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Fly Fishing Shavers Fork of the Cheat
River West Virginia
Shavers Fork of the Cheat River is located in the
Allegheny Mountains of eastern West Virginia. It is an 88
mile long river that, along with the Black Fork, forms the
Cheat River. Shavers Fork rises at Thorny Flat, the
highest part of Cheat Mountain.

The river offers both remote trout fishing sections and
sections that are right along the road. A very good section
of the remote part of Shavers Fork starts at Cheat Bridge
and continues downstream to U.S. Route #33. Fly fishing
Shavers Fork can be good at either the remote or easy to
access sections.

The remote section of the Shavers Fork is stocked by the
state from the town of Bowden to Beaver Creek, a 43 mile
long section. The stocking takes place each Spring. The
trout have plenty of aquatic insects to eat and usually do
well. There are stoneflies, caddisflies, and mayflies as well
as plenty of sculpin and baitfish.

Below U.S. Route #33, there are miles of the river flowing
along the highway. This is by far the heaviest fished

Shavers Fork has lots of riffles and shallow water areas
but also  plenty of large, deep pools. Most of the river has
plenty of large rocks and boulders and some parts, almost
a solid rock bottom.

There's a "catch-and-release" section located within the
remote area of Shavers Fork that's located within the
national forest. It consist of a five and a half mile long
special regulation area that extends from the mouth of
Whitmeadow Run downstream to the mouth of McGee
Run. Access to the no-harvest area is provided by Forest
Service Route #92.

Fly fishing Shavers Fork is best in the Spring and Fall.
Spring provides the best fly fishing opportunities due to
the hatches.
The water gets low and can get too warm during the
hottest part of summer.
Fall is a great time to fish Shavers Fork.
Fly fishing Shavers Fork can be good all winter weather

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