Pleasant River Maine
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Fly Fishing The Pleasant River In Maine
This beautiful little stream is just outside of North
Windham. Highway #302 crosses the stream. Windham
Center Road, Cook Road and Pope Road also cross the
river and provide access.

There's a catch and release, artificial lures and flies only
section from the highway #302 bridge downstream to the
River Road Bridge.

The best fishing occurs on the Pleasant River just after
the stream is stocked. The water can get too warm for
the trout and good fishing during the hottest part of the
Summer. Some of the trout holdover.

Due to this stream's close proximity to Portland, it can
become crowded especially just after stocking takes
place. It is a wonderful, picture perfect trout stream that
is very enjoyable and relaxing to fish. It is easy to wade
and the fish are very cooperative in the Spring.

Fly fishing the Pleasant River is best in the early season.
The best time for fly fishing the Pleasant River is in the
Spring just after it is stocked.
The hottest part of Summer provides poor conditions for
the trout and poor fishing conditions.
Some trout holdover and can be caught during the fall
but the fishing isn't usually all that good.

Fly Fishing Guide to Fishing the Pleasant River in
The stream is best fished by wading but some bank
fishing is available in certain locations.
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Type of Stream

Brook Trout (Stocked)
Brown Trout (Stocked)


Southern Maine

Nearest Towns
Windham, Maine

April 1 through October 31


Non-Resident License
State of Maine

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