Noland Creek Trout
Angie Marsh Fishing Noland Creek
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Fly Fishing Noland Creek North Carolina
Noland Creek is a medium size stream by Great Smoky
Mountains National Park standards. It's located near
Bryson City, North Carolina. The North Shore Road
takes you to the stream from Bryson City. The Noland
Creek trailhead is near the Noland Creek Bridge on the
North Shore Road. The trail follows the stream most of
the way. Access is relatively easy at that point but to
access it anywhere else would require hiking in. The
North Shore Road dead ends.

Noland Creek has only a few very small tributary
streams. Bearpen Branch is a very small steam with a
good population of rainbow trout. It is located about two
miles upsteam from the Noland Creek Trailhead.
Campsite # 65 is nearby.

Mill Creek is another small tributary stream of Noland
Creek. It is about four miles upstream of the trailhead.
The trout in the lower section of the stream are
rainbows. Brook trout can be found in its upper reaches.
It has a tributary steam  - Springhouse Branch. Access
can be gained at some points to Mill Creek and
Springhouse Branch via the Springhouse Branch Trail.
Campsite # 64 is near this confluence.

Fly fishing Noland Creek is good year-round.
Like most other streams in the Great Smoky Mountains,
the springtime is usually the best time to fish Noland
The lower part of Noland probably gets too warm for
good fishing on the hottest summer days. The middle
and higher sections should be fine all summer long.
Autumn is a great time to fish Noland. It is some anglers
Trout can be caught on all but the coldest days of

Fly Fishing Guide to Noland Creek
As with most all the streams in Great Smoky Mountains
National Park, Noland should be fished primarily using
short, upstream presentations.
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Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout
Brown Creek
Brook Trout


Great Smoky Mountains National

Nearest Towns
Cherokee, North Carolina
Bryson City, North Carolina

Year - round


Special Regulations

Non-Resident License
Either the State of Tennessee or the
State of North Carolina

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