Noontootla Creek Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing Noontootla Creek Georgia
Noontootla Creek begins near Frying Pan Gap on
Springer Mountain. It's born in the Blue Ridge Wildlife
Management Area and is a tributary of the Upper
Toccoa River. The thing I like about it the most is the
fact it's "catch and release" only. Actually, that isn't
exactly true because you can keep one trout 16 inches
long but that's good enough. Live bait isn't permitted. In
a state that has twenty to one more "kill all you can
catch" trout streams than it does "catch and release"
stream, that means some concerned anglers thought
enough of the stream to see that it's well managed.

Noontootla Creek has wild rainbows and brown trout with
brook trout in some of its tributaries in the headwaters.
Most of the rainbows average about six inches long.
Most everyone will say they run from six to twelve but
there are a lot more that are close to 6 inches than 12.
The browns are different. Brown trout of over twenty
inches long are not common, of course, but are said to
exist in the stream according to the shocking reports
that have been done there.

Noontootla Creek has three small tributaries in its
headwaters which start at about the 3000 feet level.
They are Chester Creek, Stover Creek and Long Creek.
They join at an area called Three Forks. These streams
are said to contain native brook trout. We have only
fished downstream of there.

You would think this would be a crowded trout stream
but its far from it. We have only fished the stream twice.
On our first trip there in the Fall season several years
ago, I don't remember ever seeing another angler. It
made us think we were fishing a lousy stream until we
started catching trout. Just about the entire stream is
followed closely with Forest Service Road 58. Access if

Our second trip was also during the Fall, three years
ago. We still didn't see the first angler fishing the
stream. Much of the time we were in the creek fishing
and it's highly possible others were there, but we didn't
see the first person, fishing or not fishing. The Fall
season also probably had something to do with it.
Noontootla Creek is a very good little trout stream and
you would think it would be more popular than it is.

The property outside the Blue Ridge Wildlife Area is
private. There's one private outfit called Noontootla
Creek Farms that's a pay to fish arrangement. Fishing
there can be arranged through Unicoi Outfitters. There's
a lot of other private property along the stream before it
reaches the Toccoa River. It flows through farmland and
open areas, so it appears to be doubtful as to whether it
would continue to support any wild trout very far outside
of the forest area.

We took samples of the aquatic insect larvae from the
stream each time we were there. It has a large diversity
of insects, but doesn't seem to have any species that
are highly plentiful other than stoneflies. We found a lot
of Little Yellow, Little Brown, Winter Stones, Needtlflies,
some Goldens and a few Giant Black stoneflies.

There were several species called Blue-winge Olives,
Blue Quills, Quills Gordons, American March Browns,
Light Cahills, Cream Cahills, and a few other species but
none seemed to be highly plentiful.

There were even fewer caddisfly species. Lots of Little
Black Caddis, some Cinnamon and a few Green
Sedges. Great Autumn Brown sedges are also present.

Ants and beetles are plentiful and there's probably a few
hoppers that can be important in some areas. Sculpin
are highly plentiful, along with a few minnows and

You can fish the stream anytime of the year.
Spring is the best time of year to fish the river because
of the hatches.
The stream fishes fine most of the Summer.
Autumn is a great time to fish. The fall foliage along the
stream is beautiful. Brown trout spawn in the fall.
Warm winter days brings some good fishing at times

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Noontootla Creek Georgia
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