James Marsh fishing Smith River Virginia
Angie Marsh fishing Smith River
Copyright 2020 James Marsh
Fly Fishing Smith River Virginia
The Smith River is recognized as one of Virginia's
best tailwaters but little is known about its fine
headwater fishing for native brook trout. Of course
this is two completely different types of fly fishing and
anyone fishing the Smith River would have to choose
one or the other for the day. We will focus on the
tailwater which is the main attraction of the Smith.

As you can tell from the fog in the pictures above, the
water comes out from under Philpott Dam at a cold
temperature year-round. When you fish this tailwater
it is imperative that you check on the discharge
schedule and that you are always well aware of the
water level. The water can rise two or three feet very
fast. There are warning horns but you also need to
know the schedule in order to know where and when
to fish.

There is a three mile  long "Trophy Trout Water"
section downstream from the mouth of Town Creek.
The state requires single, barbless hooks in this
section. Although the river has both brown and
rainbow trout, most of the trout are browns.

Smith River has some freestone stream influence,” It
gets colder during the Winter below the confluences
of its tributaries. The bottom discharge water from the
dam stays at a relatively constant temperature and is
why your will see it covered with dense fog on cold
days. The closer you fish to the dam during the
winter, the better off you are.

The biggest problem we have noticed with most
anglers that fish the Smith River, is the tendency to
fish too large of flies. This is both dry flies and
nymphs and larvae imitations. Most of the aquatic
insects in the river are very small. In fact, most of the
food consist of midges which are very small. The only
thing of much size are the baitfish, sculpin and
leeches. The river also has plenty of crustaceans
mostly in the form of crawfish. Large brown trout will
eat small crayfish.

Another problem we have noticed it the tendency to
fish the pools. Pools hold a lot of trout but they are far
more difficult to fish than the runs and riffles. The
trout get a much better look at your flies in the slower
moving water as well as your leader and fly line in
some cases. With the exception of when the water is
cold, your much better off fishing the faster water.
Trout won't hold in the fast water when it is below
around 45 degrees.

Another tendency is to over fish dry flies. About
ninety percent of the time, your much better off
fishing subsurface flies.
Type of Stream
Tailwater/Freestone Stream

Brown Trout
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
(Wild and Stocked)

Medium width - 15 mile long tailwater

South Central Virginia

Nearest Towns



Non-Resident License
State of Virgina

National Weather Service Link

Hatch Chart
Perfect Fly Hatch Chart

Fly Fishing Gear, Tackle and
Trout Flies

Water Release Info:
(276) 629-2432
Smith River Virginia
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The fishing season is year-round and trout
can be taken year-round.
Springtime brings about the best hatches
and dry fly fishing for the year.
Fly fishing Smith River during the
summertime is an excellent time to fish the
tailwater because the water stays cold on
the hottest days.
Smith River Virginia Fly Fishing
Where and when to fish the Smith River is
strictly determined by the tailwater releases.
The Smith River is basically a wide stream
with little variation in its bottom. There are
long pools, then a section of riffles leading
to the next long pool.

In most areas of the river you will barely
notice the water moving even when it is
moving at a good rate. That is because of
its smooth surface. The surface of the water
is deceptive and tough to fish with a dry fly
until you get used to fishing this type of

Most of the trout, especially the brown trout,
will hold around any structure they can find.
Rock slabs, edges of the riffles, any bank
structure, any tree limb or even a stick in
the water, gravel bars and anywhere the
depth of the water changes abruptly.

The pools hold plenty of trout but all in all,
are more difficult to fish. They usually hold
the larger trout. It is easier to catch the
smaller trout in the riffles but not the large
During the summer it is important to fish the
shaded areas under overhanging tree
limbs. The brown trout will stay out of the
bright sunlit water.
Guide, continued:
The Trophy Section is the most heavily
fished section. The trout see a lot of flies
and spook very easily in this section. In
fact, it is easy to spook the trout in any of
the pools. If you don't wade very carefully
and slowly, you will spook all the trout in a
pool without having a chance to catch one.

Drag free drifts in the smooth section are
tough to get sometimes. The water has
current seams that are difficult to see. At
times you will need to make a downstream
presentation even using dry flies. In fact
we recommend this method if you can find
a rising trout. In the clear low water, even
your leader will put a trout down. The
downstream approach will let the trout see
the fly first. Done correctly, your leader will
not pass over the fish. Keep each cast to
the inside of the trout and work in towards
the fish until you get the right drift.

Nymph fishing is generally the best way to
fish. Most anglers use a strike indicator.
The almost level bottom of the river allows
the indicator to work great. When the
caddis are hatching you may want to use a
down and across presentation of pupa
Smith River Virginia Hatches and
Trout Flies
Our information on aquatic insects is
based on our stream samples of larvae
and nymphs, not guess work. We base fly
suggestions on imitating the most plentiful
and most available insects and other foods
at the particular time you are fishing.
Unlike the generic fly shop trout flies, we
have specific imitations of all the insects in
the Smith River and in all stages of life that
are applicable to fishing. If you want to fish
better, more realistic trout flies, have a
much higher degree of success, give us a
call.  We not only will help you with
selections, you will learn why, after trying
Perfect Flies, 92% of the thousands of our
customers will use nothing else.

The freestone section of the river has a
large diverse population of aquatic insects
but not very many of any one species. The
brook trout can be fooled with several
different attractor or generic flies.
Matching the hatch isn't that important
most of the time. From here on we will
concentrate on the tailwater section of the

As with many other tailwaters, the midge is
king on the Smith River. It is not as popular
as one might expect, we believe, simply
because the locals haven't really caught
on the fishing midge imitations. Fishing tiny
flies on light line for big brown and rainbow
trout takes some time to get used to.
However, once any angler sees just how
effective midge fishing can be, they can
become addicted to it in a very short time.
It is tough fishing flies you can't see to
trout you can't see but all in all it is the
most effective way to catch trout
consistently on this river. You should have
a good selection of midge larvae, pupae
and adults anytime you fish this river.

Hendricksons hatch from about the middle
of March through the middle of April. It is
not huge but it can bring on some decent
dry fly fishing.

There are hatches of various species of
Blue-winged Olives, none of which are
very consistent. You will find them from
January through February but only here
and there.
Hatches, continued:
The cloudy, overcast days are best but
even then, you may not find a hatch
occurring. The little BWOs hatch again in
the late fall from about the first of October
through December but again, it is not
consistent or dependable. If you find them
hatching by all means fish it.

The Sulphur hatch is the big event of the
year. The hatch is usually very good and
trout can be taken on dry flies. It is actually
a Eastern Pale Evening Dun hatch for the
most part. Both the true Sulphurs and the
PEDs exist in the stream. It usually starts
about the first of May and last through the
month of June. The slightly larger PEDs
start first and the smaller Sulphurs follow.

Terrestrials can be important during the
summer. From around the first of June
through September, you will find imitations
of beetles, ants and grasshoppers work
great. Another plentiful insect is the moth
larva, or inch worm most anglers call them.
They work well during the summer when
the little worms are falling off the tree
limbs. Another overlooked insect is the
Crane Fly. They are very plentiful in April
and May but are present throughout most
of the warm months. Our "Perfect Fly"
Crane Fly Larva and Adult imitations work
great on the Smith River.

Don't forget the streamers. Next to the
midge imitations, they may well be the
most important fly to use on this river.
Imitations of sculpin, small crawfish,
minnows, and baitfish work great,
especially for the large trout during high
stream flows (from the banks, please don't
wade) and anytime the water is off color.
They work great very early and late in the
day when the light levels are low.

If you haven't already done so, please
give our "Perfect Flies" a try. You will find
they are by far the most effective trout flies
you can purchase.
The brown trout spawn in the fall and this
provides the best opportunity for catching
a large trout.
Fly fishing opportunities continue
throughout the winter months. Some days
can be too cold but for the most part, it is
year-round fishing.
Smith River Virginia Fly Fishing
12/14/13 Customer ordering midges
reporting he is catching a few trout when
the weather has been reasonable. The
water has been warmer than the air and he
has had trouble fishing (seeing) in the thick
fog created. Using our blood (red) midge
pupa and larva fished in tandem.
James Marsh with Smith River rainbow
Smith River Virginia
Smith River Virginia
Philpott Dam
Thumbnails: Click to enlarge
Thumbnails: Click to enlarge
Fishing Report Updated 10/19/2020
(Bottom Of Page)
12/24/13 Checking the discharges will be
absolutely necessary due to heavy rain
in the area. Call (540) 629-2432 before
12/31/13 Currently flowing high mostly due
to discharges from lake due to recent
heavy rainfall. No reports of any fish caught
01/21/14 We have had 2 good reports of
catches this past week from anglers
ordering more midges. It seems the flows
are better now that the lake level is down.  
01/28/14 Customer ordering more Perfect
Fly cream and red (blood) midge larva,
pupa and adults reported he is catching
trout every time the weather cooperates.
02/11/14 No reports from anyone fishing.
Conditions have been fair but very cold
weather is continuing.
02/18/14 Much better weather is in the
forecast for the coming week. This
should be the first week of good fishing
opportunity in the last few weeks. Be
sure to check the discharges.
02/25/14 One customer ordered some
Midges and Black Flies but no one we
have talked to has fished the Smith
03/04/14 Better weather and stream
conditions should promote anglers to get
out on the water this coming week. We
don't have any reports from anyone
fishing this past week.
03/11/14 We have had several custormers
ordering flies this past week for the Smith.
No reports from anyone fishing even
though the weather has been much better
03/18/14 One customer ordering flies
reported catching some large browns on
our White Belly sculpin last week.
03/25/14 Our local contact reported
catching a few browns when the water
discharges were low this past week. The
weather will get much warmer this weekend.
04/01/14 Nascar race and rain kelp most
anglers away this past week.
04/08/14 We finally got a report of some
Hendricksons/Red Quills hatching in the
lower part of the river. The colder than
normal water probably delayed the hatch.
The same angler reported catching some
Options For Selecting Flies:
1. Email us (sales@perfectflystore.com)
with the dates you will be fishing this
stream and we will send you a list of our
fly suggestions. Please allow up to 24
hours for a response.

2. Call us 800-594-4726 and we will help
you decide which flies you need.

3. Email us (sales@perfectflystore.com)
with a budget for flies and we will select
them to match the budget and get them to
you in time for your fly fishing trip.

All orders are shipped free in the
U. S. Orders over $100 are shipped via
Priority Mail.  
04/15/14 Two more good reports of
catches came in this past weekend.
Discharges have presented a problem most
days. Make sure you check the schedule.
04/22/14 Good discharges and warmer
weather has the fish turned on. More
catches reported, including on large brown
touching 20 inches.
04/29/14 Two customers reported
catching several trout this past week. Both
used Perfect Fly
BWOs and Midges. Be
sure to check the discharges.
05/06/14 Discharges have been high and
not any fishing reports came in during the
last week. Hopefully, stream levels will be
better this coming week.
05/13/14 Two customers reporting
catching some nice brown trout (wild) this
past week on our Sculpin patterns. Heavy
rain this week so check the discharges.
05/20/14 Eastern Pale Evening Duns,
called Sulphurs by locals, should start to
hatch if they haven't already. The true
Sulphurs will hatch a little later on. .
05/27/14 Be sure and check the releases
from the dam. It is the most important thing.
The levels should be in better shape this
coming week but there is still rain in the
06/03/14 Isolated thunderstorms miss and
hit the headwaters and of course electricity
also determines the release schedule. It
should always be checked to see if you
can wade the river.
06/10/14 There have been a few chances
to wade this past week. Two customers
reporting catching a few trout.
06/24/14 One customer reported catching
nothing and one several nice browns. This
is par for the course on the Smith. It isn't a
stream for those just learning to fly fish.
The browns are very selective.
07/08/14 Three customers reported
catching some nice browns the past
couple of weeks. Levels have been low but
fishing continues to be good for those that
stay well hidden.
07/22/14 Fewer hatches are occurring but
terrestrials becoming important to imitate.
High water is a problem at times, so check
the release schedule.
08/12/14 Tricos have started hatching
and will do so for the next couple of
months. Two good reports have come in
during the past week.
09/02/14 No reports came in for the past
two weeks. The discharges have been
reasonable and fish should be being
09/16/14 Two good reports for the past
week. Discharges have been a problem at
times but when the water levels have been
decent, fishing has been excellent.
09/23/14 No reports from last week but
conditions have been good. Early fall is the
best time to fly fish the Smith. It will soon be
big brown trout time.
10/07/14 Rain has helped the low water
condition. Brown trout will be more exposed
and moving upstream to spawn during the
next month.
Brown Sculpin
10/14/14 Watch the stream levels. There is
rain for the next two days and the discharges
could be high near the end of this week.
10/28/14 Two customers reporting they are
catching trout just below the dam and they
are mostly brook trout. I guess they mixed
some brookies in with the stockers.
11/11/14 Brown trout are spawning and
anglers are catching plenty of rainbows and
brook trout. BWO nymphs and
Midges are
the main fly to use.
12/04/14 Discharges have been a problem
at times and are something you must watch,
otherwise, conditions are very good.
Streamer and midges have been producing
lots of trout for three different regular
12/16/14 More good reports with lots of
brook and rainbows caught. No reports of
browns through. Midges and BWO nymphs,
size 18 are working.
12/23/14 No reports from the past week but
conditions remain very good.
12/29/14 One good report from a customer
catching a few stockers below the dam.
01/05/15 No reports from the past week.
01/19/15 Recent warmer weather has some
of our customers on the river and catching
some trout. They are using cream and red
midge larva and pupa.
01/26/15 No reports from the past week.
Conditions remain fairly good.
02/02/15 One good report from a customer
fishing midges just below the dam. He
caught 11 trout in about 3 hours.
02/16/15 We had one good report last
week but this coming week will be very cold
- your guides will be freezing up.
03/02/15 Two good reports have come in
from customers this past two weeks. Midges
and BWO are working when discharges are
03/09/15 Your really going to have to
watch the water levels and discharges
from the dam. There has been a lot of rain
and more is on the way. The telephone #
for water releases is on your upper left.
03/16/15 Discharges have been high at
times due to recent rain but much better
weather is in store this coming week.
03/23/15 No reports but levels have been
high. Good discharge rate now, so it is in
much better shape.
03/30/15 The cold streak has ended and
conditions should improve this week.
04/06/15 The water should be warmer this
week but there is lots of rain expected, so
check the discharges later on this week.
04/13/15 Two good reports from one day
last week. Lots of rain is forecast, so make
sure you cheek the discharge schedule.
04/20/15 Another good report from an angler
catching some nice rainbows and browns.
Hatches of Hendricksons are taking place.
04/27/15 No reports from the past week but
conditions remain good.
05/04/15 One good report from lower end of
river from customer using A. March Browns.
05/11/15 Two good reports from customers
this past week. Good discharge levels.
Hendricksons/Red Quillsin the lower sections.
05/18/15 No reports from anyone fishing. Let
us hear from you. Conditions have been very
good with good discharge rates and hatches.
05/25/15 Unlike many Spring days there have
been several good wading opportunities. Two
good reports came in this past week.
06/08/15 Low discharges have given plenty of
opportunity for wading, Sulphurs, Cinnamon.
caddis and Little Sister caddis are hatching.
06/08/15 No reports from anyone fishing last
week but conditions remain very good.
06/29/15 Be sure to check the discharge
schedule. There has been a lot of rain lately.
Terrestrials, ants, beetles and hopper working.
07/06/15 There has been a lot of rain lately,
so make sure you get the discharge schedule.
07/13/15 High discharges have been a problem
at times, so make sure you get the schedule.
07/20/15 High discharges have made it tough
to wade but it should settle down this week.
08/03/15 There have been a few good
opportunities to wade lately and customers
are reporting catching some good numbers.
08/10/15 The discharges should provide some
good opportunities for wading, but be sure to
check them. Tricos are hatching on the lower
section. .
08/17/15 Two good reports came in from the
past week. Mahogany duns starting to hatch.
08/24/15 Stream levels have been high at
times but back down. Weather is cooler.
08/31/15 Mahogany duns are hatching, size
18, along with size 20 BWOs. It is warming
back up but should affect the tailwater at all.
09/07/15 Discharges have been better with
wading opportunities most of the time but be
sure to check on them. Midges always work.
09/21/15 Make sure you check the discharge
schedule. It is raining right now and will
continue through tomorrow. It is going to be
much cooler and that should help big time.
09/28/15 Make sure you get the release
schedule. It has rained and there is more
coming, so you want to make sure they are
not running a lot of water through the dam.
10/12/15 Discharges should be back to
near normal with little rain forecast. It is big
brown trout time.
Brown sculpin witll get the
10/19/15 There should be some good
chances to wade. Little BWOs and Crfeam
Midges are the main flies you need.
10/26/15 Watch the discharges and stream
levels. There a big Nascar Race this coming
weekend and the area will be crowded.
11/02/15 Stream levels are find as I am
writing this but there has been some rain and
we expect some high discharges. Otherwise,
browns are spawning and fishing is great.
11/16/15 Lots of rain last week but
discharges have subsided some. There two
more days of rain coming and the levels will
be up and down. Call to get the schedule.
Cream Midges and Red Midges are key flies.
11/30/15 We got a couple of good reports
the last week but it is raining hard and you
can count on some heavy discharges this
week. Watch the levels. Midges are king.
12/15/15 Stream levels should be back in
good shape but get the discharge schedule.
There is some rain today and again
Thursday. We added
Winter stoneflies to the
fly list.
12/21/15 Great weather but watch stream
levels and get the discharge schedule. (540)
629-2432 Use Midges/winter stonefly nymphs.
12/28/15 The stream levels have been high
most all the time and more heavy discharges
are likely for the next few day.
01/11/16 The discharges have remained
high for the past few days but soon should
start coming down. Black flies have started
01/18/16 The discharges have been up and
down everyday. I'm adding a USGS link (on
your upper left under the last picture) to give
you a better idea of the flows but always get
the discharge schedule.
USGS Real-time Stream Flow:
Near Philpott, Virginia
01/25/16 The discharges are pulsing up and
down, so you will need to check the levels.
Red and Cream midges are working.
02/01/16 Wow. Two days with 66 degree
weather, but that makes little difference. The
discharges are likely to be high - check them.
02/08/16 The discharges have been high
and you must get the schedule from the
power company. Don't forget, the water is
warmest nearest the dam.
02/22/16 Customers have been catching
good numbers of trout each time the
discharges have been low. Fish Cream and
Red midges, larva and pupa in tandem.
02/29/16 There has been a lot of rain and
you can expect high discharges much of the
time. What the levels and if it is down, fishing
will be good.
03/07/16 The past two days, the power
company has be "pulsing" the water,
meaning running a lot to almost none, up
and down. You will have to get the schedule
from them to know when to fish.
Martinsville, Henry
County Virginia
03/14/16 We just discovered we had a wrong
area code for the power company discharge
schedule. Sorry, but please record the new
number on your upper left. (276) 629 - 2432
03/21/16 Levels have been up due to some
heavy discharges but that should subside
and you should get some opportunity this
week. You just have to call them to see.
03/28/16 Customers have been catching
trout as long as the discharges were not too
heavy. Right now they are fine.
04/11/16 We think the discharges and
stream levels will begin to settle down. There
is more rain today and tomorrow, then clear
for five days. You have to call the power co.
04/25/16 Flow are at 396 cfs and 3.44 ft.
That's too strong to wade, of course, so you
will need to check it out before going.
05/02/16 With the dam in the condition it is
in, and with all the rain coming the next five
days, we have a good idea, the levels will be
05/09/16 The river is high and a little stained
right now, and there is more rain coming.
Make sure you check the discharges.
05/16/16 The discharges are still a little high
and too high for safe wading but should be
lower soon. Lots of hatches are taking place.
05/30/16 The flows and stream level are high
right now. This has made it tough on those
trying to fish. Currently at 507 cfs and 3.68 ft.
06/06/16 The flows are high again. You may
be able to wade a few select spots but it isn't
advisable at this level. Lots of hatches are
taking place and good conditions, otherwise.
06/20/16 Flows have been high at times, and
that just stops the opportunity. When you can
wade, you can catch trout, but not otherwise.
07/04/16 We finally got some good reports
from customers. The discharges were low and
wading possible a few times and that made a
huge difference.
07/18/16 The Sulphurs are about through for
the year. Terrestrial are becoming important.
Ants and beetles, sculpin streamers early and
late in the day. Lots of caddis are hatching.
08/01/16 Tricos are hatching good. There are
still a few Sulphurs left, but sparse. The upper
and middle sections of the river are best at
this time. .
08/15/16 The discharges and stream levels are
high right now. You will just have to watch the
levels. You cannot wade at 600 cfs, need 300
cfs or less. Tricos are hatching good. .
08/22/16 Levels may be high a day or two.
Light green midges, Tricos, Slate drakes, ants,
beetles, Cinnamon caddis.
09/26/16 The flows are at 283 cfs at 3.20ft.
That makes it tough to wade some sections
but mostly okay. Slate Drakes, Cinnamon
caddis, little Sister caddis, Tricos and Midges -
creams and blood midges, or reds.
10/10/16 Discharges and stream levels are
down making wading easy. Use midges and
little BWO nymphs.
10/17/16 You should find suitable discharges
and stream levels this coming week. Brown
trout are in the pre-spawn stage and taking
our Brown and White Belly sculpin streamers.
11/14/16 Two good reports from customers.
The discharges and stream levels are low,
wading easy and a lot of trout are being
caught. Small size 18 BWO nymphs, cream
midge larva and pupa in tandem are working
good. The Brown and White Belly sculpin are
catching some large brown trout.
11/28/16 Discharges and stream levels have
been low lately. Brown sculpin work in low light
conditions. Cream and Red midges work good.
12/19/16 The water is warmer near the dam.
The trophy section is colder. We now offer
pre-rigged midge lava and pupa for those who
have problems tying on tiny flies.
12//26/16 Discharges and stream levels are
in good shape. Cream and red midges and
Winter stonefly nymphs are the flies you need.
01/09/17 We received two good reports about
a week ago. The weather has been so cold we
don't think many fished recently. It has little to
do with the water temperature in the upper
section. Cream and Red midges and Winter
stoneflies are hatching.
01/16/17 We received mixed reports so far,
with some catching good numbers of trout and
some not doing so good. The water is much
warmer in the middle and lower sections and
you should do good in any section if the
releases are okay.
01/23/17 Good conditions continue. As long
as they are not running a lot of water you
should be able to catch lots of trout. Midges,
creams and reds in tandem is the best setup.
01/30/17 The stream is colder on the middle
and lower sections again. Fish the uppermost
section near the dam with Cream or Red
midges with the larva and pupa rigged in
Perfect Fly Midges
02/06/17 Two good reports from the past
week. Midges and winter stoneflies are still the
insects. Streamers are working in low light.
02/20/17 The weather and water in the middle
and lower sections is warm and little BWOs,
and Midges, Creams and Reds, hatching.
02/27/17 We received one good report from
the past week. Midges, Creams and Reds,
are still the best fly choices.
03/13/17 There are some little Black caddis
starting to hatch. The main thing you should
be imitating with this cold weather spell is the
Cream and Red (blood) midges.
03/27/17 The water in the middle and lower
sections of the river is much warmer and
where we recommend fishing. It may be busy.
Nascar is in town with a race this weekend.
04/24/17 Sorry for the lack of reports. We
had computer problems. The discharges and
levels have been up and down some.
Customers are catching lots of trout when
low enough to wade. There are
Hendrickson/Red Quills starting to hatch in
the lower river.
05/01/17 The stream levels have finally gotten
in better shape and allowing some wading. Two
good reports came in from this past two days.
05/22/17 Conditions are good right now and
customers are catching trout in all sections of
the river. Caddisflies and BWOs are hatching.
06/12/17 The discharges are down now and
conditions good in all sections. Sulphurs are
hatching along with lots of caddisflies.
06/26/17 Stream levels have varied greatly
but we are still getting good and not so good
reports. There are lots of caddisflies hatching.
07/10/17 Conditions are good right now.
Good levels and some hatches. Terrestrials
are also working.
07/24/17 Conditions are good with light green
and cream midge larva/pupa in tandem
catching good numbers of trout. Fish first two
miles below the dam.
08/21/17 Sorry for the missed reports.
Conditions have been good most of the time.
Cream midges and sculpin streamers-early
and late, are still the best fly choices.
09/04/17 We received two good reports this
past week. Cream midges rigged in tandem
worked well. Discharges has allowed some
good wading opportunities.
09/18/17 Good stream levels and conditions.
We are getting good reports. Trout are being
caught in all sections.
10/02/17 There have been lots of wading
opportunity with low discharges. This should
continue. There's no rain in the forecast.
Cream midges, Great Autumn Brown sedges,
Mahogany duns and lots of Blue-winged olives.
10/16/17 We have been getting good reports
from customers. They are catching some large
browns and good numbers of trout. Sculpin
streamers and midges are the top flies.
10/23/17 The river is in good shape with low
discharges and stream levels. There is some
rain on the way, and this may change. Sculpin
streamers, BWOs  Cream and Red midges.
10/31/17 The stream levels have been in
good shape much of the time and should be
this coming week. Fish the midges with the
larva and pupa rigged in tandem.
11/15/17 The river is in good shape. We
received two good reports from the past
week. Midges, Creams and reds, and BWOs
are hatching. Sculpin streamers are working.
11/22/17 Good discharge rates and stream
levels and good numbers of trout being
caught by our customers.
11/29/17 Conditions remain good. We
received two good reports from customers
last week. Fish Cream and Red midges,
rigged with the larva and pupa in tandem.
12/06/17 More good report came in this past
week. Discharges and stream levels were
good most of the week and should be this
coming week.
12/13/17 One angler reported a state citation
brook trout this past week. Fish cream and
red blood midge larva and pupa rigged in
tandem. Winter stoneflies and aquatic worms.
01/09/18 The upper section near the dam is
turning out good numbers of stocked trout.
Midges, creams and reds, with larva and
pupa rigged in tandem and Winter stoneflies.
01/23/18 Good numbers of trout are being
caught. The next few days should be good.
Fish the upper section near the dam.
01/30/18 Conditions are good. Fish midges,
creams or red, rigged in tandem under an
indicator. Fish near the dam.
03/06/17 The discharges and stream levels
have been high much of the time. We think
they will be coming down very soon. Midges,
creams, reds,and light Greens are the main
things to imitate. Fish upstream near the dam.
03/20/18 Stream levels have been good
recently but are back up some. We don't
think it will be high long, but be sure to
check them. Midges and little BWOs.
04/03/18 Discharges have been high a lot but
down to wadable flow a few time. When it is
down, it is very good. Blue-winged olives and
midges are hatching good.
04/18/18 The discharges are still high from
heavy rain recently, but should be down to
normal soon. Lots of trout are being caught
with lower stream levels.
05/25/18 The discharges have been high and
we didn't receive any reports from the past
week. They should let up soon.
05/02/18 Discharges have been lower and
fewer and lots of trout are starting to be
caught. Use Midges, little BWOs, & Sculpin.
05/16/18 This past week has offered lots of
good wading opportunities. Discharges may
go up in the next few days. Lots of hatches
taking place and trout being caught.
06/06/18 The discharges have finally settled
down some and hopefully will remain that
way. Sulphurs, BWOs, Midges, Cinnamon
Sedges and other insects are hatching.
06/19/18 Conditions are good again.
Sulphurs are hatching good along with two
species of caddisflies.
06/27/18 Conditions are still good except
discharges have been high at times.
Sulphurs are stil hatching good.
07/04/18 There should be some good
opportunity this coming week. Lake levels
are not high, good hatches and weather.
07/22/18 The discharges and stream
levels are back down and wading possible
in most places. There's lots of caddisflies
09/05/18 Sorry for missing so many
reports. The discharges and stream levels
have been low enough to provide good
opportunity lately. There are lots of
caddisflies hatching - Cinnamon caddis and
Little Sister caddis.
09/19/18 Stream levels and discharges
have been back down to where some good
wading opportunity has existed and trout
are being caught in good numbers.
09/29/19 Stream levels are currently in
good shape and good numbers of trout
are being caught. Midges, caddis and little
BWOs are hatching. Sculpin streamers are
10/16/18 The stream levels have varied a
lot this past week but should be getting
better. Trout are being caught in all sections
of the river when wading is possible. .
10/23/18 The discharges have been down
enough to allow some good wading
opportunities. Midges and tiny BWOs are
hatching. Our Perfect Fly sculpin streamers
are catching some large browns.
10/30/18 The lower section of the river has
been producing some large browns.
Sculpin streamers will work for them.
11/18/18 Stream levels have been high a
lot due to heavy discharges but should be
coming down this coming week. There's
little rain forecast. Cream and Red
midges, Blue-winged olives and Sculpin
streamers including the articulated ones.
12/02/18 Discharges and stream levels
are down some and trout are being
caught. Midges and BWOs are hatching.
12/19/18 The river is turning out good
numbers of trout in all sections on Cream
and red midges with the larva and pupa
rigged in tandem. There may be some
high discharges, so check them.
12/23/19 High discharges and stream
levels have been a problem lately and it is
high now. Check back with us and check
the levels.
01/01/19 Discharges and stream levels
continue to be high and few trout caught.
It is great when levels allow you to wade,
but not high and starined.
01/08/19 There was some opportunity last
week with lower levels and trout were
caught on Cream midges, with the larva
and pupa rigged in tandem.
01/22/19 Discharges have been high much
of the time recently. Trout are caught in
good numbers each time the flows are
01/29/19 Discharges are high now, but we
think they will be coming down soon. This
coming weekend should be a good one.
02/05/19 Discharges are still very high,
too high to fish. Check back with us soon.
02/19/19 Still have mostly high discharges.
It should settle down this coming week and
offer some good opportunity.
02/28/19 Still having some high discharges
but the lake in near the right levels and
they should be letting up soon. Midges
(reds and lt. greens) winter stoneflies, little
BWOs, non-
baetis and sculpin streamers.
03/07/18 There was a couple of days the
flow were low enough to fish. There more
rain on the way, so make sure to check
04/09/19 Discharges have fluctuated day to
day. You have to catch the flows right.
There are some Hendricksons hatching on
the middle to lower river. Lots of midges,
BWOs and little Black Caddis.
04/23/19 Discharges and stream levels are
high again due to all the heavy rain. Trout
were being caught in good numbers prior to
the high flows. Fish as soon as it drops.
06/05/19 Discharges and stream levels are
in good shape and good numbers of trout
are being caught. There are some good
hatches taking place.
06/13/19 All sections fo the river turned out
some good fish this past week and should
continue to do so.
06/20/19 There have been some heavy
discharges lately but otherwise, trout were
being caught in good numbers. There are
some good hatches. All sections should turn
out trout.
06/29/19 There have been more
opportunity to fish with lower discharges.
There are multiple hatches taking
place,especially on the middle and lower
sections of the river. Send us an email.
07/06/19 There have been fewer
opportunities due to high water lately but
trout are being caught as long as the
discharges and ;evels are down.
07/13/19 More chances to wade lately and
lots more trout are being caught. There
are good hatches taking place and
currently good stream levels in all sections.
07/21/19 Discharges and levels have
varied but we did receive some good
reports. There are still some good hatches.
08/08/19 The river is turning out some
nice trout in all sections. There are good
hatches taking place and our terrestrials
are working as well. Dicharges have
allowed some wading opportunity lately.
08/16/19 The discharges and stream
levels have been good most all the time
recently and lots of trout are being
08/30/19 Discharges have been low and
ideal conditions most of the time. Good
reports are coming in.
09/10/19 The river is turning out some
good fish and in all sections. There are
good hatches taking place.
09/21/19 The discharges and stream
level have often been low (providing
wading opportunity) and our customers
are catching lots of trout and in all
sections of the river.
10/20/19 The river is currently in good
shape and our customers are catching
lots of trout including some big browns on
our articulated streamers.
10/29/19 We continue to get some good
reports everytime the discharges are not
too high. Some very large trout are being
caught and well as good numbers
upstream. Shoot us an email for a list.
01/18/20 Sorry for the missed reports.
The discharges and levels are a little high
but should be coming down soon. Midges,
Black flies and winter stoneflies are
hatching among a few others.
02/16/2020 The discharges and stream
levels are currently high but with less rain
in the forecast, should drop back down
03/04/2020 The discharges have been
high most of the time and are now, but
trout are being caught in good numbers
when the stream levels are okay.
03/19/2020 The river is turning out some
decent quantities of fish for our
customers. Discharges and stream levels
are still varying greatly, so be sure to
check them.
04/15/20 Discharges are high now but we
were getting good reports prior to the
high levels. It should be good again when
the discharges subside.
04/26/20 Discharges and stream levels
remain high most all the time. We didn't
get any reports this past week.
05/10/20 The discharges are still running
higher than normal due to the heavy rain but
that should cease very soon. It can be
fished. Nymphs and midges are working  
06/09/20 Stream levels have been low most
of the time and we have been getting some
very good catch reports from customers.
06/21/20 We are getting good reports.
Discharges and stream levels have been
07/03/20 Discharges and stream levels
have been high most of the time. Trout
can be caught in good numbers when it is
suitable to wade.
07/13/20 The river is turning out some
good trout. Discharge and stream levels
have been relatively low.
07/27/20 we are getting some good
reports from customers. Discharges and
stream levels are being mostly favorable.
08/12/20 The river has been in good
shape most all the time lately with good
discharge and stream levels. We are still
getting some very good catch reports
from customers.
08/30/20 We have been getting good
reports. The discharges are up high now,
but should cease soon. Trout are being
caught in fall sections by our customers.
10/07/20 The river is in good shape with
good levels most ot the time. We are
getting some good reports for the past
three days.
10/19/20 The dam is putting out some
very dingy to muddy water and the levels
are very low. Fish when this conditions
changes, hopefully soon.