White River Vermont Rainbow Trout
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Fly Fishing The White River Vermont
The White River is formed deep in the Green Mountains
near Granville, Vermont. It is one of the largest streams
in the state. It and its many tributaries have native and
wild brook trout, wild and stocked rainbows, and wild and
stocked brown trout. Several tributaries form the White
River including Clark Brook, Deer Hollow Brook,
Paterson Brook, Robbins Branch, West Branch, Third
Branch and others. In Pittsfield, the Tweed River adds to
the flow. It has a good population of brook and rainbow
trout. All the tributaries mentioned above and even more
have wild brook trout. Fly fishing the White River is good
almost anywhere it or its tributaries are fished.

In the middle section of the river, from Granville to
Stockbridge, you can access the stream from state
highway #100. From Stockbridge downstream to
Royalton, state highway #107 follows along the river.
State highway #15 follows the river from Royalton to
White River Junction. There are numerous access
points along the above highways but when you get to
the middle section, the river starts getting too deep to
wade in many areas. The lower section is best fished
from a small boat or canoe. From Cleveland Brook in
Bethel to Linnieville Brook in Bethel, the White River is
classified as "fly fishing only-artificial lures and flies". Fly
fishing the White River in this section is great.

Outside of just being a trout stream, this river provides
the route the Atlantic Salmon take when returning to
spawn in the Connecticut River each year. From
Stockbridge to Bethel, the river gets much deeper and
has some very large pools. Trout are stocked in this
area of the river and it also contains salmon. Locus
Creek, a freestone creek tributary, joins in on the flow at
the National Fish Hatchery. It's also stocked with rainbow

The Third Branch of the White River's confluence is at
Bethel. This stream also is stocked with rainbows. It's
followed closely by highway 12A and has plenty of good
access areas. The Third Branch has native brook trout
in its headwaters near Roxbury and brown trout in its
lower section. It too, is a good stream to fly fish.

The First and Second Branches of the White River
intersect the main-stem of the river in Royalton. The
First Branch has a good population of rainbows and
brown trout with plenty of holdovers. It can be accessed
from state highway #110. At the White River Junction the
White River flows into the Connecticut River. The lowest
section has some large rainbows and brown trout but it's
deeper water that requires a boat or canoe.

Remember, the White River is a freestone stream and
the water levels and temperatures are subject to mother
nature. Where the river widens, the water can get too
warm for good fishing conditions during the hot summer.
Springtime heavy rainfall can cause the stream to rise
and become too high to fish. When the water gets too
warm or too high, seek refuge in the small tributaries.
They are all full of brook trout and are usually fishable
when the mainstream isn't.

The White River and its tributaries have excellent
populations of aquatic insects. There are many species
of mayflies, lots of caddisflies and some stoneflies
present in the river. The wild trout can become selective
on certain insects, especially during heavy hatches.
Matching the hatch may be necessary to have much
fishing success. Fly fishing the White River can be a big
challenge in some areas. We have imitations of all
aquatic insects in all stages of life at Perfect Fly and can
help you prepare for this.

The season follows the standard Vermont trout season -
but some sections vary from this. See the local current
rules and regulations.
There are many hatches that occur in the Springtime but
high water can be a problem.
The uppermost area of the White River and its
tributaries stays cool all Summer long and the fishing
remains good.
Early Fall is a great time for fly fishing the White River as
well as a beautiful time to fish the White River.

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White River Vermont
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