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James Marsh fishing Monture Creek Montana
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Fly Fishing Monture Creek Montana
Monture Creek flows for twenty-four miles from the
mountains in an area that borders the Bob Marshall
Wilderness into the Blackfoot River near Ovando, a tiny
community about sixty miles from Missoula. Monture
Creek Road (Forest Service Road #107) off of highway
200 accesses the upper part of the stream and campsite
area. It's about an eight mile drive from highway 200.
There's also the Monture State Fishing Access located
on the creek just off highway 200. It has the basics with
restroom's but no water. You will have to hike to reach
most any other area of the stream. The is prime Grizzly
Bear country, so you may want to make a little noise
along the way.

Monture creek consist of a fairly equal mixture of riffles
and pools. The streambed is made up of sand, gravel
and cobble. Once the streams is out of the headwaters
in the mountains, it meanders back and forth through a
relatively low gradient area to the Blackfoot River. The
stream is easy to wade and a pleasure to fish.

It is home to a variety of wild trout species including the
rare Bull trout. They enter the creek from the Blackfoot
River to spawn along with other species. The
headwaters area is known for its population of
Westslope Cutthroat Trout.

For years, the lower section of the stream was heavily
damaged by livestock. From 1990 to 1998, riparian
livestock management improvements were implemented
on the lower nine miles of the stream. Six miles of the
area is a prime bull trout spawning and staging area. In
1997 a cooperative stream restoration project was
completed for two different sections of the stream or a
total of about three miles. It increased the fish
population and helped to insure the Bull Trout will
continue to be able to spawn there.

You can catch trout during the entire season.
Except for the spring runoff, this is the best time to fish
Monture Creek.
The first part of the summer can be good but the stream
can become to warm for good fishing in many areas in
extremely hot weather.
Fall is usually very good.  

Fly Fishing Guide to the Monture Creek
Fly fishing Monture Creek varies from the headwaters to
the lower section near the Blackfoot.
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Type of Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Cutthroat Trout
Brook Trout
Bull Trout
(Wild Trout)

Small - 29 Miles Long

Southwestern Montana

Nearest Towns

3rd Sat. May - Nov 30th

Special Regulations
Monture Creek


Non-Resident License
State of Montana

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Monture Creek Montana
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