Monocacy Creek Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing Monocacy Creek
Monocacy Creek is a lovely limestone, spring creek
located in Southeastern Pennsylvania. It has a very
good population of wild brown trout. The stream has two
sections of special regulation water. There's a 1.9-mile
section of the creek that begins at the state road #987
bridge and goes downstream to the state road #248
Bridge that's classified as "wild trout water". This section
is regulated as "Class A". It has a very good population
of wild brown trout.

Monocacy Creek is a tributary of the Lehigh River. Even
though it flows through a highly developed area, fly
fishing Monocacy Creek can still be done in a very nice
setting. Much effort has been made by several different
organizations to maintain the quality of this stream.

The creek has sections of private water within the public
sections, so one needs to be careful to not encroach on
private property areas. Below highway #512, all the way
to US Highway #22, there's plenty of public access and
some very nice water. The stream is much larger in this
area. It is heavily stocked by the state but it also has
some wild browns.

The second section of Class "A" wild trout regulated
water starts at the upper end of the Fox Gertrude
Conservation Area and extends downstream to the Illicks
Mill Dam. This section is almost two miles long. It too has
a very good population of wild brown trout.

The water from just below the regulated area to the
confluence of the Lehigh River at Bethlehem is also
stocked. This section can be accessed from roads that
lead off of Center Street in Bethlehem.

The best fly fishing area is the last mentioned regulated
area in the Fox Gertrude Conservation Area. It's a
beautiful section of water with lots of wild trout. The
entire lower section of Monocacy Creek averages 40 to
50 feet wide and remains cool all summer long. It has
some excellent hatches of Tricos and Sulphurs and
provide anglers some very good wild brown trout fishing
opportunities. Fly fishing Monocacy Creek is well worth
anyone's time.

The season is the regular Pennsylvania trout season
Fly fishing Monocacy Creek is great during Spring.
Trout can be caught all Summer and some good
hatches exist during the Summer
Early Fall is an especially good time to catch large
brown trout
Trout can be caught on all but the coldest days of

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Type of Stream
Limestone Spring Creek

Brown Trout (Wild and stocked with
Rainbows (Stocked)


Southcentral Pennsylvania

Nearest Town

Middle of April through February


Special Regulations
Two Wild Trout Sections

Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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Monocacy Creek Pennsylvania
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