishing Lyman Run during the Winter can be
challenging but produces some nice trout on the
warmest days of the Winter.
Spring is the best time to fish Lyman Run because of its
excellent hatches.
The water stays cools and you can fish most any
Summer day.
Fall is an excellent time to fish for the brook trout. Brook
trout spawn in the Fall.

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Type of Stream

Native Brook Trout
Brown Trout (Stocked and holdovers)
Rainbows (Stocked)


North Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns

April 16 through February


Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

National Weather Service

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