West Canada Creek Brown Trout
Fly Fishing West Canada Creek New
West Canada Creek isn't really a creek. It's a river. It's
located in Central New York State. This stream has a
good population of large brown trout ranging from twelve
to eighteen inches. Brook trout are common in its
tributaries. Fly fishing West Canada Creek can be very
rewarding and as much a pleasure as any stream in the
state of New York at times.

The stream averages about eighty feet in width. It
consist of many large deep pools connected by riffles
and stretches of heavy pocket water. The trophy section
is open year-round. It is considered the best part of the
river by many anglers. It starts at Trenton Falls and
flows two and a half miles to the confluence of Cincinnati
Creek. The trophy section is all "catch and release" with
artificial lures and flies only. This is a tailwater and like
all tailwaters the water levels are always of prime
importance. You should always keep a eye out for rising
water suddenly discharged. The Trenton Falls dam isn't
discharged on a published schedule. Power demands
controls the release of water. Flows from 400 to 700 are
ideal for wading.

You can access the Trenton Falls section of West
Canada Creek from State Route #12 that runs north out
of Utica to Route #28 East to the river. Access is
available along Route 28 which has ample parking spots
with direct access to the river.

Fishing methods vary greatly. There's a large variety of
aquatic insects as well as baitfish and minnows.
Streamers are effective especially on high water. On
normal discharges, most of the fishing is done with
nymphs. When no water is being discharged, the stream
appears more like a small stream with riffles, runs and
little pools. This channels the insects and other trout
food into the current seams.

The season is open all year in the Trophy Section and
by General Trout Regulations in other areas.
Fly fishing West Canada Creek during the Winter is a
great time due to its almost constant water temperature
from the turbines.
Springtime is normally a good time to for fly fishing West
Canada Creek because of the hatches but only
provided the water levels are not too high. .
Trout fishing stays pretty good during the Summer due
to the cool discharge of lake bottom water..
Fall is a great time, maybe the best time for big browns,
for fishing West Canada Creek.
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Type of Stream

Brown Trout (Stocked)
Brook Trout (Wild)


Central New York

Nearest Towns

Year Round in tailwater section,
other areas per General Trout


Non-Resident License
State of New York

National Weather Service

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West Canada Creek New York
West Canada Creek Fly Fishing Report:
05/14/16 The season is off to a good start with lots of
insects hatching and anglers catching trout on dry flies
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