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Fly Fishing Madison Run Virginia
Madison Run is one of the little brook trout streams in
Shenandoah National Park that is quite different from
most of the others. This one is not on a steep decline in
its lower or middle section. Only the upper section falls
of the mountains at a steep declination, but it is too
small to fish in that area. The best fishing is in the
middle and lower sections of the stream.

You can access Madison Run from the bottom where it
exits the park, or from Skyline Drive. The access from
Skyline is not recommended. It's a very long way to
where the stream is large enough to fish. The bottom
access is fairly easy. The trail is a fire road that's not on
a steep decline and provides relatively easy hiking.

Fly fishing Madison Run for the wild brookies is fairly
easy. The stream runs quietly between Austin and
Furnace mountains. The water can get low in the
Summer and early Fall and make approaching the little
trout unnoticed more difficult.

Normally, standard generic and attractor fly patterns will
work fine. The trout are not usually very picky. You are
still better off if you use specific imitations of the most
available and plentiful aquatic insects and other trout
foods. You may want to use terrestrial imitations during
the late Summer and early Fall. Imitations of ants,
beetles and grasshoppers may be the best  choice at
that time.

The season runs year-round
Trout can be caught on warm, winter days.
Spring is the best time for fly fishing Madison Run.
Summertime is okay but the water tends to get too warm
during the hottest weather.
Fall is a great time to fish the streams of Shenandoah
National Park.

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