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Fly Fishing The St. Johns River In Maine
The St. Johns River begins as small headwater streams
that flows from Truesdale Mountain. Many tributary
streams contribute to its flow throughout its 140 mile
length. It's the longest free flowing river in the eastern
United States. It's more of a freestone river than most of
Maine's rivers because it has relatively few lakes. Its rain
comes from both melting snow and rainfall. Its fly fishing
opportunities are largely dependant on the flows.

The St.; Johns River is a very remote stream. Access via
road is very limited. The only real interest in the upper
river has always been timber. Today, many of the camps
along the river are actually areas where logging took

The thing that's really different about the St. John's
River from most other eastern trout streams it the lack of
fishing that takes place. Most all of it is done very near a
camp or nearby road access. Most of its 140 mile length
isn't really close to anything. Most of the year, trout can
be taken throughout its entire length, yet only a
relatively small portion of it is actually fished.

The St. Johns is also a big river in places. It can be over
a 170 feet wide. It's a river that few men are really
familiar with. Most guides and anglers that fish it, only
fish a small percentage of its waters. Fly fishing the St.
Johns River from start to end would take years.

As with many other Maine trout streams, the St. Johns
River is best fished after runoff during the Spring.  
Runoff can occur from May until the middle of June. That
is also when most aquatic insect hatches occur. Much of
its water is fast flowing including some rapids. There's a
good amount of pocket water.   

Although most anglers that fish the St. Johns River fish
from the bank, the river is best fished from a boat. Many
use canoes and some use motorized canoes. The water
can get low during the Summer and limit the areas to
fish. The trout have to resort to deep water areas and
pools. Getting around during low water can also be a

Fly fishing Grand the St. Johns River is best done from
early May to October 20th
Late Spring can be good if runoff ends before Summer..
Summertime is prime time to fish the St. Johns River
Early Fall can provide good fishing opportunities

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Type of Stream

Brook Trout (Native)

Medium to large

Northwest Maine

Nearest Towns
Ft. Kent

April 1 through September 30             

Poor, the stream is mostly very

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State of Maine

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