Angie Marsh fishing Slough Creek
James Marsh fishing Slough Creek
Copyright 2016 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Slough Creek - Yellowstone
National Park
At one time or another, Slough Creek has probably
made the cover of about every fly fishing magazine
published. It's one of those places that is uniquely
different from other trout streams, even those in
Yellowstone National Park. The stream begins outside of
Yellowstone National Park in the Beartooth Mountains
and flows for about sixteen miles inside the park to
where it enters the Lamar River. Fly fishing Slough
Creek is truly a unique fly fishing experience you will
never forget.

Slough Creek is generally divided into four sections - the
lower section below the campground and the first,
second and third meadows all upstream of the popular
Slough Creek Campground. Although there are some
rainbow trout in the lower section, most all the trout are
native Yellowstone Cutthroats. Cutthroats over twenty
inches are not uncommon in this beautiful stream.

About three-fourths of Slough Creek flows through
meadows. The remainder flows through forest sections
in the form of riffles, runs and cascades. These two
basic types of waters require different fishing methods.
Although some of the water flowing through the
meadows consist of short sections of riffles, most of it is
smooth flowing water. Much of the fishing done in the
smooth water is done stalking the cutthroats.

Although some of Slough Creek is accessible from a
nearby road, the great majority of it requires a good bit
of hiking. Usually, the further your wiling to hike, the
more water you will have to yourself. It can also be
fished on its uppermost end outside of Yellowstone
National Park but the property is mostly all private.

The season is a very short one.
There is practically no fishing prior to the Summer even
though the season is open.
Summer is the best and most popular season to fish
Slough Creek.
There are usually a few days in the early autumn that
provide great fishing.

Fly Fishing Guide to the Slough Creek
Fly fishing Slough Creek mostly consist of sight fishing in
the meadows. There are also a lot of riffles and pocket
water in the sections that flow through timber and on the
lower end of Slough.
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Type of Stream

Cutthroat Trout
Rainbow Trout
Hybrid Trout (Cutbows)
(Wild Trout)


Northwestern Wyoming, YNP

Nearest Towns
Cook City, Montana

Last of May - October


Park License
Yellowstone National Park License

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Slough Creek, YNP
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