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Fly Fishing The Selway River Idaho
The Selway River is located in north central Idaho within
the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness. It is a tributary of the
Middle Fork of the Clearwater River which it joins in the
Clearwater National Forest. The Selway River was one
of the first rivers to be included in the National Wild and
Scenic Rivers Act. Fly fishing the Selway River provides
most anglers a cherished trip of a life-time.

The main stem of the Selway River is about almost 100
miles long. Its headwaters begin in the Bitterroot
Mountains. It terminated where the Selway River joins
the Lochsa River to form the Middle Fork of the
Clearwater River. The lower section is probably the most
fished area of the river.

The main attraction of the Selway River is its whitewater.
It's far better known for its whitewater float trips that
fishing trips but that isn't to say it isn't a blue-ribbon trout
stream. For the fly angler, the Selway River's main
attraction is its cutthroat trout. To make it simple, fly
fishing for cutthroat trout doesn't get any better.  It isn't
unusual for anglers to catch fifty fish a day ranging from
about 8 to 14 inches. Some may reach 16 to 18 inches.  

The river is maintained as a "catch-and-release" stream.
All hooks must be barbless. They can have their barbs
smashed down. This helps insure this excellent fishery
remains excellent. By far the best way to fly fishing the
Selway River is from a drift boat. In most places, it is the
only way possible. There are a few places you can
wade, of course.

The Selway River's main source of water is melting
snow. This keeps the water cold throughout the season.
Most of the aquatic insects are clinger mayflies and
stoneflies. There is also a decent population of

Although the cutthroat are not picky and see few flies, it
is still best to use an imitation of the most available and
most plentiful insects. Terrestrials can be important
during the summer months. Imitations of grass hoppers,
ants and beetles should be in you fly box. Call or email
us for fly suggestions ahead of your schedulte and we
will be glad to suggest flies that match the most available
and plentiful species of insects and other trout foods.

Seasons follow the general Idaho fishing season.
Spring would be okay, but only before and after the
Summertime is the best time for fly fishing the Selway
Early Fall also presents some good opportunities.

Fly Fishing Gear Tackle and Trout Flies
Type of Stream

Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout
Bull Trout (harvest prohibited)

Central Idaho

Small to medium

Nearest Towns
Lowel, Idaho
Darby, Montana
Syringa, Idaho

Memorial Day through November

Very limited, float trips are also
limited by permit

Non-Resident License
State of Idaho

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