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Fly Fishing the North Fork of the White
River Arizona
The White River is a small stream located in the White
Mountains Apache Reservation in Arizona. The North and
East Forks of the White River flow together at Ft. Apache.
You will need a permit from the Reservation to fish the
stream. Its biggest asset is its population of the rare
Apache trout. These are native trout that are becoming
less and less common. Fly fishing the upper section of
this stream can be a real treat for the small stream angler.

The North Fork of the White River has over twenty miles
of public access. The river flows from over 6400 feet in
elevation to around 5000 feet in elevation. It's a very clear
water stream that could best be described as a perfect,
small trout stream. It's water is surround by evergreen
forest that help shade the water and keep it water.

This is a very popular stream to fish. It is frequently
stocked in the Spring and Summer but also has the native
Apache Trout in its headwaters. Local campgrounds are
popular destinations during the summer.

You can access the upper headwaters of the North Fork
White River from the Upper Log Road. The Roberts
Ranch turnoff also provides access. State Route #473
provides access at McCoy Bridge.

The best time for fly fishing the North Fork of the White
River Arizona is from May to July
March and April is runoff time
Early summer is great but you may find low water
conditions in the late summer.
Fall fishing can be great, especially for the brown trout.

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Type of Stream
Freestone Stream

Rainbow Trout (Stocked)
Apache Trout (native)
Brown Trout (Stocked)

Small - length 50 miles

Northern Arizona

Nearest Towns
Show Low

Very Good

Non-Resident License
State of Arizona

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