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Fly Fishing South Fork of Piney River
Part of the South Fork of Piney River is in the George
Washington National Forest on the eastern side of the
Blue Ridge Parkway. There is also a section of the  
stream that flows through private property.

The South Fork of Piney River is noted for its nice
population of wild brook trout. Like most of the streams
in the area, it starts out very small and ends up much
larger. Shoe Creek, a good little brook trout stream
itself, is just one of several very small streams that
increases the flow along the stream's course.

The South Fork Piney River has a very diverse
population of aquatic insects. You will find a early
season Quill Gordons hatch, later a good March
Browns hatch along with Sulphurs that appear later in
the year. There are many others including plenty of
stoneflies and caddisflies.

You can access the stream from Forest Service Route
#63. Route #827 becomes FS #63. Shoe Creek flows
into the South Fork of Piney River just north of

We prefer to fish the upper part of the river that lies on
the National Forest Land but the stream can provide
other opportunities in other sections. Fly fishing the
South Fork of the Piney River has always produced
some nice brook trout for us.

The season runs year-round. March to November is
Spring is the best time for fly fishing the South Fork of
the Piney River due to the numerous hatches.
Summertime is okay, thanks to the heavy canopy of
bushes and trees over much of the stream but the
water levels can get quite low.
Early Fall can be an especially good time.

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