Shetucket River Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing The Shetucket River
The Shetucket River flows from Willimantic River to
Norwich where it joins the smaller Yantic River to form
the Thames River. It's formed by the Willimantic River
and the Natchaug River's confluence in Willimantic. The
Quinebaug is a tributary of the Shetucket River. There
are dams on the river in Scotland, Occum and

The Shetucket River has brown trout, rainbow trout,
brook trout and Atlantic Salmon. Its water varies
depending on where you are fishing. In its uppermost
waters near Willimantic, it looks just like any urban river
but below Willimantic, it begins to look much more like a
trout stream. The river is easy to wade along state
highway #32 below Willimantic.

Through South Windham, Scotland and Sptauge, the
river can be accessed at several points along state
highway #203. The best section in this area for Atlantic
Salmon is the first four miles below Scotland Dam. It can
be floated in a drift boat or fished from the access at the
state highway #97 bridge. Fishing is possible upstream  
from both sides of the river at the bridge. Holton Road,
off state highway # 207 West, takes you to Sandy
Beach, an access below the dam that's about two miles

The Little River is one of the larger tributaries of the
Shetucket River. It joins it in Versailles. It's also stocked
with trout and has some very good fishing above the
Hanover Reservoir in the Pudding Hill Wildlife
Management Area. This is a medium size river with
plenty of riffles, runs and pools. Hiking into the WMA will
get you away from the easy access points.

The river has a very good diversity and density of
aquatic insects and it's best to match the hatch or match
what's about to hatch if you want to fool its holdover
trout. Fly fishing the Shetucket River for its Atlantic
Salmon is its big feature for many anglers. They hold in
the deeper pools. Most of the salmon are smaller 24 to
28 inch fish but there are also plenty of 15 to 20 pound

The fishing season is species dependent
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing the Shetucket
River for trout.
The Summer slows down the trout fishing in some areas.
Fall is a good time to catch a large brown trout
Wintertime is the prime time for Atlantic Salmon

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Brown Trout (stocked)
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Medium, 18miles long

Eastern Connecticut

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Very Good

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Shetucket River Connecticut
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