Wood River Rhode Island Brown Trout
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Fly Fishing Wood River Rhode Island
The fact that this peaceful river flows through several
rural wooded areas in the middle of urban congestion is
almost incredible. There's seventeen miles of its pure,
clean water that offers very good fly fishing
opportunities. It's also surprising that such a small
southern, New England state has survived the threats
for encroachments and takeovers by industrial
and commercial developments.

The Fall River and the Flat Rivers combine above
Barbersville, Rhode Island, to form the Wood River. The
Fall River begins from Hazard Pond and the Flat River
from the confluence of Phillips Brook and Acid Factory
Brook below Eisenhower Lake.

Parts of the Wood River flows through swamps and can
only be reached by a canoe. Three and a half miles of
its headwaters flow through the Arcadia Wildlife
Management Area.

The Fall River is strictly under "catch and release",
artificial lure/fly regulations. You can reach the upper
mountain area of the stream by hiking upstream from
Plain Road. Another option is to hike downstream from
Falls River Road.

The Flat River has regular trout regulations but its entire
length is within the Arcadia Wildlife Management Area
and most of it is in thick woods. This aids a great deal in
keeping the water cool in the Flat River and upper Wood

The Wood River has another three and a half mile
section of remote water located below the I-95 Overpass
to Woodville. There's another remote section between
Woodville and Alton. These section are best fished from
a canoe. Other areas are available for those that want
to hike in. There are access locations at bridges and
other areas in Barbersville (headwater area), Woodville,
Hope Valley and Alton.

The Arcadia WMA can be access on either side of the
river. From the Route 165 Bridge, you can hike up or
downstream. You can hike the full length of the three
and half mile Arcadia WMA along the river, or as
mentioned before, use a canoe. Dams at Barbersville
and Wyoming slow the flow of the water down and create
still water areas.

Fly fishing the Wood River is best in the upper section
"catch and release area". Also both the feeder streams,
the Flat River and the Plain River are excellent streams
to fly fish. The water in the lower section of the Wood
River can get too warm for trout during the hot summer.

Check on the current season: See in column to your left
Springtime is the best time for aquatic insect hatches
Summer fishing is good only in the upper sections and
Flat and Fall Rivers
Fall is an excellent time to fish for trout
Much of the water can be frozen but warm days in some
places will produce a few trout

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Wood River Rhode Island
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