Salmon River Connecticut Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing The Salmon River
The Jeremy River and the Blackledge River flow
together in southern Connecticut to from the Salmon
River. You would never dream this pristine river could
exist so near New York City, and so many people, but it
does. This is only because the Salmon River State
Forest and the Wopowog Wildlife Management Area
provide some protection in that respect. The Salmon
River is a tributary of the Connecticut River. Fly fishing
the Salmon River is a great stress reliever for the busy
everyday life of many Connecticut anglers.

The big trees that line most of this stream are a huge
asset in keeping the water cool. The only problem
comes from low summer flows. The water gets too warm
in most areas for the trout to survive. The river does
have a fair share of holdover trout and the state makes
up for what doesn't holdover by planting plenty of trout
each year. There are also a few native brook trout but
the brookies and the holdovers survive mostly be getting
into the many cooler tributary streams. The Salmon
River is fed water from the two streams that form it and
also Pine Brook, Safstrom Brook, Wolf Brook, Flat
Brook, Day Pond Brook and others. Some of the feeder
streams are also stocked.

The majority of the anglers that fish the Salmon River
access it in the Salmon River State Park where they fish
the Trout Management Area. River Road runs along the
stream and provides access. The River Road crosses
the Blackledge River and provides access to the Salmon
River State Forest and the Trout Management Area.
The section of the river below state highway #16, which
crosses the river in sight of the famous Comstock
Covered Bridge, can be hiked into. The trail is often well
above the river and requires some effort to reach, but
it's well worth the trouble because few anglers fish this
section of the Salmon River.

The river has numerous aquatic insect hatches. It has
plenty of long riffles, some runs and lots of long pools.
Some sections consist mostly of pocket water. The newly
stocked trout are easy to catch and will take a variety of
generic and attractor trout flies, but the holdover trout
are selective to the hatches and the most available food
supply. Specific imitations that match these insects in
the larvae and adult stages of life will always outperform
the generic flies.

The fishing season is open year-round
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing the Salmon
River because of the numerous hatches.
The heat of Summer slows down the fishing but it is still
possible to catch trout.
Fall is a good time to catch a large holdover, brown trout
Trout can be caught on warm winter days but the fishing
is usually slow.

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Salmon River Connecticut
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