Silver Creek Arizona Trout
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Fly Fishing Silver Creek Arizona
Silver Creek is a clear, spring creek that is stocked with
some huge, trophy size rainbow trout and the state of
Arizona's fish, the Apache Trout. The stream is stocked
from the Silver Creek Hatchery located upstream Silver
Creek. Brood stock from the hatchery is also stocked on
occasions. These trout may be as large as 25 inches.
This stream is located near Show Low, in the White
Mountains. It is "catch and release" only and barbless
hooks are required.

The stream is at a high elevation and approximately two
miles long. It has plenty of undercut banks but also some
pool, runs and riffles. The Arizona Game and Fish
Department owns the land.

Silver Creek is very silty and ranges from difficult to
impossible to wade. The stream can be fished from the
banks. The stream meanders back and forth through
open meadows.

Many anglers are not aware that the native Apache trout
is Arizona’s state fish. It is listed under the Endangered
Species Act, but anglers can fish for it in some waters.
Silver Creek is one of them along with the Little Colorado
River in the Greer Valley and the East and West Forks of
Black River. The White Mountains of Arizona is the only
place in the World where you can fish for the pure strain
Apache trout.

Apache trout may become the first native fish in the
United States to come off the endangered species list.
This is all due to the excellent efforts made by the White
Mountain Apache tribe, the Arizona Game and Fish
Department, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and many
angling organizations.

The C and R season opens the first day of October and
extends through March 31st.
Open for catch and release until March 31st.
Catch and Keep season, April 1 to Sept 30th.
Catch and Release season open October 1st and fishing
is the best it will be.
The season is open all winter and fishing is good all
winter thanks to the almost constant water temperature of
the spring fed creek.
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout (Stocked)
Apache Trout (Stocked)


Northern Arizona

Nearest Towns
Show Low

Catch and keep - April-Sept
(catch and release) Oct 1- March 31)


Non-Resident License
State of Arizona

National Weather Service Link

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Silver Creek Arizona Fly Fishing Report:
10/01/18 Open today for Catch and release only. This is the best time to fish Silver Creek.

11/26/18 We keep getting ask about barbless hooks - Yes, you can squeeze the barbs
down flat on flies with barbs. That way you don't have to ruin all the flies you take for other
waters. Mash them down as you use them.

12/17/18 The stream is in good shape and lots of good size trout are being caught. This
stream will fish good all winter long.
12/25/18 More good reports came in this past wek. Send us an email for a fly list.
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Caught by:
Alex Latorre
Silver Creek
(thumbnail: Click to enlarge)
Alex Latorre with Silver Creek Trout
Caught by:
Alex Latorre
Silver Creek
Fishing Report Update: 01/14/2021
Fishing Report at bottom of page
01/02/19 Conditions are very good with lots of trout being caught. Our articulated and
sculpin streamers will get you the larger ones.
01/09/19 We received more good reports. There are some large ones being caught on our
01/30/19 More good reports are in. Our Articulated streamers are catching some big
ones. Now is the time to be fishing this one.
02/13/19 Conditions are very good. We are getting good reports. The larger trout are
coming on streamers but the numbers are coming on Midges - Creams and Reds.
02/20/19 More good reports from anglers fishing the creek. Streamers, like our brown
sculpin, are getting the big trout.
03/08/19 Some large trout are being caught, sometimes on tiny midges as well as our large
articulated streamers, both sculpin and leech patterns.
04/12/19 The catch and keep season is underway and large numbers of trout are being
05/19/19 The stream is still in good condition, running high and lightly stained, which is good.
Some nice trout are being caught.
07/14/19 A few trout are being caught but you would do much better this coming fall.
08/01/19 Slow now, but it will be much better very soon. Now is the time to get set up for the
fall season.
09/23/19 We are getting some good reports. The weather is cooler with rain and this coming
week should be a good one.
10/03/19 The catch and release season started on the first of October. Trout are being
caught and released by our customers in good numbers. Send us an email for a fly list.
10/20/19 Good numbers including some very large trout are being caught by our customers.
Our articulated sculpin and leech patterns are getting some big ones.
10/29/19 The creek is running below normal, but in good shape. We continue to get good
reports. Midges rigged in tandem are working as well as Sculpin patterns.
11/22/19 The creek is turning out a lot of nice size trout. Our articulated sculpin and leech
streamer patterns are working good for the large trout. There are lots of little BWOs, cream
and blood midges and some little black caddis hatching.
02/10/2020 The stream is in very good shape and lots of trout are being caught by our
customers, including some very large ones. There are a few hatches and scuds, and our
sculpin streamers are working good as well.
03/03/2020 Good numbers of trout are being caught by our customers and some are large
one. There are some hatches taking place and our Sculpin streamers and articulated
sculpin and leech streamers are working good.
03/21/2020 The creek is still turning out some nice trout. Our articulated patterns continue
to catch the large ones. Midges and little BWOs are hatching as well.
09/13/20 We are getting some good reports from customers lately. There are some good
hatches taking place and our sculpin streamers are catching some nice trout.
10/02/20 There are some big trout being caught on our streamers. Mahogany duns, BWOs
and Spotted sedge caddis are hatching.
10/19/20 Our customers are sending in some very good reports of some nice size trout being
caught. Our streamers are really working good but there are some good hatches as well.
11/02/20 The stream is in good shape and we continue to get some good reports from
customers. There are some hatches taking place and our sculpin streamers are catching
some good ones.
11/17/20 More good reports are coming in. Our customers are catching some nice trout on
our streamers - Brown sculpin, and both non-articulated and articulated streamer patterns.
12/07/20 Very good reports are coming in from our customers. There are good midge, BWO
and some caddis hatching. Our streamers patterns are catching some big trout.
12/20/20 The creek is turning out some very nice trout. Our sculpin and leech pattern
streamers are working good. There are some good hatches still taking place.
12/29/20 More good reports coming in from customers. Trout are being caught in good
01/14/21 Sorry for the missed reports. Our customers are catching some very nice trout. There
are some hatches taking place and our sculpin and leech streamer patterns are working good.