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Fly Fishing North Canyon Creek Arizona
North Canyon Creek is a tributary of the Colorado River in
the Grand Canyon. Its source of water starts from a
spring at 8800 feet elevation on the Kaibab Plateau and
flows only for two miles. The water you can fish doesn't
actually come anywhere near the Colorado River.

This stream holds Apache Trout. It was stocked as an
experiment by the state of Arizona and seems to have
worked out very well. The stream has even been used to
stock Apache trout in other streams in Arizona.

This is a very small stream that flows in the Saddle
Mountain Wilderness with little plunge pools surrounded
by hardwood trees and evergreens. It requires a very
steep hike of around two miles to reach this stream from
the nearest road. It is worth fishing but only to those who
want to experience its unique setting and Apache Trout.

Many dams have been build along this steam to create
the small pools for the trout and improve the habitat for
the mall Apache Trout. Although its a small, isolated trout
stream is does have a good population of aquatic insects
including mayflies and caddisflies.

Once you have made the hike to get there, the fishing is
quite easy. The trout respond well to most generic and
attractor trout flies. Casting isn't easy due to the tight
cover around the stream.

This stream could be fished year-round but is best fished
during the Spring and Fall seasons.
Spring would be good starting about mid May or as soon
as the spring runoff ended.
The water remains cool all summer and trout can be
caught all summer.
Fall is the second best time to fish the little North Canyon

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Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Apache Trout


North Rim of Grand Canyon

Good but tough to access

Non-Resident License
State of Arizona

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