Quaboag River
Quaboag River Massachusetts
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Fly Fishing The Quaboag River
The Quaboag River is freestone river that is easy to
wade and is know primarily for its huge aquatic insect
hatches. It is stocked but also has wild trout and plenty
of holdovers. It flows through Palmer and Warren,
Massachusetts, and is never far from easy road access.
It can be accessed from U. S. Highway 20 in Palmer, and
both U. S. 20 and State highway in Warren. Those that
get away from the easy access points will usually find
better fishing opportunities. It has several stocked
tributary streams including Blosgett Mill Brook, School
Street Brook, Chicopee Brook and Coys Brook.

The fishermen that want to keep their catch generally
follow the hatchery trucks and catch most of the
released trout quickly. At other times they are not
usually present and the stream is left to those that want
to catch its wild and holdover trout.

Catching the Quaboag River's holdover trout isn't easy
for those who just want to tie on a fly and catch a trout
like you can do with the newly stocked trout. The
Quaboag River usually requires matching the hatch. It is
very fertile and has a huge variety of insects, many of
which hatch in large quantities.

Simply put, there is lots of food for the trout to eat and
they can afford to be picky. Selective feeding is
common. You not only need to match the particular
insect, but most of the time you will have to match it in
the current stage of the hatch the trout are feeding on.
Our "Perfect Flies" work great on this stream for those
that match them up properly with the hatches and/or with
what is about to hatch.

The most famous of the Quaboag River's hatches is the
Hendrickson hatch. It takes place around mid April.
These mayflies hatch in huge quantities and the spinner
fall can be huge. There are also many other mayfly,
caddisfly and huge numbers of midges that hatch in the
Quaboag River.

The access points are numerous and almost too many
to list specifically. You can find a spot to fish just about
anywhere up and down the river but again, it is best to
get away from the most frequently used access points.
Fly fishing the Quaboag River can be a lot of fun if you
fish the right places.
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Brown Trout (stocked with holdovers)
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