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Fly Fishing Little Stony Creek Virginia
Little Stony Creek can easily be confused with other
Stony Creeks in Virginia. There's Big Stoney Creek
near Pembroke, Virginia, in the Jefferson National
Forest. It is covered under
this section of the Perfect
Fly streams. There's also a Stoney Creek on the
western side of the Shenandoah Valley near Columbia
Furnace, and a Little Stoney Creek tributary to it. This
Little Stony Creek isn't stocked and maintains a good
population of wild brook and rainbow trout. It's regulated
as "single hook, artificial lures and flies only". Fly fishing
Little Stony Creek can be a pleasurable experience.

Little Stony Creek, as the name implies, has a rock
bottom with lots of moss covered boulders. It's a very
scenic trout stream with cascades, plunges, and deep
pools. It is surrounded by hemlock, rhododendron and
laurel. It can be a little tricky moving up stream. The
rocks are slippery but it's also why there's a good
number of caddisflies, mayflies and some stoneflies in
the stream.

The stream is just wide enough to cast in many areas
but large enough to hold some twelve inch and larger
rainbows. It has trials on both sides of the stream and
access is very good. Many visitors come just to see the
cascades and beauty of the area.

The season runs year-round. March to November is
Spring is a good time for fly fishing Little Stony Creek
due to the hatches.
Summertime is okay, thanks to the cool water and
heavy canopy of bushes and trees..
Early Fall can be an especially good time.

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Brook Trout (wild)
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Southwestern Virginia

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