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Fly Fishing Mill Creek Missouri
Mill Creek can be a good little trout stream but its
population of trout rises and falls like a roller coaster
from year to year. It's a tributary of Little Piney Creek.
The small creek has ranged from having a large
population of wild rainbow trout to only a few. The good
thing about it is the fact that the trout are wild versus
purely hatchery stocked trout that's common in Missouri.
Fly fishing Mill Creek can be a rewarding experience.

The Blue Ribbon Trout Area from Yelton Spring to Wilkin
Spring has problems during the hot summer months.
Even so, there's still some years the creek's water levels
remains acceptable and it's often possible to have good
days where several wild trout are taken. The fairly
recently acquired Bohigian Conservation Area which
used to be privately held has offered some advantage.
The stream habitat has undergone some improvements.

During low water years, the best area of Mill Creek is
usually below Wilkins Springs. The water above that
area can dry up in bad water years. The Yelton Springs
source of water doesn't dry up during low water years.
Up to 3 million gallons of spring water a day flows into
Mill Creek from the springs. There's a good mile and a
half of water below Wilkins Springs even in bad water
years. The remained of the creek is managed for wild
trout and sometimes the fish population remains good
and some years it doesn't hold up as well as the upper

Mill creek is accessible from the Mark Twain National
Forest's Mill Creek Recreation Area. It's located in the
best area of the creek. Although most all the trout are
wild, some stockers from Little Piney Creek move up into
Mill Creek. Fishing can only be done using artificial lures
and flies. Most of the rainbows are between seven and
ten inches in length. Fish up to fourteen inches have be

Keep in mind this is a small stream with tightly enclosed
areas that hinder casting. It requires stealthy
movements and delicate presentations. You need to use
longer than normal leaders and tippets and flies that are
as realistic as possible, such as our own Perfect Flies.

Fly fishing Mill Creek is good year-round.
Winter fishing can be good on warm days.  
Springtime is the best time to fish Mill Creek but you
should make sure you check the water levels.
Since the water is cooled by springs, it stays cool
enough in the prime area but it can get very low at
Fall may be the best time to fish Mill Creek.

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Spring Creek

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Central Missouri

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Fort Leonard Wood



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