Sandy Creek New York
Sandy Creek New York
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Fly Fishing North, South and Little
Sandy Creeks New York
Each of these three creeks, located near New York's
famous Salmon River, are separate tributaries of Lake
Ontario. They have runs of salmon, lake brown trout
and steelhead at times, depending on the time of year
and water levels of the streams.

Little Sandy Creek, located north of the Salmon River,
flows through the little towns of Lacona and Sandy
Creek. It is the smallest of the three Sandy Creeks
and is strictly dependant on rain for its water. When
the water is high enough for the salmon and
steelhead to enter the creek from Lake Ontario, the
fishing can be great.

South Sandy Creek, located north of Little Sandy
Creek near Ellisburg, is much larger, but it too, is
strictly dependant on rain for its water level. If the
water is high enough during the spawning runs,
steelhead, salmon and brown trout enter the creek
from Lake Ontario. It is considered the most
productive of the three streams by most anglers.

North Sandy Creek, located north of South Sandy,
can also be full of fish during the prime seasons,
again, provided the water levels are high enough for
the fish to enter the creek from the lake.  

Although they are mostly known for their salmon and
steelhead, these creeks also have a population of
rainbow trout. The Lake Run brown trout fishing can
also be good at times.

Don't be fooled by the size of these little creeks. They
can provide a deceptive appearance as to the size of
the fish they hold at times. It doesn't take much water
to cover up a big fish. Fly fishing the Little Sandy
Creeks can produce some big fish.
Type of Stream

Rainbow Trout
Brown trout (Lake Run)


North Central New York State on
Lake Ontario

Nearest Towns
Sandy Creek

Special Regulations September 1
through March 30

Fair to Good

Non-Resident License
State of New York

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Sandy Creek
New York
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Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Photo Courtesy of
Dennis McCarthy
Make sure you check on the current state
Spring can provide some steelhead action
after the spawn.
There can be some runs of salmon during
the summer and a run of brown trout.
Sandy Creeks Fly Fishing Guide:
The water levels of these creeks must be high
enough for the fish to enter, or you would be
waisting time fishing either of them.

The three Sandy Creeks, Little Sandy Creek, North
Sandy Creek, and South Sandy Creek, have runs of
steelhead, and brown trout form Lake Ontario. As
mentioned on the main page, fish enter these small
streams from the lake during times of migration but
only during periods of high water. High water is
caused by heavy interior rainfall. Remember that
high water is a huge key to fish being present in any
of the Sandy Creeks. Most of these fish show up to
enter the creeks from about the first of October to
the end of December.

As its name implies, Little Sandy Creek is the
smallest of the three streams. It probably averages
only twenty feet wide in most places. As small as it is,
fly fishing Little Sandy Creek is still productive at
times. It usually has some decent runs of steelhead,
brown trout and even a few salmon. Access to Little
Sandy Creek is provided from and off routes #81,
#11 and #3. Route #120 runs alongside the stream.
Route #15 runs along side the streams.

North Sandy Creek is probably the least fished of
the three creeks. Fly fishing North Sandy Creek at
the right time can produce some nice steelhead. It
can be accessed from Route #3, route #75 and
#193 which crosses the stream.

South Sandy Creek is the largest and the preferred
stream of the three Sandy Creek streams. It
probably averages as much as 50 feet wide. It has
runs of salmon and steelhead when timing of the
migrations and the flows are right. South Sandy
Creek can be accessed from South Landing Road
near Ellisburg. Roads leading off Route #193 also
provide access. South Landing Road near the lake
probably has the best access. There are other
access roads to South Sandy Creek.
Sandy Creeks Hatches and Trout
The stocked trout are fairly easy to catch
and can be caught on just about any fly for
a very short time after they are stocked. To
catch one of the larger holdover trout, or
one of the wild brown trout there, requires
skill and/or a lot of luck.

Streamers fished during very low light
conditions sometimes pays off. One thing
you should not overlook is the terrestrials.
Again, the low light situations provide the
best opportunity. Beetles, ants and hoppers
all three work at times. Just don't expect to
catch one every few cast.

A few Hendricksons hatch in May and early
June followed by March Browns and Light

If you are fishing during the early spring,
you may encounter some good hatches.
Sulphurs and then Tricos make up the most
of the mayfly hatches. Sulphurs hatch
during June and early July and then Tricos
in late July, August and September.
Hatches, continued:
There are plenty of caddisflies and all in
all, they provide the best dry fly fishing
opportunity. The Cinnamon caddis hatch
most of the late spring and summer.
Green Sedges and Short-horned Sedges
make up most of the balance of the
caddisfly population.

Don't forget about the midge. It usually
becomes the most important insect to try
to match in colder weather. I would have
plenty of them in hook sizes 20 and 22.

We always recommend "Perfect Flies".
They are the most realistic and most
effective imitations that are commercially
available. You will find our caddisfly
imitations work great for this stream. We
hope you give them a try.
The first part of October through the middle
of November, is the prime Steelhead season.
August and September is best for the Salmon.
Fly fishing Sandy Creek can be good
throughout the winter, provided the water
levels are acceptable.
Sandy Creeks Fly Fishing Report:
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