Ridley creek Pennsylvania
Angie Marsh fishing Ridley Creek
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Fly Fishing Ridley Creek Pennsylvania
Ridley Creek is a nice little trout stream very near the
huge metropolitan area of Philadelphia. It has a paved
bicycle path that provides great access to over three
miles of the creek. A total of seven miles of the stream
is stocked by the state. It maintains a good population
of trout during the season.

This stream stays cool during the summer by help of the
canopy of trees that cover almost all of its surface area.
The canopy of limbs makes it difficult to cast in some
areas, but it is certainly a big help in keeping the water
temperatures down during the summer.

The stream is easy to wade in most areas. We prefer
fishing in an upstream direction. You can usually easily
get back out of the stream on a path just about
anywhere along its course. Where we can cast without
wading, we do. Wading does help spook the trout, but in
many cases, that is the only option although the stream
is rarely over thirty feet wide.

Ridley Creek serves as a good example of what good
stream management can do for a stream that is located
very near large metropolitan areas. It always has a
decent number of trout, easy access, and even some
very good hatches of aquatic insects. Ridley Creek is
stocked with trout by the state of Pennsylvania.

Fly patterns are very important in Ridley creek. The
trout are often very selective on certain aquatic insect
hatches. If is best to try to match the hatch or if nothing
is hatching, match what is about to hatch with a nymph
or larva imitation.
Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout
Brown Trout
(Stocked with some holdover trout)


South Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns

Mid-April through February


Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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Ridley Creek
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Fish can be taken the entire season on
Ridley Creek, but the fishing is much better
during the late spring and summer months.
The stream gets its first dose of trout early in
the year. Late spring can provide good
Summer is the best time to fish Ridley Creek.
The crowds of anglers have long gone and
there are lots of hatches that take place.
Ridley Creek Fly Fishing Guide:
The easiest way to catch trout on Ridley Creek is to fish
it during one of its many hatches. Contrary to what many
may think off hand, the little stream has a huge
aquatic insect population.

The best fishing is in the Ridley Creek State Park. One
good section to fish is to the rear of the Colonial Mansion
parking lot. You can fish upstream from there. The
stream is easy to wade in that area. It has some nice
pools with interconnecting runs and riffles.

You can park close to the dam and walk up the bicycle
path that parallels the stream to another good location to
fish. The portion of the creek from Sycamore Mills Dam
to the mouth of Dismal Run is a "Delayed Harvest" area
that permits fly fishing only. There is a wheelchair
accessible fishing platform located on the paved trail that
runs along Sycamore Mills Road. This area provides
some very good fishing. It is heavily fished and the trout,
although stocked, are not pushovers. The constant
pressure keeps them easy to spook and difficult to fool.

Although most anglers had rather catch trout on the dry
fly, you will find that you can almost always do better in
terms of quantities of fish caught, if you will fish nymphs
and caddis larvae imitations. You can fish them by
adding weight above the fly, with or without an indicator,
and usually do very well on Ridley Creek.
Ridley Creek Hatches and Trout Flies:
Our information on aquatic insects is based
on our stream samples of larvae and
nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods at
the particular time you are fishing. Unlike the
generic fly shop trout flies, we have specific
imitations of all the insects in Ridley Creek
and in all stages of life that are applicable to
fishing. If you want to fish better, more
realistic trout flies, have a much higher
degree of success, give us a call.  We not
only will help you with selections, you will
learn why, after trying Perfect Flies, 92% of
the thousands of our customers will use
nothing else.

As mentioned in the introduction, this little
stream has a big diversity and population of
aquatic insects. Late March brings on a hatch
of Little Black Early Stoneflies. Blue-winged
Olives start about the first of April and the
several different species hatch off and on
until Fall. There is a heavy hatch in late
September and early October.

Quill Gordon and Blue Quill also hatch in
sparse quantities staring about the first of
April. The Quill Gordon hatch is short but the
Blue Quills last almost a month.
Hatches, continued:
The stream also has the Hendrickson
hatch about the same time period,
although it is not all that prolific. If you
happen to be there at the right time, you
can catch plenty of trout feeding on the
emergers, duns and spinners.

Little Black Caddis hatch in April, and
around the first of May, Green Sedges
start showing up. Several other species of
caddisflies hatch on Ridley Creek
including the most prolific ones - the
Spotted and Cinnamon Sedges.

From about the middle to the end of May,
Sulphurs will start to hatch. This is one of
the larger mayfly hatches. It last until
about the first of July and sometimes a
little longer. There are Light Cahills that
show up in June, along with Slate Drakes
that continue to hatch in small quantities
until fall.

Terrestrials, especially ants and beetles,
are good from late June until the first of
October. If you haven't already done so,
we hope you will give our "Perfect Flies" a
try. They are the most realistic imitations
available on the commercial market.
Early fall can be good. Streamers produce
during this time.
Trout can be caught during the winter
using small midge imitations, but it is
usually tough fishing conditions.
Ridley Creek Fishing Report:
05/03/18 Hatches to expect from now to the end of the month: Hendricksons/Red Quills
Blue-winged Olives 18, Quill Gordons 12, Blue Quills 18, Little Black Caddis 18.
Ridley Creek
James Marsh fishing Ridley Creek
James Marsh fishing Ridley Creek
Ridley Creek
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