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Fly Fishing the Michigan River Colorado
No, I didn't make a mistake. The Michigan River is in
Colorado. This Michigan River is a tributary of the North
Platte River located in extreme, North Central Colorado.
The river is about 30 miles long. It has one major
tributary, the Illinois River.

The Michigan River's headwaters form from two small
Lakes - Michigan Lakes and American Lakes. In its lower
section, the river flows through a valley where it becomes
braided. Fly fishing the Michigan River in its lower areas is
usually the best choice.

The river flows through Walden where highway #125 can
be accessed to follow along near part of the length of the
stream. Access isn't easy in most areas. Be certain to
check with the land owners if you fish on private property.
Most of the time, if asked,  they are very cooperative.

The river is lined with scrub bushes which makes fishing
just about impossible anywhere along the banks. Wading
is necessary. The brown trout are prone to hide beneath
the trees and brushes that line the banks as well as those
that are undercut by the current. Most anglers wade down
the center of the stream and fish both sides. It normally
ranges from about twenty to forty feet in width.

Runoff occurs from late May into the middle of June. Both
brown and rainbow trout are plentiful. Fish size ranges
from about 12 inches up to 16 and larger.

Hatches are very plentiful on the Michigan River.
Caddisflies are especially abundant. During the Summer,
terrestrial fishing is top notch. The river receives only a
small about of pressure from anglers and the fish are not
very picky. Fly fishing the Michigan River is usually very

Some fishing is possible prior to runoff in April and early
Springtime can be a tough time to fish the Michigan River.
Snow will still be present along the banks.
The water usually gets into good shape about the middle
of June. Summertime is the best time to fish the river.
Fly fishing the Michigan River can be great in the Fall.
The brown trout spawn during the Fall.

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Type of Stream
Freestone Stream

Rainbow Trout (Wild)
Brown Trout (Wild)

Small to Medium

Southwestern Colorado

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State of Colorado

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