Fly Fishing Saco River New Hampshire
The Saco River begins at Saco Lake in the Crawford
Notch State Park and flows through North Conway, and
on into Maine. It is heavily stocked with brook, brown
and rainbow trout. The river flows through the White
Mountains National Forest and Grafton Notch State
Park. The only wild trout you are apt to catch is in the
upper section of the river.

The upper section of the river is in untouched country
and is a pleasure to fish. The stream is easy to wade
and the trout are usually very cooperative. When the
stream gets near North Conway, things change from the
remote setting to one with some congestion.

There's a fly fishing only section in North Conway. It runs
from Artist Falls Brook to just below Lucy Brook. It can
become quite crowded during the Spring but for good
reasons. Fly Fishing the Saco River in the fly fishing
only section is usually very good.

The lower section is a little larger and holds some very
large holdover brown trout. It can be waded or fished
from a canoe. Fly fishing the Saco River in the lower
section of the stream often produces a nice size brown
trout, especially near the end of the season when the
brown trout start exposing themselves getting ready  to

The Saco has a good variety of aquatic insects and a
few crustaceans. Terrestrials can also be important in
the summer months. Some of the most important
mayflies are Blue-winged olives, Light Cahills, American
March Browns,

The season is from Jan. 1 to Oct. 15.
Spring is the best time to fish the Saco River.
Summertime is good on all but the very warmest days.
Fall is the best time to catch the large brown trout
because of the spawn.

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Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Some Wild, Stocked
and Holdovers)
Rainbows (Some Wild, Stocked and
Brook Trout (Some Wild, Stocked
and Holdovers)


Northern New Hampshire

Nearest Towns
North Conway

Jan. 1 - Oct. 15th


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