James Marsh fishing Paint Creek
Angie Marsh fishing Paint Creek
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Paint Creek Tennessee
Paint Creek is a small to medium size stream that's a
tributary of the French Broad River. It can be accessed
from Houston Valley Road (highway #107) a few miles
from Newport Tennessee. Paint Creek also has a fairly
new Delayed Harvest section.

The best sections of Paint Creek are the upper and
middle sections of the stream. A trail that leads from the
Paint Creek Campground takes you upstream to some
of the best water. This trail runs a long way, so there's
plenty of good fishing as far upstream as highway #70.

The lower section of the creek is larger with more open
water and large pools. It's also stocked heavily and
frequented by bait fishers. The upper areas have far
more wild trout than stockers. Even though the average
size wild brown trout is probably only about eight
inches, I'm sure there are also some large brown trout
to be caught. There are also plenty of wild rainbows
that  average a small size, but can go up to about
twelve inches according to the locals.

Little Paint Creek is the stream's main tributary. It has a
population of wild rainbows and brown trout and can
only be accessed by trail.

I will never forget arriving at the campground the first
time Angie and I fished Paint Creek. It looked full and
there was a crowd of men hanging around the stream
near where we parked. When I started getting my
waders on to head upstream on the trail, Angie refused
to get out of our SUV. She just doesn't like crowds and
especially when it's all men. The problem was, I didn't
know anywhere else to fish. After a little griping and
about two more hours of driving around and walking a
short ways, we finally found a place to start fishing. I'm
not exactly sure where we fished even after studying a
map. That wasn't long after the stream suffered from a
terrible flood and some roads and trails had been

We did catch plenty of trout, mostly all small wild brown
trout. None were over twelve inches but we caught
several beautiful, colorful little browns, a couple of
rainbows and enjoyed fly fishing Paint Creek. We didn't
see another person while we were fishing.

The season runs year-round
Trout can be caught on warm days of the winter
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing Paint Creek.
Very hot summer days would be questionable except
maybe in the highest elevations of the stream.
Fall is the best time for catching a big brown from Paint

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Paint Creek Tennessee
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Rainbow Trout (wild and stocked with
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Fair, hiking required

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