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Fly Fishing The Niagara River New York
The Niagara River is a 36 mile long river that connects
Lake Erie to Lake Ontario. It forms an international
border between New York and Ontario Canada. This is
a big river that transmits an average flow of 200,000
cubic feet of water per second.

The Niagara River consist of two different sections, the
Upper and Lower Niagara. They are separated by
Niagara Falls. This is about fly fishing the Lower
Niagara River. It covers a 14 mile long section from the
Falls to the mouth of the river at Lake Ontario.

The Lower Niagara River is open to fishing year-round
with different species of fish available throughout the
year. Fly fishing the Niagara River is popular for
steelhead, salmon and lake-run brown trout.

One point we should mention is that as a general rule,
the international border between Canada and the U. S.
runs down the center of the lower river. Each section
requires a fishing license if your fishing within their
respective water. The regulations differ. New York
regulations are not necessarily the same as the
Province of Ontario.  We will be focusing on the New
York waters.

Chinook Salmon and Coho Salmon enter the river to
spawn from Lake Ontario in September. Salmon fishing
continues through November. The steelhead follow,
entering the river in November. Fishing for steelhead
runs from November through the month of May. Lake-
run brown trout fishing is best from September through

A word of caution for boaters: Water is released from
very large hydropower facilities on both side of the
river by two different authorities. These discharges
drastically affects the flow of water. The section of the
river above Lewiston is the most affected area.
Conditions can be very hazardous. You need both the
right type of boat, equipment and experience on the
river to safely navigate its waters.

There is plenty of bank access on the New York side of
the river. Whirlpool Park at the City of Niagara Falls,
offers the furthest upstream access to the river.  
Devel's Hole State Park joins the lower part of
Whirlpool Park and offers additional bank access.
There's a very steep decent required to get down to
the river in both of these parks.

The New York Power Authority fishing platform is a
very popular fishing access site. It is closed during the
winter months. The Earl W. Brydges Artpark State Park
has over a mile of public access. This is a popular
steelhead fishing destination during the Winter. Joseph
Davis State Park located near Lewiston offers
additional shoreline access.  Lewiston Landing
Waterfront Park in Lewiston and Water Street Village
Park and Constitution Park in Youngstown offers
additional shore access.

Fly fishing the Niagara River is best from late Summer
to early Spring.
Steelhead and lake-run brown trout fishing continues
into the month of May.
There's little opportunity for the fly angler during the
summer months
Autumn starts the steelhead, salmon and lake-run
brown trout season
Wintertime is the best time for steelhead fishing.
January and February can have some days that the
water gets too cold and the steelhead become tough to
catch but most of the time, fishing is good.
Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Lake run)
Coho Salmon
Chinook Salmon


Northern New York

Nearest Towns
Niagara Falls

Year-round but species dependant


Non-Resident License
State of New York

National Weather Service Link

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12/20/16 The lower Niagara river should be getting ready for some steelhead action.
December is the month it starts getting good and it should last through April or longer. Check
out the
Perfect Fly steelhead patterns.