Spring River Arkansas Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing Spring River Arkansas
The Spring River flows from the huge Mammoth
Springs at Mammoth State Park in northern Arkansas,
forming an excellent habitat for trout. The headwaters
for the Spring River flows from the giant spring at
approximately ten million gallons of water per hour.

The water temperature is 58-degrees year-round. The
stream is regularily stocked with rainbow trout. There's
a Dam #3, which is a previous hydropower structure,
located just south of Mammoth Spring. A state
hatchery is located on an island below the dam.

There's a 2.5 mile section from Mammoth Spring to
Dam 3 that has a large area of riffles. It can be
reached from the Lasseter Access Area. This
section of the river is stocked with rainbows, browns,
cutthroats, and brook trout.

Spring River Lake extends about a mile above Dam 3.
It's a 55-acre lake with a depth of about 25 feet. The
river channel itself averages about 12 feet deep. The
shoreline is has beds of vegetation, dense stands of
Brazilian elodea, steep banks some of which are rock
or riprap banks.

Spring River is easily accessible with U.S. Highway
#63 paralleling much of its length. Public access is
also available at Cold Springs and Dam #3 both which
are off U.S. 63 between Hardy and Mammoth Spring.
Bayou Access is off state #289. Williford Launch is off
state #58. Additional access is also available at
several private developments along the river.

The section of river from Mammoth Spring to Dam No.
3 is best waded except for the deep portion of the
river near the dam. The first mile or two is an ideal fly
fishing section The heart of the best fishing water lies
in the three-mile stretch below the dam. Fish are
commonly taken in the shoals and pools down to
Many Islands. Myatt Creek, a tributary stream,
increases the water temperature and few trout are
below its confluence.

Blue-winged Olives, scuds, sowbugs and baitfish
represent the large majority of the food.

You can catch trout any day of the year
Due to the constant temperature spring, the fish can
be caught on the coldest days anglers will give it a try.
Spring may be the best time for rainbow trout due to
the aquatic insect hatches.
The cool water discharges Mammoth Spings provide
excellent fishing even on the hottest days of Summer.
Autumn is the best time to fish for large brown trout.
Type of Stream
Spring Creek

Brown Trout (wild)
Rainbow Trout
Brook Trout
Cutthroat Trout
(Stocked with some holdovers)


Northern Arkansas

Nearest Towns
Mammoth Springs


Fair, private property

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Spring River
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