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Fly Fishing Tea Creek Pennsylvania
Tea Creek is a gem of a small, limestone, spring creek.
Located in central Pennsylvania, Tea Creek is unlike
most any other limestone stream. It consist mostly of
pocket water, not the slowly, meandering meadow
waters of most spring creeks. It flows from a large spring
located beneath Route 322. Its water flows at 56
degrees all year long. Tea Creek joins Honey Creek and
Kishacoquillas Creek in the little town of Reedsville.

This stream is only 15 to 20 feet in width but its brown
trout make up for anything lacking about stream size. It
has plenty of large, wild beautiful brown trout. Tea Creek
falls at a very steep decline, and as I just said,
something that is very different from most any other
spring creeks. It consist of steep plunges, short pools
and short riffles that flow fast. Fly fishing Tea Creek is
made much easier than it could be by the fast water. It
helps a bunch when you are trying to fool its wild trout.
They only get a short glimpse of your fly. It flows into a
millpond in town just above its confluence with Honey
and Kishacoquillas Creeks and that in effect, slows the
flow to a crawl, destroying the real value of the stream.
The dam should be removed.

This is a tight stream to cast in. Tea Creek has little
open areas and the cast must be placed accurate and
your must stay well hidden. We have not ever seen
anyone fishing it but I'm sure others do. It's one of our
favorite little limestone spring creeks. I hope one day,
the people who can effect decisions regarding the
property around this little stream, wake up and realize
what they have. There have been two occasions where
many trout were destroyed due to lack of care and
concern. Both times the trout have responded and the
population returned to normal. That may not happen on
the next horrible accident created by careless people.

The season is the standard Pennsylvania trout season.
Springtime is the best time for fly fishing Tea Creek due
to the hatches.
Summertime is okay even on the hottest days.
Fall is the best time to catch the larger brown trout.
Fly fishing Tea Creek can be great even on very cold

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Type of Stream
Limestone Spring Creek

Brown Trout (Wild)


South Central Pennsylvania

Nearest Towns

Middle of April through February


Non-Resident License
State of Pennsylvania

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