Roach River Maine
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Fly Fishing The Roach River Maine
The Roach River is a tributary of Moosehead Lake. It's
a beautiful stream that allows fly fishing only and is
strictly catch and release. The fish consist of brook
trout and landlocked salmon. It is a very important
spawning area for salmon and brook trout from
Moosehead Lake. The brook trout probably only
average about ten inches but go up to and over three
pounds. The landlocked salmon average about fifteen

The river begins at First Roach Pond in the little
community of Kokadjo. It flows for about six miles into
Spencer Bay of Moosehead Lake. This is a small
stream that is a true pleasure to fly fish.

The Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife owns
the land adjacent to the river. There are several
access sites. The upper area can be accessed at the
dam or off the DIFW access trail just south of the dam.
There's a logging road along the north side.

This isn't an easy stream to access. It's very remote.
About the only way to get to it is by trail. The fisheries
department has placed boxes at the trail heads,
otherwise you wouldn't know if a trail existed there.
These boxes are placed there for anglers to provide
information to the state about the fishing.

The season doesn't start until the first of May.
The springtime season gets underway about the
middle of May. Spring is a good time for the salmon.
Summer is a good time to fish the Roach River.
Fall returns the better salmon fishing.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Roach River Maine
The most important thing about fly fishing the Roach
River is getting to the right places.
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Type of Stream

Brook Trout
Landlocked Salmon


Central Maine

Nearest Towns
Kokadjo, Maine

April-30th Sept


Non-Resident License
State of Maine

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Roach River Fishing Report:
05/04/14 The fishing season is open but
the river is still high and cold in Spring
runoff condition. It won't be long.
Fishing Report Updated 09/14/19
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05/11/14 We haven't received any reports
from the past week. Two anglers purchased
flies planning on fishing the Roach later this
05/18/14 Still no reports from anyone fishing
but according to our local contact, the river
is getting into shape fast. High water times
will soon end and the water is warming up
05/25/14 Two customers ordering flies for
future trips but no reports from anyone fishing
yet. The flows have increased and more fish
should come into the river.
06/01/14  Still no reports from anyone
fishing the Roach during the past week.
06/08/144 The Roach is still running high
but getting into good shape fast. We
expect it to get into good shape this week.
06/15/14 Lots of insects hatching. After a
week or two, it will get down to mostly
caddisfly hatches. Water levels are at 117
cfs, in good shape.
06/22/14 Lots of Green Sedges, or caddis
as well as some Cinnamon Caddis.
Conditions remain good. Little Yellow
stoneflies are hatching.
07/05/14 No reports from customers this past
week. High water has been a recent problem.
07/20/14 Fishing has been some better.
Lots of caddis hatches are taking place.
07/27/14 We only received one report from
anglers fishing the Roach this past week
and they managed to catch several brook
trout. Caddis are hatching and provide the
best opportunity.
08/10/14 High water levels have been a
problem but hopefully, will improve soon.
Plenty of caddisflies are hatching long with
a few other insects.
08/17/14 Brook trout fishing has been
very good this past week. Two
customers reporting.
08/31/14 We received two more good
reports from the past two weeks. There ae
still plenty of aquatic insects, mostly caddis.
09/14/14 More good reports came in.
Salmon and Brook trout being caught in
good numbers. Cooler weather helping.
10/05/14 Lots of fish have been caught.
You will need to keep a careful look at the
stream levels but otherwise, fishing should
continue to be great.
10/12/14 The pools are full of salmon and will
take a variety of flies. They are spawning,
aggressive and don't like other fish nearby.
10/26/14 Season closing Oct. 31.
04/01/15 SEASON opens today, April 1st.
Catch and release
04/22/15 The snow pack is melting and runoff
is underway. No reports from anyone fishing.
05/06/15 Ice is clearing very fast and water
warming up nicely. Low levels. No smelt yet.
05/27/15 Hatches should begin anytime now
with the water warming up close to 50
06/10/15 Lots of hatches, Hendricksons,
BWOs, Little Black Caddis. Good conditions.
06/17/15 The flows are in good shape with
lots of hatches continuing. The Hendricksons
are nearing the end but look for Light Cahills
and lots of caddis.
07/01/15 Green sedges and Cinnamon Caddis
are showing up big time. Big Drakes are on the
ponds. Stream levels getting in better shape.
07/15/15 Both Golden and Little Yellow
stoneflies are hatching along with lots of
mayflles and caddis. Lots of fish being caught.
07/22/15 Lots of hatches underway and lots of
trout are being caught. Excellent conditions.
08/05/15 Two good reports from the past week.
Good conditions continue.
08/12/15 Lots of Cinnamon Sedges and Green
Sedges, or caddisflies. Great conditions.
08/19/15 No reports from anglers fishing this
past week, but conditions remain good and
should get even better with the cooler weather.
08/26/15 Let us hear from you. Conditions are
great but still no reports from anglers fishing.
09/02/15 You answered. Two reports of good
catches came in for the Roach. I guess most
anglers don't want to advertise when it is hot.
This is among the best six miles of river in Maine.
09/09/15 Be sure to check out our Salmon
Flies. They work great in the Roach.
09/23/15 Lots of rain recently but the stream is
still in good shape. No reports from last week.
10/28/15 Season is closed. We just wanted to
let you know we added a map in your upper
left hand corner of this page.
Map of Roach River
02/10/16 Send us an email and let us help you
plan your next Raoch River fly fishing trip. We
have taken samples of the insects using
professional equipment and know, what we are
doing. We don't guess.
04/09/16 It is not too early to start planning that
next Roach River fly fishing trip. Let us hear
from you.
05/04/16 The 2016 fishing season is open and
the water getting into good shape. It is about 43
degree and most of the ice and snow is gone.
Little BWOs and midges are hatching.
05/25/16 The water is warming up nice and lots
of BWOs, Quill gordons and other insects are
starting to hatch.
06/29/16 Lots of hatches are taking place -
Light cahills, Sulphurs, Cinnamon Caddis,
Green Sedges, Dark Blue sedges, Little Yellow
stoneflies, and others. The stream is in good
shape and lots of brook trout are being caught.
97/27/16 Sorry for the lack of reports. Fishing
has been excellent. Good hatches and lots of
brook trout being caught.
08/10/16 More good reports from customers
brook trout fishing. Low levels but rain chances
are good this coming week.
09/30/16 The season is currently over, but it
is never to early to be planning that next fly
fishing trip. Send us an email and let us help
01/18/17 Just an entry to get the new 2017
year started.
04/05/17 The season is open but there is still
a lot of ice. Check back with us and we will
keep you posted.
05/04/17 The ice is about out and fishing
should be getting good very soon.
05/24/17 Conditions are good, with good
stream levels and lots of hatches.
09/06/17 Resuming the post. Conditions are
very good with some good hatches still taking
place and good numbers of trout being caught
by our customers.
11/16/17 Season is closed but you can
always send us an email for planning next
year's trip.
05/04/18 The ice is gone and water warming
up fast. There are several hatches starting to
take place.
06/29/18 Excellent hatches are taking place.
Good stream levels. Lots of trout being caught.
07/20/18 The stream is in good shape with
good levels, multiple hatches and good
numbers of trout being caught.
08/17/18 We continue to get good reports
from anglers fishing the Roach. Good
numbers of brook trout are being caught.
05/25/19 The water is still cold, too cold for
anything to hatch other than midges but it will
change fast. The ice is about gone now.
06/15/19 The river is in good shape with good
hatches and good numbers of trout being
caught. Send us an email for a fly list.
09/02/19 We received some very good reports
from customers fishing the stream. Good
hatches and terrestrials are working as well.
09/14/19 Both salmon and brook trout are
being caught by our customers. Conditions
are good.