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Fly Fishing Spring Creek Missouri
Spring Creek is a gem of a little trout stream that would
rival any of the southern Missouri spring creeks if it were
not for the large amount of private property located
along the upper part of the stream. It begins form Relfe
Spring, but the first few miles downstream flows through
private property that's well watched. This isn't to say that
you can't gain access on any of the upper portions of
the creek. You will just have to obtain permission and or
pay to do so.

The trout in Spring Creek are all wild rainbows. The fish
can go up to as large as 18 inches but probably
average about 12 inches. Fly fishing Spring Creek isn't
exactly for beginners. The trout can be difficult to catch.
The water is very clear and the trout are very easy
to spook. They get a very good look at your fly and
aren't easily fooled by unrealistic imitations.

The relatively high pH of the water provides a good
habitat for many species of aquatic insects,
crustaceans, small baitfish and minnows. The fish have
plenty to eat.

Access can to the public section can be gained from
Highway "J" which leads off highway #44 and crosses
the stream. At the bridge, you will find a small unpaved
road that follows the small creek.

The trout tend to roam around in Spring Creek
according to the varying water temperature throughout
the different seasons of the year. The tend to move
upstream during the spring spawning season into the
private section of the creek. During the summer, the
lower section of Spring Creek can become a little on the
warm side. During the hot summertime, the rainbows will
seek the highly oxygenated sections of the stream. The
water is still cooler than normal because it flows from a
cold spring and trout can still be caught, it just becomes
a little more difficult.

The public section tends to fish best during the Spring
from about the first of April through June. Fishing again
picks up during the Fall and Winter when the water cools

Fly fishing Spring Creek can be good any day of the year
Fish can be caught on the coldest days of the year.
Spring may be the best time for rainbow trout due to the
aquatic insect hatches.
The cool spring water makes it possible to catch trout
even on the hottest days of Summer but fishing
becomes a little more difficult..
Autumn is a very good time to fly fish Spring Creek.
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Rainbow Trout (wild)


Southern Missouri

Nearest Towns


Fair, private property

Non-Resident License
State of Missouri

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Spring Creek Missouri Fishing Report:
01/07/14 An angler ordered some flies last
week getting ready for better weather.
Extremely cold weather has been a problem.
Fishing Report Updated 10/29/19
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01/21/14 No reports of any anglers fishing.
There is better weather in the forecast for
anglers. The trout are in water that is a fairly
constant temperature.
01/28/14 Still no reports of fish being
caught. Better weather is expected near
the end of this week with temperatures
reaching into the forties.
02/04/14 The water will be fine but the
air may be filled with snow. If you can get
to the water, you can catch trout.
02/11/14 Better weather is in the forecast
for the coming week and as always, the
water temperature will be fine. Hopefully,
some reports will come in soon.
02/18/14 Still no reports but anglers local
to the area should give this stream a
chance. Warmer weather is in the forecast
for this coming week.  
02/25/14 We had some fly orders for
Spring Creek this past week but no
reports from anyone fishing. Colder
weather is in the picture for this week.
03/04/14 Better weather conditions should
get some anglers out on the water this
coming week. We still don't have any
reports of fish being caught.
03/11/14 This is one of the best fly fishing
opportunities at this time in the state of
Missouri. We don't know if the ones fishing
are keeping it a secret or everyone is
opting for the fireplace.
03/18/14 The forecast is fairly good for this
coming week. We had one customer
ordering BWO flies for Spring Creek but no
reports from anyone fishing.
03/25/14 One customer reported catching
two nice trout early last week. He used a
size 18 BWO nymph and reported his
guides were freezing at the time.
04/01/14 No reports from anyone fishing.
Conditions should improve this week.
04/08/14 Weather has been warmer but the
water levels have been high and sometimes
stained. One customer reported catching
some trout on streamers. Blue-winged
Olives hatches should begin to be plentiful
in the near future.
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04/15/14 One customer ordering flies
reporting very good fishing this past week.
Stream levels are down and the weather
outlook is good, so let us have your
04/22/14 Sorry, no reports came in from
anyone fishing this past week.
04/29/14 One customer reported catching
some trout on our
White Belly Sculpin.
Good weather is in the forecast.
05/06/14 We are having trouble getting
reports from anglers fishing this stream. I
think many of them rather keep the good
fishing it provides to themselves.
05/13/14 Same customer week before last
reporting he has caught some nice trout
using streamers but that is it. He reported the
water high and hatches of BWOs occuring.
05/20/14 Two more anglers ordered flies
(BWOs) for planned trips but we didn't
receive any reports from anyone fishing this
past week.
05/27/14 Two different customer reporting
good fishing. One used Sculpin streamers
and one used BWOs. Water is in much
better condition and fishing should be as
good as it gets.
06/03/14 Thunderstorms have hit and missed,
clouded the water a couple of time but fishing
has continued to be good for those that know
how to fish this little creek. BWOs, scuds and
Sculpin streamers are still the top producers.
07/08/14 Sorry for the lack of reports. High
water and vacations for our local contact has
slowed our reports. Currently the stream is
fishing as good as it gets during the summer.
Some light cahills and sulphurs hatching.
07/22/14 Two regular customers reported
catching some nice trout this past week.
They are using terrestrials and scuds.
07/29/14 No reports came in this past week
but conditions should improve this week with
the cooler weather.
08/12/14 We had one good report from a
regular customer ordering more flies. Small
BWOs are hatching. Few anglers fished the
past week and he mostly had the stream to
09/02/14 Two customers reporting
catching some nice trout on our
Beetle and Carpenter ants last week.
09/23/14 Good stream levels and much
cooler water temperatures is producing
some nice wild rainbows. Great Conditions.
10/07/14 Stream levels have been high and
the water off color but we are still getting
some good reports from local anglers.
10/14/14 The stream fell back down some but
it high again from recent rain. Streamer
should work great near the end of the week.
10/21/14 No reports from last week but
conditions should be great at this time.
10/28/14 One local and loyal customers
reported catching several trout this past
week on our
Blue-winged Olive nymphs,
emergers, duns and spinners, size 18.
11/11/14 One report from the same
customer as above. The water is in good
shape although the air temps are much
12/04/14 Sorry for the lack of reports but it
wasn't because the fishing hasn't been
excellent. Trout are being caught when the
discharges are low. Some big browns are
being caught on our
Brown and White
Belly Sculpin fleis.
12/16/14 Two good reports from customers
catching several nice trout this past week.
They were using BWO nymphs, size 18 and
Midges, cream pupa and larva, size 20.
12/29/14 Another good report from last week.
Water has been stained and high at times.
01/05/15 No reports from the past week.
01/26/15 Much better weather has
prompted anglers to get out and fish. Two
good reports from locals this past couple of
days. They were using Cream Midges.
02/16/15 One good report about a week
ago but this coming week is going to be
cold with lots of snow to deal with.
03/02/15 No reports from anyone fishing but
much better weather is on the way and
conditions will improve.
03/16/15 We received one report from a local
customer who caught a few trout earlier last
week on our brown sculpin. Stream levels
have been high and the water highly stained.
03/23/15 We received a report from some
Spring breakers who didn't catch anything.
This isn't a pushover guys.
04/06/15 One loyal local customer sent us
two very good reports. Good weather is in
the forecast, so you better get on with it.
04/20/15 Trout were being caught by one of
our customers before the rain. It should drop
and clear fast and dingy isn't bad.
04/27/15 No reports from anyone fishing but
the conditions are not that bad.
05/04/15 One of our regular local
customers reported he has been catching a
few rainbows each trip the past two weeks.
05/18/15 Best reports in a long time. Lots of
caddis and BWO hatches. Streamer working
in high water. Four good reports lately.
05/25/15 Watch the levels. Lots of rain
06/29/15 Stream levels are up again due to
lots of rain. Streamers are your best bet.
07/13/15 Stream levels are back high
again but should drop fast.
07/20/15 Stream still off color and high but
one good report of large bow on streamer.
08/03/15 Stream levels are back in good
shape and BWO, Sulphurs and caddis are
hatching. Let us hear from you.
08/10/15 One report of some good size trout
being caught this past week. Good conditions
08/17/15 No reports from anyone fishing the
past week. Tricos are hatching.
08/31/15 The air temps have gone down for a
few days and back up now, but it makes little to
no difference to the trout. Good stream levels
and good BWO and Trico hatches.
09/07/15 There have been some problems with
water levels lately and lots of tourist on top of
that but things should settle down and serious
anglers begin to fish again.
09/21/15 The stream levels have been high but
that just adds some color and makes it easier to
use a streamer. No reports from the past week.
10/12/15 Good conditions and weather with lots
of little Blue-winged olives hatching. Now is a
good time to fish the beautiful creek.
10/26/15 We had two good reports this past
week from customers who caught several
rainbows. Blue-winged olives are hatching good.
11/09/15 Don't confuse this with the Spring
River in Missouri, better known as Mammoth
Springs. Information on it is on this link. Stream
levels are near normal on Spring Creek and
fishing should be good.
11/30/15 The rain should end tonight and the
river start to clear up. Fishing should be
good when the levels drop. The stain doesn't
hurt and can even help.
12/14/15 The creek got in good shape and a
few trout were being caught on BWO nymphs
and duns. The warm weather was good but
now it is very high with the recent rain.
01/25/16 The creek is back in pretty good
conditions. Scuds, sowbugs, midges-cream
and red (blood) are the main foods you need
to imitate at this time.
02/08/16 A little stain in the water helps. Sculpin
streamers are hot flies to use right now, and little
size 20 BWOs are hatching.
02/22/16 Conditions are good but no reports
from anyone fishing. Let us hear from you.
03/07/16 Blue-winged olives, size 20, and cream
and red midges have been hatching good, but
there is a lot of rain forecast and you can expect
high, stained water for the coming week.
03/28/16 Don't confuse this with the Spring
River. We have another website on it. Stream
levels are in good shape and the water clear.
Midges, little BWOs, scuds, sowbugs and
damselfly nymphs should work good.
04/11/16 Stream levels are back down in good
shape and the water clear. Blue-winged olives
and little Black Caddis are hatching good.
04/25/16 Two good reports from the past
week but it is raining and may raise the levels.
It is good if slightly stained and a little high.
05/09/16 The levels have been high and the
water stained but that often helps. Sculpin
streamers, BWOs, Little  Black Caddis, scuds,
sowbugs, damselfly nymphe, and Sulphurs.
05/16/16 The stream levels are down and the
water clear. Sulphurs should start hatching
any time, if not already. Green Sedges and
Cinnamon Caddis are hatching.
05/30/16 Trout are being caught even when
the levels are high. Lots of Sulphurs and
caddis are hatching.
06/20/16 High water has been a problem but
much better. Lots of Sulphurs. Damsel and
Dragon fly nymphs, scuds, and sculpin are
also working good.
07/04/16 Conditions are very good with
hatches still taking place. Terrestrials like
Japanese beetles, Carpenter ants and
hoppers will become important this month.
07/25/16 Two good reports. The cool spring
water is a plus for the hot weather. Terrestrials
are working good.
08/08/16 Rain has kelp the water slightly
stained and that helps. Cloud cover does too.
Two good reports from local anglers lately.
08/29/16 The stream level is up some but it
helps the "catching" when the water is a little
stained. Terrestrials are working and lots of
Tricos and Caddisflies are hatching as well.
09/26/16 Good reports are coming in.
Scuds, damselfly nymphs, dragon fly
nymphs, Blue-winged olives and Cinnamon
10/30/16 Scuds, sowbugs, damselfly nymphs,
are working. Blue-winged olives are hatching
good. Fish BWO nymphs mornings.
11/14/16 Conditions are still very good with
trout being taken on the surface at times.
BWO hatches and Cream midges are strong.
12/05/16 Conditions are very good. Cream
and Red or blood midges are hatching. Fish
the larva and pupa in tandem.
01/02/17 Conditions are very good. Water
temp is about 39 and BWO, Cream and Blood
(red) midges hatching.
01/16/17 We don't get many reports. Locals
want to keep it to themselves. Good
conditions exist. BWO's, Midges are hatching.
01/30/17 We received two good reports from a
week ago. Midges and little Blue-winged olives
are hatching good.
03/28/17 Sorry for the lack of reports. It had
nothing to do with the quality of the fishing. It is
good almost all the time. Blue-winged olives,
size 20/18 and Cream and Red midges are
hatching good.- and dragon and Damselfly
04/17/17 Excellent conditions with lots of
hatches taking place. BWOs, Cinnamon and
Little Black Caddis. Scuds and sowbugs.
05/01/17 There are a lot of hatches taking
place but the stream is high with some stain.
06/26/17 Sorry for the missed reports. The
creek is in good shape with lots of Sulphurs,
Cinnamon caddis and BWOs hatching.
Scuds, damselfly and dragon fly nymphs
should also work.
07/10/17 Good stream conditions and good
hatches. Terrestrials, Japanese beetles,
Carpenter ants and hoppers are working some.
07/24/17 Two good reports from regular
customers. Lots of damsels and dragon flies.
09/04/17 We get few reports. Locals won't
give out much and who could blame them. We
had two good reports within the last month.
10/02/17 Received two good reports.
Conditions are good. Lots of BWOs,
Mahogany duns, Great Autumn Brown sedges
and others.
11/15/17 The creek is in great condition with
hatches of cream and red midges and BWOs.
We had one good report this past week.
Sculpin streamers are also working good.  
12/13/17 Stream is in good shape with good
hatches of Blue-winged olives, Cream and red
blood midges. Scuds and Aquatic works work..
01/11/18 There are lots of cream and red, or
blood midges, hatching. You usually have
small BWO hatches on cloudy, overcast days.
02/08/18 Lots of BWOs, size 20, and Cream,
light green and red or blood midges
hatching. Aquatic worms and scuds work.
02/22/18 The creek is high and stained but
that's not all bad. Sculpin streamers, scuds
and aquatic worms will work.
03/21/18 Two good reports from recent days.
Damsel and Dragon fly nymphs are working.
Scuds and Blue -winged olives as well.
04/12/18 Sorry for the missed reports. The
stream is in good shape now but heavy rain is
on the way tomorrow. BWOs, scuds, and others.
06/21/18 Thunderstorms have hit and missed,
clouded the water recently. The stained water
doesn't hurt the fishing at all and often helps.
BWOs, scuds and Sculpin streamers are still
choice flies to use.
09/30/18 Sorry for the missed reports.
Stream levels have been high and the water
off color but we are still getting some good
reports from local anglers.
10/17/18 Conditions are good. Water is a
little high but that's also good. Lots of BWOs.
Great time for Sculpin streamers.
12/01/18 Very good conditions exist. Midges,
creams and blood midges (red ones) are
hatching along with a few BWOs. Sculpin
streamers should catch the larger trout.
01/09/19 We received a good report. Scuds
and sowbugs are working in addition to the
midges and small BWOs.
02/20/19 The stream is a little high and off
color. Send us an email for a recommended
fly list.
03/15/19 Blue-winged olives, size 20, and
Red and light green midges have been
working. The water is still high and stained.
06/21/19 Sorry for the missed reports. The
stream has been high and stained much of
the time. This often helps because it makes
it easier to fool the trout. It is a little high now
but you should be able to catch trout. There
are good hatches taking place, including
07/14/19 The creek has been high much of
the time but trout are being caught. The
stained water actually helps.
09/01/19 Good trico hatches are taking place
We received two good reports recently. Other
hatches are underway and our terrestrial
patterns are also working good.
10/22/19 Stream levels are below normal,but
in good shape. Midges are hatching and
October Caddis and Sculpin streamers are
10/29/19 Stream levels are running above
normal, but in good shape. Midges rigged in
tandem are working and we continue to get
good reports.